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Felt it strongly at DisneySea. Staff managed to get everyone in sight to sit on the ground quickly until well after it had passed. The hundreds of phone alarms going off at the same time was very unsettling.

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I was at DisneySea during the Tohoku quake in 2011. The Cast Members there are trained regularly for this type of event. They are fantastic.

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How was it? Imagine being at the top of Tower of Terror when that quake hit. Shit's scary enough when things are normal.

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It was calm within the park and there was very little damage. They had continuous announcements in Japanese, English, Mandarin and Korean. Since public transport was down, most of us spent the night in the park. The park provided cardboard to sit on, foil blankets, all the candy/confectionery you can eat when they emptied all the tin can merchandise and a type of okayu the next morning.

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Didn't they also hand out plushies for free so that guests have something soft to protect their heads, and for emotional support?

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Yes, CMs, at least in the Cape Cod area, were handing out expensive Duffy stuffed dolls to guests for that purpose. There should be a video of that somewhere on YouTube.

What is not well-known is that 20 minutes later, CMs asked those guests to return to the Duffy dolls. Many guests ran off with them.

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Oh, didn't know that last tidbit of info. I thought it was a feel good story but turns out there are dishonest people everywhere.

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Have you seen the video for that?


The program showed the handing out of the dolls but they didn't show the return.

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I might have. I was already going to high school in Tokyo at the time (got stuck on the Tokyu line above Daikanyama myself at the time of the earthquake) so this might have crept into my Facebook feed, or I heard about it secondhand from friends. Don't really remember. I kind of avoided watching TV except NHK for a time because it was making me anxious and depressed.

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Night at the park sounds neat, despite the circumstances. Did they have specific areas or were people just everywhere? I feel like DisneySea would have enough covered spaces for everyone.

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Most places but not all covered areas since there were lots of strong aftershocks. I slept by the AquaSphere fountain (they had turned the fountain off) until early next morning.

I had spent the night at the park a number of times before for the New Year's events they used to have, and that was during winter.

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I guess a place like Triton’s kingdom wouldn’t be a good idea because of everything hanging from the ceiling.

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That is an incredible experience you went through. I’m guessing you became pretty friendly with the staff and other guests around you?

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Imagine being at the top of Tower of Terror when that quake hit.

I'd just assume they upgraded the ride to be more terrorizing lol.

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I assume you got out before it got flooded? Did they close the park?

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Yes they closed them. No there was no flood. But there were patches of liquefaction around the perimeter of the parks and in the parking lot.

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Ah, I think my brain still remembers the initial reports of flooding in the parking area. A quick Google revealed that it was liquefaction instead.

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The following morning, Tozai Line opened and JR Keiyo Line was still closed. So I walked from Disney to Urayasu Station to get home. The city had liquefaction areas everywhere. Some power and light poles toppled. Trees were uprooted. Roads and sidewalks were cracked and full of wet sand and mud. My trousers were covered in mud up to my knees. Of course, it was nothing compared to what happened in Tohoku, but it was a crazy experience nonetheless.

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I can't imagine what it was like to walk through that. It must have felt a bit like the world was ending.

We all have different stories about that day, but the thing that gets me the most is that everyone (not from Tohoku) says "It was nothing compared to what happened in Tohoku."

It was a devastating experience for everyone, but we all feel guilty about how horrified we felt because so many people got it worse than we did.

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Not that bad tbh, just kept going for a while

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The shaking wasn’t that strong (in Mitaka at least) but unusually long and the effects were apparently felt hundreds of kms away. That pause when you think “Are things going to start falling over?” (at which point it’s reasonable to start getting afraid that in a moment you’re going to be falling over) lasted a few seconds more than usual but thankfully not a ‘big’ one.

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very weak and short for me in western Tokyo. Hope everyone’s okay!

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Long and middling also western Tokyo. 😅

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We had a foreign guest over at the office. The initiation has begun. The next step will be natto

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Ungh… don’t do that to them…natto is just nasty…

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Felt more like 3-4 minutes here (Odaiba).

Edit - apparently a 6.2

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Ignore the magnitude. There's too many variables for it to be a useful everyday metric. The intensity scale is where it's at.

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Makes sense. Was a 5- on the intensity scale.

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Intensity scale feels weird. I made a post a month ago saying that the earthquake I felt was pretty big and got laughed at. It was a strong 6, and 6.3 mag.

If that’s the 2nd strongest intensity, it doesn’t feel super accurate when it comes to comparing things from a 6- upwards.

