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Do you have hyperhidrosis.. or you just want to sweat less?

I don't know if I would advise removing the sweat glands unless you had a specific, perhaps even medical reason. Especially not in a hot country such as Japan, I'd be constantly afraid of heat strokes.

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Bruce Lee.

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My first thought as well

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Nope, not hyphidrosis. I just smell really bad after sweating, that and I have to throw tshirts away because im unable to wash out the stains so im looking for this solution. I thought it was quite a common ‘cosmetic surgery’ procedure.

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This seems like quite the nuclear option, have you tried other methods (drinking at least 2 litres of water a day, exercising regularly etc.)?

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Thanks yeah im out of options. I drink a lot. Between 1 - 2 liters water a day, no coffee no soda etc. i exercise at least 4 times a week about an hour each time.

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Just as a side note, 1-2 liters of water a day is not "a lot" at all, especially when you are exercising. Try 3-4.

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If you haven’t already, shave your armpits - helps a lot

Also, reduce meat in diet.

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Shaved daily! Less meat? not fun but i’ll try thanks

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I think exercising makes you sweat more

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  • buy some deoderant from amazon .co m from the usa to ship here.
  • buy some antibacterial high strength soap here(couple times per weak can dry out your skin so don't do too much),
  • don't use fabric softner anymore.
  • Get some strong detergent from cosco
  • wash all your clothes inside out. I let mine soak for 10-20mins.
  • reapply deoderant in the bathroom as needed

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What’s wrong with using fabric softener?

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It cakes in your clothes

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also wash your cloths in hot water. this will help with the sweat.

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My washing machine doesn't have hot water. :(

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This sounds kinda weird, but... stop eating meat for a while, and see what happens. It basically deleted my BO.

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I don’t eat meat and I smell if I don’t use antiperspirant.

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Dang. Everyone's body works differently, though.

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As a vegetarian, I sadly can confirm that I still sink.

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Can't swim, so no matter what my diet looks like, I'm gonna sink anyway :(

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As a vegan, i won't say that my bo has disappeared, but it had gotten a lot better (considered surgery before too). The cleaner my diet (less sugar etc) the less I smell. The rest is manageable by regularly wiping my body and deodorant :) hope you can find a way for you without surgery

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Yeah other users have also mentioned it, i can give it a try. Gonna be hard tho lol

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What kind of shirts are you wearing? Almost sounds like you're wearing some thick cotton shirts which will have the effect of staining and worse off is just it holds moisture and makes your body even hotter potentially...

Highly suggest looking into polyester shirts that can wick away sweat. Even an under layer will help tremendously.

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Wearing uniqlo shirts with airism tanktops

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Don’t wear that airism scam, just look for linen/hemp shirts. Found some good ones at Ralph Lauren. DRASTICALLY changed my comfort during summer. Also wearing linen slacks as well. Might cost 10 times that of Uniqlo, but totally worth it!

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Actually i was planning to wear more linen soon, found some nice shirts at mujirushi. Thanks

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Can I ask a linen question? I tried a linen shirt once and it was nice, until I washed it and it came out really wrinkled. Do you iron all your linen stuff? I hate ironing so I only wear stuff that doesn't have to be ironed (easy care type shirts that are basically not wrinkled if you hang them to dry).

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Yep, they get very wrinkled indeed. Used to hand wash them, but now I run them in the machine. I tug and stretch them when still wet, but still needs some ironing yes. I have my iron board set up permanently though, so not too much stress. Some degree of wrinkles are fine on linen shirts as it is kind of a look.

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I tried linen and it didn't work. I much prefer the "scam" clothing. Everybody and every body is different.

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I have to throw tshirts away because im unable to wash out the stains

Are you using oxiclean (or an equivalent) in your washes. That stuff does magic on sweat stains, both in terms of preventing them from staying and in removing existing ones through soaking.

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Thank you, will look into it. Another user also recommended another brand. Ill check out both.

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Are you using some kind of underarm roll-on? Check if they have アルミ on it. That is the reason why your shirts are stained yellow. Find something without it.

