Now Diablo 4 Is Out in the Wild, the True Horror of Its Costly Microtransactions Has Revealed Itself by Darzanak in gaming

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Cosmetic-only microtransactions are absolutely a big problem. The presence of the store is a constant, nagging fourth wall break. It's a fundamental hole in the quality and sanctity of the product; an immersion-annihilating reminder that games like these are money first, art second. I don't care that the effect is relatively small, or that the money from the store helps stave off the chopping block; the promise of selling expansions should be all the incentive for support that these companies need. We have the right to demand better, to demand a return to before all this bullshit was standard.

And that's not even considering how thoroughly toxic to the mind these monetization schemes are designed to be. They hire literal fucking psychologists to teach them how to screw with people's heads. Stores are flashy, engaging, satisfying, customized and personalized to suck people in and keep them buying, keep them scrolling. And battlepasses are a fucking nightmare. The only reason they exist is to predate on people's FOMO, to make playing the game into a requirement rather than a joy. You'd rather do anything else, but better log onto Diablo 4! Can't afford to waste the money you've already spent on a product that should already be yours! There is no justification for the time limits, and the justifications for the battlepasses existing at all are flimsy as fuck.

Why are we taking this? Why are we making concessions? Why are we arguing that it's "not that bad", rather than wondering why things are bad at all? They don't have to be! Things don't have to be this way! Get mad! Fight back with your words and your wallet and your votes and your voice!

With Diablo 4 reigniting the microtransactions arguments, I need to rant. Also, "No one is forcing you to buy them" is a terrible argument. by Cuppakush in gaming

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I am not defending Blizzard when I say YOU should get your shit together and ignore this.

The fact is, this is all you guys are talking about, so much so to the point that I am not on your side anymore. You aren't treating people who disagree with you with the same respect you demand from them, you are demanding they see it your way, the same thing you are accusing them do when we say we just ignore it.

I agree their business practices are predatory, and I would welcome a change, but I am also not lying to myself and thinking a change is coming. Gaming services are largely built around milking it's whales, and just like in real life, I have learned in my gaming life I don't need to be seen and make myself a spectacle to have a good time... I don't have to subscribe to FOMO, it's a choice and I choose to play the game I purchased and nothing more, and if someone wants to spend their money on luxury clothes, that is their choice.

Also, I don't believe you give one flying fuck about people with gambling addictions or kids who spend their parents money. If you care so much about those groups there are places where they are being harmed way more than Diablo IV, and you should get to work in those areas. Otherwise, leave them out of it and make your argument about how you are sad people have shinier toy than you... which I just don't give a fuck about.

At the end of the day, it's really no different than luxury cars, clothes and experiences. The rich people want something you don't have and they will pay to get it, and Blizzard is happy to offer that to them, as are most companies. Take the next logical leap and train your brain to NOT CARE that other people have a shiny that you don't... that's life.

With Diablo 4 reigniting the microtransactions arguments, I need to rant. Also, "No one is forcing you to buy them" is a terrible argument. by Cuppakush in gaming

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If you care so much about those groups there are places where they are being harmed way more than Diablo IV, and you should get to work in those areas.

This is some real bullshit right here.

There is horror all over the world. No matter how I live my life, I'm participating in a system that will result in or benefit from despicable acts. If I buy Coke, I'm supporting a company that hired assassins to murder union leaders. If I buy Pepsi, I'm supporting a company that routinely deceives customers with its labeling and formulates some of its beverages with substances known to be hazardous. Either way, I'm also supporting the continued pollution of our environment with microtransactions. If I only drink tap water, I'm supporting the local utility monopoly that abuses its workers.

Everybody has their fights to fight, you cannot be everywhere doing everything, so you just accept that you're a cog in the machine sometimes but you pick battles that are important to you. Those battles are more likely to involve things you care about. This doesn't make them wrong.

With Diablo 4 reigniting the microtransactions arguments, I need to rant. Also, "No one is forcing you to buy them" is a terrible argument. by Cuppakush in gaming

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It quite literally isn't. If you're in psychology and neurology, this is quite literally a biological process that the human brain has very, very little control over, and they are absolutely the same thing. They're actually identical. The only difference is with the drugs, you have negative physical reactions to flooding your body with toxins. Microtransactions won't destroy your liver, but the addiction side of these things is IDENTICAL.