I get that it’s technically better to use as a comparison though

Edit: how does one differentiate whether 2011 or 1995 was bigger based exclusively on intensity? Feels like there’s too little wiggle room even though both were devastating.

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Sounds more like a 'get a load of the newbie' scenario than anything much to do with the scale itself. Anything from 5 up has the potential to cause serious harm (depending a lot on your particular surroundings, of course).

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Yeah I was just kind of surprised that I got a few people laughing at me when there were people injured and a death that day. Even if I was perceived as a newbie despite being born here.

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Intensity scale is hard to get used to, but it's actually better for regular people.

Intensity is a measurement based on actual shaking at a specific location, so it tells you the actual potential for damage. (It is quantitative, not qualitative.)

Magnitude measures total energy of the earthquake, so while it is scientifically important and helps you understand how extensive potential damage could be across a broad area, it doesn't tell you anything about specific spots within the area of destruction.

Intensity is a better measure for normal folk because it tells you how much danger you're in in a specific area. Anything over 6- is something you have to worry about. Anything from 4 to 5+ is scary as fuck, but is usually not something you have to worry about in Japan due to architectural guidelines. Anything 3 and under is the equivalent of a big truck driving by.

(Edited qualitative and quantitative. I'm drunk. Sorry.)

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Wow, you described the difference drunk better than most people would sober. Magnitude is for science and intensity is for normal people, gotcha.

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Yay Premium Malts!

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I was passing by there on the Yurikamome. We arrived at a station and there was heavy shaking (actually, more like swaying side to side). I thought it was just heavy winds at first.

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Flooded field rippling

Water moving over mud

Rice shoots motionless

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lasted for like a minute lol, wasn't too strong over here in kita

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Our whole train got the alarm at the same second while having just arrived at a station, but being on the train I couldn’t perceive any actual earthquake - maybe it was just people getting off?

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u got an alarm ? i didn't neither did my friend in Shibuya

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Yeah last time I got an alarm for a much weaker one at like 4:30 am. Nothing today and this one felt scarier imo

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the 4:30 one was my first here and scared the shit outta me, todays took me a bit to even notice it was happening

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The early warning alarm scared me far more for that one than actually experiencing my first earthquake did. Glad this one didn’t trigger my alarm here in Minato.

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The 4:30 am earthquake alarm shook me to my core - waking up to those alarms (phone + partners phone & Apple) Watch was horrifying 😭

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Near omiya, Saitama.

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No alarms in shibuya

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The alarm only goes off when I am dead asleep in the middle of the night. Telcos are fucking with us

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Same thing happened to me I was surprised I didn’t feel it considering how far underground I was (riding ginza line)

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Felt pretty gentle in Meguro, but it lasted several minutes

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Same. The door was swinging but that’s about it

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Felt a good 10 seconds here in Asakusa

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Some mild rolling for a bit in Toshima.

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In the chiyoda line, haven’t felt a thing lol

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I live in Adachi, northeast Tokyo, didn’t notice anything either.

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That was a long one, was rocking for a good minute or two in aoyama (up high in bldg). Did not get any alert from NERV this time. Anyone else?

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Solid few minutes here in southern Edogawa. Wheeee!

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Yes! I was eating dinner and felt the swaying from side to side here in Ueno. Lasted for longer than the one we had about 3 weeks ago.

Edit: no alarm went off like last time…

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The mag 5 under 23 ku at 4:30 AM?

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Yes, that was the one. The emergency alert alarm that woke me up that day terrified the absolute 💩 out of me.

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Was in Hachioji, and still awake then

This one had me worried ngl, but nothing fell off shelves, so I count it as okay

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It was long but pretty weak in tokyo.

Shindo 5- in Ibaraki and Northern Chiba apparently

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Around 30s, Toshima. Gentle waves.

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Same here, I was in Ikebukuro at 39th hotel floor and shaked a lot, maybe because of the height.

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Pretty gentle here in Minato, but it did last unsettlingly long.

Didn’t get an alarm for this one, although it felt stronger than the one a couple weeks back at 4:20am that did trigger my early warning alarm. Strange. NERV did give me a silent heads-up warning.

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Felt it at Haneda airport for a couple of minutes.

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We happened to be playing bowling at R1 in Odaiba. I’m visiting and the message came over in Japanese first, although they were making fun of it initially the school boys next to us very quickly looked at us and said “earthquake” and we all waited together for further instructions. Was a pretty long shake. Thankful nothing worse. No alarm this time though, got one earlier in the morning a few weeks ago

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Did the pins get knocked over?