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This is false. Someone told me this once and I did my best to go without it. I smelled awful and my shirts turned just as yellow.

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Yeah, I'm using not aluminium deodorant and my t-shirts still turn yellow. Even my white hat, where I obviously don't rub my deodorant.

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Do not use anything. If it still stains yellow after few days, then go to the doctor. If you actually do not use anything, then there must be some health issues. Normally it is due to antiperspirants with aluminium in it.

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It was already that way when I was 20, no worries. I guess it's because these are old clothes and my regular washing gel isn't strong enough to handle the full might of my masculinity. Using a dedicated powder in the washing machine once in a while does the trick.

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Do not use anything. If it still stains yellow after few days, then go to the doctor. If you actually do not use anything, then there must be some health issues. Normally it is due to antiperspirants with aluminium in it.

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I saw a tiktok of a stripper who takes some oil that makes her sweat smell like maple syrup so she always smells good when she sweats. Maybe look into that :p

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They say that fenugreek tea makes your sweat smell like maple syrup.

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Be careful, your body sweats for a reason

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Yeah im aware of that, and thats the reason why im looking for guidance here to see if its a wise choice. I also wonder, if sweat cannot escape is that not a bad thing?

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If the glands are gone, there isn't any sweat to 'escape'. It doesn't just pool in your body somehow. Would highly advise some proper medical advice to get your head around the basics (or in any case, for that matter).

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Fair enough, was hoping to get some advice on reddit first.

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In general, my advice would be not to even consider surgery for this (or many other things) unless it's having a serious impact on your life and livelihood that simply can't be addressed by any other means. There's no going back once you do something like this, after all.

I imagine most reputable surgeons would have the same reservations.

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Can tell we are being trolled when asking Reddit for advice before a doctor is a real situation

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It’s much easier to ask online to a community of people vs a doctor

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The sweat your body produces evaporates. The process takes up energy from the body and cools down by that. Leftover is salt - imagine how a salt lake emerges - and bacteria on your skin flourish in this environment what causes the smell.

If you don't sweat, heat can't escape your body and you overheat. Same goes for sweat that can't escape due to non breathable surfaces like rubber gloves, boots or even just a カッパ. The humid air inside your cloths gets saturated with water from the sweat and no additional evaporation can happen.

So please take care. It's very easy to overheat in Japan.

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Just don't do this. Look for other solutions. This procedure is way too invasive.

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They don’t fully remove all sweat glands, just the ones under your arms. There are several Japanese clinics that do it and many different methods. Cost wise it is, I think, about 500,000 to 1,000,000.

You can also do Botox - which is much cheaper and temporary but would need redoing each year.

The Japanese rabbit hole you are looking for is ワキガ

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Hello! Person who had this done reporting in.

I did the non-invasive option called MiraDry in 2021.

1.) cost: $1,600 USD

2.) health insurance: not covered for me

3.) pain: BRUTAL. They use needles to inject a saline layer into your armpits as well as local anesthetic before the procedure. But it’s over quickly.

4.) did it help: changed my life. I wish I did it sooner.

5.) stopping sweat: I now sweat a LITTLE, but only if I am incredibly nervous. Even then, it is not enough to even show on a grey shirt.

6.) stopping smell: I no longer need deodorant.

The healing process for me was intense and incredibly uncomfortable. It looked like I had been run over by a car. However, would I do it again? Absolutely.

10/10 recommend.

edit: wish I could spell words good

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Doesn't the body compensate by sweating more elsewhere? My back is always soaking wet in the summer, not to mention the lower regions. I would hate to make that worse, as my pits don't generally stink too badly.

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After MiraDry, there has been no excess sweat elsewhere for me.

It is worth asking a doc who can explain the science though. I’m just a pleb.

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Thank you for sharing! This is one of those things that doesn't get talked about a lot, but first hand experience is very helpful.

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I'm already sweating a lot from my balls and buttcrack, imagine what would happen after the surgery !

