[Denver7] Nikola Jokic was so happy answering a question in his native Serbian after Game 3 (with translation in the comments) by WizardsMrBuckBuck in nba

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That's mostly it. He also added this Miami win was psychologically important for Denver, and that Jimmy Butler was sexy but an unworthy opponent and that he was looking forward to dominating him in the upcoming games as well.

Mormon faith more important to Jabari Parker than NBA stardom by BullsHetalbot in nba

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I'm just speaking on some real shit. The NBA hoe game is a literal profession for a lot of chicks. All Star Weekend is their Super Bowl. There's literally an entire subculture of women who's main objective is to fuck/get pregnant from/marry an NBA player (if you're lucky you might even get a reality show; that's like the Balon D'Or for basic bitches). Like that's their life mission, and they execute that shit with stunning precision. So honestly, I can understand how someone like Dwight Howard has 8 illegitimate kids. I'm surprised these guys don't have more the way the girls are on them.

These ain't your regular gapped tooth shoeless running make up dive dar basic bitches either, these hoes is professionals. You ever see them girls on Instagram that are so bad that you just be thinkin to yourself like "man I'd get that shit pregnant fuck it". Okay, imagine if you weren't just a thirsty nigga on Instagram and hoes of that caliber were on your dick 24/7. You wouldn't know what to do with all that booty. That's the NBA.

These the "poke a hole in the condom" type chicks (these days they don't even have to do that, you just convince the dude that you're on the pill and hope that the prospect of going raw is more enticing than common sense). But the players that do that are stupid, you can spot a thot a mile away. So honestly its just pretty much mostly the players' fault for getting caught up in an obvious con game in the name of getting laid.

Mormon faith more important to Jabari Parker than NBA stardom by BullsHetalbot in nba

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these young bucks don't know. You gotta remember a lot of these NBA players aren't even old enough to drink when they get in the league; they're still babies. They've been coddled their entire life, all through school and college, and now they get out in the real world with a pocket full of cash and every type of girl you could imagine trying to pull your sweatpants off. See, before you got that contract, while you were in school, you were just a prospect. You probably got a lot of attention from women, but your success wasn't a guarantee. Once you start pulling in them bucks, the type of women you encounter drastically change. Straight up jaw droppers wherever you turn. That's not an accident.

These kids don't understand that once you're in the real world, sex becomes a business move, for both parties. Even for us mortals, money is a big factor in your sex life. I don't care who you are, you know that shit is important. (Protip from Uncle Snuggie: if you got money, just don't fuck broke bitches. Just don't, change your phone number if you have to. Move to the other side of the country to somewhere broke bitches cant afford to go. They will ruin everything I don't care how pretty they are get a bitch with some capital. That's real shit. Get a Kim Kardashian. She stupid and probably can't read but she got money and won't take that much from you in divorce proceedings because of that. Be with someone who can throw in the pot too.)

The Dwight Howard's of the world don't understand that there's a price tag hanging off his nutsack. Dwight Howard is easily shelling out 6 figures a year per baby mama. (The fuck you need 100k a year to raise a baby? I could raise my whole hood 6 times with that kind of paper all babies need is somethin to rattle and someone to wipe they ass) That's more money than most of us will ever make in our lives, even those of us with professional and graduate degrees. 18 years, 18 years, she got one of yo kids, got you for 18 years.

I think every citizen, NBA or not, should know how divorce/family laws work, especially if you ever fuck around and get paid. You find out how much Uncle Sam will take out of your pocket cause you wanted to fuck raw and it'll turn you into a nun; keep your dick on a leash kid.

When you're young and naive if you believe in shit like the purity of "love" and all that other liberal hippie crap Disney shoves down your throat as a child you can fall victim to a big butt and a smile quite easily.

That's real shit

edit: I see this post got crossposted to /r/bestof, but more disturbingly /r/theredpill, and let me tell you trenchcoat wearing neckbeards something before yall try to crown me the king of you dry dick mother fuckers. For all the colossal shitting I just did on hoes in this post, this is not in any way representative of the female population at large. I'm simply speaking on a small, super super small, minority subculture. I would never imply or suggest that all women, not even a majority, are out here throwin the pussy like a boomerang hoping to catch some rich dude sperm. I still put ladies above everything. That's still your mama, that's still your sister, that's still the mother of your children. This post is not meant to be critical of women; rather, its meant to be critical of money and the economy (created by dudes) that women are forced to live in. It's not because women are manipulative, its because men are fucking retarded, I stated that from the jump. Cons come in all genders, if men could get a cozy 18 year stipend from fucking Hillary Clinton there would be a line of thirst wrapped around the white house. Even though I shits on these hoes, I still respect them like they my own family, because they are. I'm familiar with TRP, yall the most salty, confused, sexually depraved group of misogynistic no pussy gettin dudes I ever seen, that's real. Ain't no need to start a war on women cause you ugly and you ain't got no money and you fell for the sweet smell of that vaginal lining. That's on you dude; blaming the pussy for this is like blaming video games for school violence. At some point you took the stupidity into your own hands. That ain't the wave yall

