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me at a 15 year old show: azula redemption arc when

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Date posted: 14 Jul 2020
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Filed under >> princess azula atla it's 2020 pls someone find a way to make better quality gifs under 5 mb been rewatching atla with a friend!!! it's her first time and it's so exciting to see a first time viewer's reaction to it but she absolutely hates azula and!!! understandable but!! i also love her v.v teco draws

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  8. arktikosokeanos said: @fire-miracle preach 👏🏼 in the end all she wanted was her mother. in the comics she’s shown to be in mental anguish over whether her mother truly loved her or not. she literally felt like she had no one to give her unconditional love. that girl needs therapy and love. she deserves better.
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  13. fire-miracle said: @arktikosokeanos and her father not only mentally brainwashed her into becoming a bloodthirsty fighter but he also never treated her as a daughter, he only saw her as a tool for war. It’s just sad.
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