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Is it permanent? I have really bad hyperhidrosis and I've been looking into options, I have a petty high pain tolerance so this might be a good option for me. Can they do it in multiple areas?

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It is a permanent procedure. Def recommend finding a clinic that specializes and have them give you the rundown. Cosmetic surgeons would be the people to ask. They obviously can’t promise 100% no sweat because everybody is diff. But take it from me, a former incredibly sweaty person, even if you get 80% sweat reduction… it’s incredible.

As far as I know, it’s only for the pits.

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Thanks so much! I really appreciate it

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That's very interesting! Did you do it in japan? Can recommend a clinic? Also how are the hair in that area? They write the amount of hair also reduce after the procedure.

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I’ve heard of people doing Botox or something on their armpit so it’s not an uncommon procedure, but apparently you sweat somewhere else like the back of your knees lol

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Lol, well behind the knee isnt as bad as armpits so i would consider it an upgrade lol

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I am somewhat sure this is considered cosmetic surgery and probably not covered by health insurance.

I did laser sweat gland removal a long time ago. I didn't have a lot of yellow staining issue however, just smell. The goal is to destroy the glands only in the armpit area so you shouldn't worry that your overall ability to sweat goes down.

I was warned it could only have a limited effect (frequency and strength of smell can reduce by about 70%.) I would say that was about right, for about 5 years. It was not painful and no side effects. The biggest downside is that after 5 years I think the effect of smell removal slowly waned off. In hindsight I would rather just stick to deodorant.

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Thanks for the info! Do u remember how much you paid? Are you not planning to redo the surgery? No odor seems like a great plus.

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Around 130000 yen a long time ago. I won't do it again because I don't think there is a perfect solution, only reduction.

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Health insurance covers treatment for conditions that interfere with your daily life. If you have to throw away shirts because of your armpit sweating, I think you will be cleared for treatment.

Botox will be covered if the doctor decides your condition is serious enough to be diagnosed as 原発性腋窩多汗症 and require treatment, as will the surgery to remove your glands. Botox is not cheap. It will cost upward 30,000 yen even with insurance (prices vary depending on the manufacture of the Botox). It will last about 4 months, so one summer. Surgery will cost between 20,000 for both armpits. But it will require several visits and there will be scarring. Some clinics offer surgery with laser, but I don’t think it is covered by the NHI. Be prepared to pay 150,000 yen and up. There will be no downtime and no scarring with laser.

There is a new anticholinergic cream that is has been available since 2019 for treating excessive armpit sweating and odor, Ecclock gel エクロックゲル. With insurance, it would cost about 3,000 yen a month. So cheaper than Botox for the season. It’s supposed to take about two weeks to begin taking full effect, so you might want to see a dermatologist before it gets really hot, if you are going with this option.

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Thanks for the detailed info. Reading all the comments perhaps its better I start with natural options first, and consult with a dermatologist about a cream against odors. Thanks for the info about the gel. Good to know.

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Did you try using Nano X as your laundry detergent? The normal one works freaking amazing and eliminates all smells for me. There’s also a version they sell that’s specifically made to remove bad smells.

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Adding to my list! Thank you

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Also try エリ袖 to help remove sweat stains from clothes.

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Okay I had this surgery. It only worked a TINY bit. I did it with insurance and it cost like 2mans though so maybe I just got the crap version. There's one version where they just liposuction your apocrine glands out of the armpit and another version where they cut the whole armpit area open. I got the lipo version. Anyhow I still sweat like crazy. Right after the surgery I felt that the stank wasn't assss bad, but now several years later I feel like my left armpit is just as stanky as before. My right one isn't so terrible. There, that's my experience.

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Oxybutynin is a medication that can help reduce sweating but you’ll need a prescription for it.

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your problem is about sweating? or the odor? if is the second is because hormones, the food you eat, bacteria, etc. I do running I sweat but no odor. So about odor as I know you need to see a dermatologist.

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Yeah mostly odor. no odor? I envy you.

