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3 gifts from us only from June 23 to 30 to purchase ANY ASKfm subscription!

Just imagine, a complete lack of advertising, a VIP badge, a place in the list of popular users of your country and additional coins for a week / month / 3 months.
And to all of this subscription until June 23, three gifts for 3000 coins from us:
💜 Your Coin Statistics for 30 days
💜 Statistics of your activity for 30 days
💜 Statistics of your popularity for 30 days
Subscription is available only on iOS: askfm://screen/subscription

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Neither distance, nor quarantine, nor weather will prevent us from telling you today: Happy Birthday, ASKERS!

And now you know that it’s not robots at all that create new chips in the application, answer your support requests, send you the conditions of the VIP program for a week, and even the robot does not write this post! 🤖
We work for you every day, and we are extremely happy to read your feedback and thanks that you send us every day!
Thank you for being with us! 💜 And today you will find many, many updates, interesting stories and gifts!
Happy 10th birthday, ASKfm! 💓🎉

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We can’t believe it, but already in June, will be 10 years old!

🎈 We really want to find out your cutest, funniest, incredible and exciting stories that are associated with ASKfm.
If you have found love, best friends, support or something that changed your life here - write us your story 👉
🎉 In June, we will share the coolest stories with all users of ASKfm, and gifts will be waiting for the authors!

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Let's training for shopping run with coins at ASKfm!

Where you can easily spend your coins? 🤔
1. Go to the Coins market and select the most interesting offers 👉
2. Discover secrets. The most popular and interesting secrets can wait for you in the popular! 👉
3. Spend coins on animated backgrounds for your answers. 👉
4. Change your mood and buy yourself an exclusive badge here 👉
5. Just reward someone's cool post, leaving not only your royal like, but also a couple of coins!

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