The Heat’s Udonis Haslem is speaking up for Florida and Floridians in opposition to Governor Ron DeSantis’s opinions - The Boston Globe by Celticsjustin_quinnn in nba

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DeSantis just won 60% of the vote in a typically purple state, he’s incredibly popular in the state. Reddit is a echo chamber

[Haynes] Chris Paul plans to play several more years and is eager to help a team contend for a championship, sources say. by WarriorsNokCha_ in nba

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Say this and burst out laughing lmao you deserve gold (but no one give gold cause Reddit is being dumb about third party apps, do not support Reddit by buying silver, gold or platinum)

Edit: goddamnit reddit

[Wind] Nikola Jokic is the first player in NBA history with 30 points, 20 rebounds and 10 assists in the Finals. He’s responsible for three of the five 30-20-10 playoff games ever – two of those have come this postseason. by NuggetsBCLetsRide69 in nba

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I don't get it. The dude if you watch him is clearly the best passing big man of all time. He can make no-look bounce passes on the break, he knows where everyone is before anyone else, Jokić averages the more assists per game than any other Center since stat padding Wilt.

It's not just his passing, it's everything else too. He's shooting similar percentages as Dirk Nowitzki at the same age. His postgame is as as advanced as Kevin McHale, the guy can just put the ball in the basket. He grabs rebounds with the best of them. His defensive awareness is incredible, when you watch him play on defense the amount of correct rotations he makes per possession is astonishing. The guy sees the game in slow motion.

His stats are comparable only to other superstars. He he almost averaged a triple-double for a month. He already has the quickest triple double NBA history. He's doing all this without a reliable playmaker at point guard, someone to get the ball to his spots constantly.

If you look into it, it's so obvious the guy is a generational Talent. Like going to be the face of the NBA good. Like going to lead Serbia passed Team USA in the Olympics good. When you give him the ball and let him make plays the nuggets quite literally become the best offense in the NBA.

I don't get it, I know he plays in Denver. I know he's European. I know he's only a third-year player. I know he's not that athletic. I know he was a second round pick. But none of those should be excuses for people not realizing this guy has the skill set to be a top 5 player all time. LIKE REALLY. Passing a Bird, vision of Magic, post-game of McHale, shooting of Dirk, rebounding of Duncan, defense of Marc Gasol. I don't understand why smart people don't see this guy's GOAT ceiling.

GAME THREAD: Denver Nuggets (1-1) @ Miami Heat (1-1) - (June 08, 2023) by [NBA] Scott FosterNBA_MOD in nba

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how will the lower altitude affect the nuggets

[Mark Haynes] Exclusive @SacObserver interview with Dwight Howard on possibly returning to the NBA next season: “I’m not retired from the NBA just yet, and I would love to help the Sacramento Kings contend for a title.” by Heatlopea182 in nba

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Dwight: "I got way too high a few months ago and ordered 10,000 "Dwight The Beam" shirts. I need you guys to help me out on this, I'll cut you in."

[Serious] Can we as a community participate in the Reddit blackout other communities are doing to support 3rd party apps? by NBAPedosoKJ in nba

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This dude exemplifies this sub. He literally doesn’t watch the games and he’s still the top comment.

[Serious] Can we as a community participate in the Reddit blackout other communities are doing to support 3rd party apps? by NBAPedosoKJ in nba

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As someone that is actually affected by this, I am on board. I ended up losing my eyesight five years ago and I’m only able to browse Reddit through third-party apps. Sure I could use the broken Reddit app or web browser, but it is very poor when it comes to accessibility. Basketball has always been a passion of mine and I am able to still pursue it because of these apps. It is a shame that more sub Reddits are not supporting the black out.

Your Input Needed - Reddit's API Changes & r/NBA by HornetsIamOlderthanMe in nba

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TIL that we are not all using the same app. I had no idea any of this even existed.

Edit: so I just downloaded Apollo to test it out, lock this sub down.