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If is mostly odor, I recommend you to take a chlorophyll supplement. You can research online about it. Is by far the cheapest, painless, easiest solution.

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I wouldn’t do that if I were you

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This is no medical advice but you can look into fasting, for 2-3 weeks, only water. Consider it if you are healthy and don't have any medical condition. I did it 5 years ago and it fixed some issues for me, including excessive sweat, smelly feet, sinus infection, high blood pressure, and more.

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You sweat for a very good reason

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Yeah I know but the odor i could do without.

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Try western deodorant.

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Shower , dry off well. I spray rice vinegar under my pits. No smell, no chemicals. Been using it for years. Buy a ¥100 spray bottle.

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Get Botox into your armpits before summer every year. That should last you the whole season. Don't have any irreversible surgeries with tons of complications.

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Guy who did this reporting in.

I have had severe hyperhidrosis since puberty and got this done within the last few years after exhausting every other solution.

How much was it? roughly 300,000~400,000 jpy altogether. I did 反転剪除法 which is where they create incisions in your armpit, and scrape out the sweat glands. This requires general anesthesia.

Is it covered by the health insurance? No, but neither is botox, and financially this makes more sense than spending 200,000 jpy yearly on botox! (inb4 'so many places do it cheaper than that!' right! but I said severe hyperhidrosis, so I got more than the avg person to see the same effect)

Is it painful? Nope. I'm sure it would be if I didn't take the painkillers the clinic gave though!

Did it help? This changed my life and I wish I got this done earlier. I don't worry about buying shirts anymore knowing I will have to replace them after a few wears (smell+stain), I don't think to myself about how wet my armpits are, I don't need to wear deodorant anymore.

Any side effects? Supposedly I am supposed to sweat more elsewhere on my body, but that isn't the case. One of my armpits is ticklish when it wasn't before though lol.

Does it stop sweat and smell completely? Not 100%. For example, I still sweat at the gym or on a crowded train with no AC... but my shirts don't stick to my armpits. My sweat level feels slightly less than a normal person.

tl;dr It works, I don't recommend this unless you have tried everything else and are at your wits end.

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Little late to the party but here's my two cents as a sweaty dude besides surgery:

  • smell: as a lot of people mentioned food and lifestyle will impact smell mostly. Bacteria on the skin interact with the sweat and cause the stink, not the sweat itself. So just a quick shower or t-shirt swap might help depending on if that's feasible (in summer I do multiple quick showers without getting my head hair wet)

  • discoloration: had to throw out a lot of shirts too. The yellow staining for me was caused by the aluminium in the deodorant I was using. Try and see whether the one you use is aluminium heavy. Swap if possible, if not just let it dry completely before putting on your shirt.

Hope this helps!

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Have you tried Odaban? It’s worked wonders for me.

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Never heard of it. Will check it out thanks

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It took a few applications to build up a barrier. I now barely sweat at all. Good luck!

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Have u tried Botox? Works for like 6 months.

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I saw that as an option, is that safe? 6 months, so does it dissolve?

[–]daush 2 points3 points  (2 children)

I did one time , it’s a process that take time, every 6-7 months inject again. First time take some weeks to make effect and yes, sweat a lot less. I didn’t had sweat going to hand or other places lol. I did it because i was sweating a lot! Even in -5c I was sweating non stop. Idk what happens but no more, I do drink a lot of water now , so I pee a lot, also non transpiration axe stuff (sorry English). I know the pain, before was that onion smell . Yellow shirts… all over . I even tried shirts with pads 😂. Can be stress , anxiety. Drink water, run . Control the timing .

[–]dinkytoy80近畿・大阪府[S] 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Did you do it in Japan? How much did you pay? Yes will try drinking more :)

[–]daush 1 point2 points  (0 children)

No, not japan, my home country and was around 400 us each , was kinda expensive.

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Have you tried potassium alum deodorant? Doesn’t stop sweating, but it inhibits the bacteria that can produce odor. I was skeptical, but it works for me.