The thing you need to understand is that in the current day and age, so much data on consumer behaviour has been amassed that there are billion dollar algorithms that exist specifically to tell businesses everything about your behaviour and identify the precise mechanisms that trigger impulsive spending and extreme consumerism. The human algorithm is invaluable because we have effectively created a behavioral predictor that can tell corporations the best exploits (which are ABSOLUTELY physiological and hardwired into our biology as humans) and how to profit off of those to the highest degree.

Addiction to drugs simply predates the addiction to gambling and microtransactions because drugs existed first and historically have been accessible to particularly vulnerable people. These games with microtransactions are absolutely the exact same set of biological mechanisms that drive people to consumer behaviour we are discussing now.

Just because someone isn't injecting some gun or character skin into their veins doesn't mean the brain isn't giving them the exact same chemical reward (dopamine, serotonin) drugs do. How do you think drugs work? They're taking advantage of our chemical biology and giving us a shitload of positive chemical feedback from the hormones that literally make our brains function in a productive manner. There's a reason people with ADHD, for example, are extremely vulnerable to micro transactions, and it's because they have a dopamine deficiency that causes their brains to seek dopamine where they can find it. It's why tiktok is the adhd dopamine fire hose, and it's the reason micro transactions are a huge issue for people with ADHD (especially with object permanence being a huge issue that only amplifies the behavioral symptoms we see in their spending behaviour).

Marketing, sales, and products are at their core, structured to appeal to human psychology---specifically the psychology that gets us to spend, ideally repeatedly, and keep doing that. That psychology is completely physiological, and utilizes many of the exact same mechanisms that literal drugs and drug addiction take advantage of.

So yes, it's actually an extremely accurate thing to compare. The fact that this has to be explained in every one of these threads that I see goes to show how little of an understanding the average person even has on marketing, consumer behaviour, algorithms, and what makes a product sell.

It's also exactly why my career has been so fucking easy. I work in sales in the tech sphere and am heavy into marketing and sales / marketing psychology, and I take a direct interest in the physiological side of this field because humans, at the end of the day, are just a bunch of mobile meat computers that are very predictable, very easy to manipulate, and have an exceptionally hard time escaping that reality. I don't think some of you people realize how biological all of this really is. These billion dollar algorithms are worth this much money for a reason. The only difference between drugs and gambling is the mechanism / product itself, but the psychological mechanisms being used are the same, and the biology behind the psychology is very, very real.

You get the same mental reward doing a line of coke as you do winning at a slot machine, opening a loot crate, etc.

And I'll be the first one to tell you that corporations are more than aware of this. There's a shitload of time, money and manpower that goes into ensuring this shit continues, for a reason. It's unethical as fuck and I wouldn't be working in this if the VERY specific angle of marketing I actually do wasn't actually a helpful one (the actual product I work with is legal related and designed to get people legal help, rather than some dopamine slot machine). But I take a deep professional interest in all of this because understanding the psychology, biology, algorithms, and strategy at play here is essential to being very, very good at what I do because my product may not be designed to get the consumer a dopamine burst, but the tactics I use to sell that product to advertisers absolutely are ENTIRELY rooted in that. The end consumer isn't my focus, but the person buying and using my product that connects them to those consumers is, and alllllllll of the above applies.

Yall need to realize EVERYTHING about this species is biological. Everything you want is predictable with enough information on you, and across the wider human audience, human behaviour is insanely reliable. Why? Biology, baby. It's all biology.

The same strategy your local meth dealer relies on for repeat customers is the exact same strategy every corporation on earth is using for repeat customers. The only difference is the product and the social stigma. That's it.

Take it from someone who has made a whole career off this shit. I wouldn't be making this much money if it didn't work.

Diablo ad in Times Square, as the sky turns orange from fires in Canada. by nooneimportan7 in gaming

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I can't believe that Blizzard set Canada on fire just to advertise their game. Actually on second thought, considering their recent track record, I do believe it.