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Visiting from the US, first earthquake — at DisneySea, they had us on the ground. Slightly felt it, more worried having never been in one

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In Suginami, it lasted like 3-4 minutes and had my curtains wiggling side to side. Oof.

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Actually got an alarm out here in Saitama! It was pretty mild for us though.

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no it's just you

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This evening's was definitely much more intense than the one a couple of weeks ago... more intense and more sustained... we were in Costco in Kawasaki and the chandeliers were definitely swinging! 😆 People were definitely spooked.

As always, it felt like I'd had one too many, until I realised that everyone else was frozen to the spot and looking at the ceiling.

Not quite as bad as Cebu in 2013, mind... Now that was scary!

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Was at the Hanzomon line and didn't even notice it. The weird 5/10 mins stop at Hanzomon was probably due to it but there weren't any announcements for us gaikokujin 😅

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Yes, I'm here on vacation and our hotel was shaking confused as to wtf that was

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Not falling for this location phishing scam. I was in the shower and felt nothing.

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Lasted about a minute here in Roppongi. Water in the toilet sloshed around quite a bit.

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Currently staying near Okubo Station.. big earthquake

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Enjoy! big in Chiba. Fukushima prefecture here... felt like a min or so.. going crescendo.

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Why all the fear mongering? Tremors happen all over the world.

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Not really. Or at least not that often. I just visited Tokyo and this was the first earthquake I witnessed in my life.

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You live in Tokyo.

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Long yeah Big no

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It was very strong out here in Chiba, one of the longest and strongest I can remember...had me quite worried for a bit!

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Yes, thankfully no bad news,

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felt it in Fuchu while watching a movie lol

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Yeah we felt it in Shinjuku for sure

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Well, I was driving, so didn't feel nothing... Wonder why my phone didn't alert

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I was on the 13th floor. I was ready to run down the stairs regardless of what was happening 💀💀💀

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Was outside, felt nothing

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It was well over a minute. What you feel really depends on where you are, even within Tokyo.

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Felt it but not to strongly. In Yokohama

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I’m in Yokohama right now as well. It didn’t feel super strong, but I’m staying on the 21st floor. Could feel the whole building swaying. Which is a new experience for me. Don’t think I’ve ever been up high while a decent one hit. It lasted a good bit.

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Cell towers will only send the alerts out if it's expected to be a Shindo 4 (minimum) at your location, which if you look at the JMA map is why those at Disneyland were alerted but those of us in 23ku were not. It's impossible for this to be 100% accurate of course.

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Didnt feel a thing in Akihabara :o

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About 5 min here in chiba

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I was in the security line at HND and my legs felt very wobbly. I looked around to see if anyone else felt it and everyone just carried on as normal. I started thinking I was crazy until I checked online.

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yea was on the 7th floor of my hostel working on my laptop... there were some japanese people there too. For them it was as if nothing happened , I freaked out a bit not gonna lie haha

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Didn’t notice anything in the Ikebukuro area- kept eating dinner like normal lol

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It was long but not that strong in setagaya but my internet is not working since I came home.

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There was an earthquake?

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We were on the 6F of mega Donqui Hoten but no one else seemed alarmed.

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Felt nothing in Asakusa

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Yeah i was in animate akihabra when it happened hahah my friend who hadnt experience an earthquake before i had to let them know to stop and like feel it otherwise they wouldn’t of noticed

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felt it in saitama! it lasted a while, our building shook for maybe 1 minute or so? maybe more.

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I was drunk when it happened. It felt like post nut clarity. Suddenly thought I over did it like the earth moving.

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Was this yesterday one from Chiba? (5 points)

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I felt it! It was my second earthquake ever in my life!

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Happened to be in a lovely vintage and antique store.

They just got a delivery and there was furniture and furnishings everywhere.

I couldn't have picked a worse spot for heavy rusty things to fall on me. Fortunately it was a slow long rumble in Shabuya.

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Tokyo noobs

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Definitely felt it inside a Daiso near Ayase.

It is my second week in Japan. First I thought I was lightheaded or experiencing some kind of drunkenness. Then I realised that the signs in the store were moving. I was hella scared. Nobody else in the store seemed to care.

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Felt it a bit in Iwatsuki, Saitama. Just light fixtures and pictures on the wall shaking mostly. Nothing major

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Me and my gf were leaving Narita when it happened while we were on the train! Rocked a little back and forth