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Shave your pits, wear heavy-duty deoderant, and reduce your intake of onions, meat, and alcohol

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Wasn't there a thread just the other day about how to smell less? That would be a good place to start. Lots of good suggestions on that post.

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The odor and stains are not from the sweat but from the bacteria that lives in that area. Trying antibacterial soap might help with your problem.

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I sweat even in the office cause my colleagues want the aircon set to really low…I drink ice water to cool me down and it works wonders for me

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There is something called Drysol which might work. You might have to order from abroad, but it really cuts the sweat

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If you are worried about smell, I recommend the ordinary glycolic acid. Use a few times on your armpits and its like magic, no smell at all. It kills the odour causing bacteria in your armpits

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try botox first. The surgery is a bit troublesome. I think it leaves scars for a year or two. But I didn't hear any bad consequences

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Have you tried any prescription-strength antiperspirants? Specifically any with aluminum-chloride as the active ingredient? Not sure about their availability in Japan, but you can definitely order them on American Amazon.

There’s a few brands but I used Certain Dri. You put it on before you go to bed at night. I used it maybe 3-4 nights a week for a few years and it worked incredibly well. So well that I stopped using it over a decade ago and I still never sweat (in my pits, at least).

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Don't drink too much water. If your pee is dark, drink more. If your pee is clear like water you need to to drink less.

Give these a try, they work for me:

  1. Family persimmon soap 2 Kopakku

  2. 8x4 Men Roll On Unscented 60ml Mens Antiperspirant Deodorant

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Have you considered Botox? It’s more temporary. Removing sweat glands seems very extreme.

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That's not really an elective surgery. Don't mess around with that unless it's to fix a serious problem.

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Old Spice Sweat Defense on Amazon is my Knight in Shining Armor!

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Buy Tawas.

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Yes it can be covered by insurance if you meet some criteria. http://plazaclinic.net/insurance/

I don’t recommend that clinic by any means, just using as an example.

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I had it done and it worked quite well. It's up to you if you want to do it. Go and get a consultation.

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Have you tried CertainDri antiperspirant? I‘ve been using it for a few months and it‘s worked wonders. Used to sweat even just sitting down in a t-shirt in winter, now I hardly break a sweat during runs.

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I’d you close/remove sweat glands, your body will start sweating from other places it didn’t previously do (unless there is some new tech to avoid that, but last I checked that wasn’t the case)

Wouldn’t do it

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Just take better care of yourself ffs 🤣

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Wow the BO posts keep getting crazier by the day 😬

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You could get botox injections to stop the sweat. Otherwise, a hot tip I learned is that hand sanitizer, or the sanitizer to clean the toilet seat will neutralize the smell, just dab some on a napkin and pat your armpits with it.

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I think botox shots can reduce sweat! It’s not permanent and it is not that expensive either.

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My buddy did it - he's very happy and didn't seem to have any issues whatsoever.

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You can wear airism to absorb most of the sweat so that your tshirt isn’t stained. Also, you can try washing your armpits and crotch areas and apply deodorant before going out in the morning, as night bacterias will eat from your sweat and produce the stinky odor.

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I thought there was some kind of "law" that if you reduce sweating in one place you will just sweat more elsewhere. The armpit sweat is what you want to avoid though, so I guess it could make sense.

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I knew a person who did this. They started sweating around their pelvis instead. Armpits were dry, but now they just look like they wet their pants every day instead. Wouldn’t recommend.

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Maybe some sort of undershirt with armpit padding exists out there? It would at least help with the stains/swear marks because an undershirt doesn't matter too much for appearance. Then you would just need a slightly stealthy looking deodorant to apply as needed .

If they don't exist and someone invents it, you owe me money.

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Arm pit stains are really deodorant stains. Just put extra laundry sauce on the pits before you wash.

[–]kynthrus 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Removing sweat glands seems like it would be damaging to the body, humans need to sweat.

[–]feitingen 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I scrub the armpits with a loofah when I shower and it really helps against odor.

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Like technically wouldn’t you just sweat more in other places? Just embrace your sweat, be all who you are completely.