With Diablo 4 reigniting the microtransactions arguments, I need to rant. Also, "No one is forcing you to buy them" is a terrible argument. by Cuppakush in gaming

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It only exists because there's a market for it. Always remember that. If people stopped buying it, it would go away.

With Diablo 4 reigniting the microtransactions arguments, I need to rant. Also, "No one is forcing you to buy them" is a terrible argument. by Cuppakush in gaming

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Tbh I think people want it all without being realistic. Game development is becoming increasingly more expensive with each passing generation as audience expectations are constantly rising. MTX allows for games to get increased revenue from people who can afford to fund it while those who can’t still get to enjoy a live service game that will stay relevant for multiple years longer than a basic box model can ever last.

Diablo 4 is understandably frustrating because it already has a AAA price tag. But also it’s cosmetics have the least in game impact of any game I’ve ever seen. Basically every good review of Diablo 4 doesn’t even look at the shop. The shop could literally not exist and 99% of the player base would be unaffected. I don’t expect a business to support their game out of the goodness of their hearts. It’s a product and mtx is a good compromise

Edit: also in regards to gambling; that’s exactly why loot boxes are gone and now people buy the items they want

11 Years Later… by SarahSparrow16 in gaming

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ok thanks. i had never seen either of these previously so i was curious about the lore lmao

11 Years Later… by SarahSparrow16 in gaming

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(Except she hadn’t met him yet)

Nowadays Skins cost as much as a full Video Game !!! It’s actually mindblowing how much the new generation of gamers got manipulated to believe microtransactions are normal by xiosy in gaming

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"The new generation of gamers" my ass. I'm 42. Been gaming since the 80's. And it's much more likely that it's people closer to my age that are the whales who support mtx in gaming than it is young people without disposable income. Knock it off with these fucking Boomer ass hot takes. Gaming is cheaper now than its ever been, stop crying about other people's money and find something fun to do.

If this gets passed we are doomed. "EA Sports Is Aiming to Add Nike's .SWOOSH NFTs to Its Games " - IGN by kristijan1001 in gaming

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I would say that gaming is the perfect use case for NFTs. Buy a NFT from a company that then makes it usable in all their games: you can use your skin NFT along multiple games or even re-sell it in digital marketplaces to someone else as opposed to current cosmetic skins that are exclusive to one game.

Just an example...

Reddit API Changes, Subreddit Blackout, and How It Affects You by Dacvak in gaming

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Black it out!

Even better idea get the subs reddit doesn't want to showcase to go even harder while everyone else blacks out lol. Just pure porn, guns, and drugs for a couple days

Reddit API Changes, Subreddit Blackout, and How It Affects You by Dacvak in gaming

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I support Blacking the subreddit out 100%. I and so many people use third party reddit apps such as Apollo.

Diablo IV has $ 25 horse armor DLC - the circle is complete by iateyourdinner in gaming

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[Todd walks on stage wearing jeans, a VaultTech T-Shirt, with a small microphone taped to his face]

Todd: Hello!

[The audience cheers excitedly, Todd waits a moment for the applause to die down]

Todd: There is nothing like a perfect launch, and we all know that Fallout 76 has been nothing like a perfect launch...

[Audience laughs, Todd smiles knowingly and walks to the other side of the stage]

Todd: That's why as of this week we are giving every Fallout 76 player a FREE COPY OF SKYRIM!

[The audience goes absolutely fucking nuts. Todd's eyes glow red, he grabs someone in the front row and tears their body in half with his bare hands right in front of everyone. He rips out their still beating heart and begins to eat it as the audience fights over the rest of the body like ravenous wolves. Todd looks back up at the audience with blood dripping from his face and howls.]

Happy Diablo IV Day! by Galaxy_Hitchhiking in gaming

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How’s he going to put his legs in them with no holes?

Our game has memory leak? Nah modern PCs need to come with more memory to compensate by Just_A_Random_Retard in gaming

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I'm convinced LotR Gollum was orginially supposed to be one of those free cereal box CD-ROM games.

Our game has memory leak? Nah modern PCs need to come with more memory to compensate by Just_A_Random_Retard in gaming

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The new gollum looks like if Michael Reeves instead of having muscles, was starved for 2 weeks and has his goblin energy increase ten fold