Virtual Reality Porn Videos

New Feature: VR Mode

Just in time for multiple Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales on VR Headsets, YouPorn is pleased to announce that all videos are available to browse and watch in virtual reality with our new VR Mode.

One of the top growing categories on YouPorn is video for VR headsets, and we’re pleased to debut the full experience of familiar options like video recommendations, channels, and pornstars; all in a headset interface.

Tap the Goggles to activate!

We have also upgraded our encoding technology to support H.265, delivering VR videos in higher quality than H.264 but at lower file sizes, making them more reliable to stream. You can access them through the quality selection and choosing the “HEVC” qualities from the list.

Our new VR Mode supports all major PC and stand-alone headsets including Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality, HTC Vive, and Valve Index. You can also use VR Mode from any iOS or Android smartphone with Google Cardboard support. You can receive your tailored video recommendations from YouPorn’s cutting-edge machine learning tech by logging into YouPorn before entering VR Mode.

YouPorn VR also works with a PC or smartphone without a headset, so give it a try today!

PSVR Users: Because of the PS4 Browser’s lack of WebGL or H.265 support and how it handles video playback within the PSVR headset, we have been unable to bring VR Mode to the Playstation VR. However, we do acknowledge that an ever-growing number of PS4 users enjoy YouPorn each and every month, and are looking into ways to assist our PS4 VR users in enjoying our library of content from within VR. Stay tuned.

New Search Auto-Complete Updated Design

Updated Search Auto-Complete Design

Search is the number one action YouPorn users take to discover new adult entertainment, so we’ve supercharged the design of our auto-complete suggestions with a brand new interface.

Suggested search terms are right at the top after just typing just two characters, self-contained in their own row and easily swiped through horizontally allowing us to fit even more auto-complete suggestions into a smaller space.

But we didn’t stop there—we’ve also laid out Categories, Pornstars, and Channels in their own rows where you can more easily discover new paths to explore content, and included their profile pictures and studio artwork to allow users to make more informed browsing decisions.

Whether you are discovering YouPorn for the first time or trying to get back to a specific place, we look forward to your feedback on how we can even further improve an action most users perform every time they visit.

Share with more apps with YouPorn App Experience Update 2019.2

App Experience Update 2019.2

Back in February we debuted our solution for users wanting more speed and the ability to use the entire screen: App Experience, improving performance and privacy to our mobile users on iOS 7 and Android 6 Marshmallow or newer. Less than a year later we’re please to announce our newest version, 2019.2. Here are a few of it’s great features:

iOS & Android “Share Sheet” Support

While YP works tirelessly to maintain user privacy, some of our users are very open and want easier ways to share porn videos via open social networks, or by private messaging. However, this has involved multiple cumbersome steps of copy and paste, causing issues for our App Experience users on iOS and Android.

Using open web standards, namely the Web Share API, we maintain the security and privacy of our users by keeping them in control and not allowing third-party code from social media or messaging services to run on the page.

This feature works in the browser as well as part of App Experience. The minimum requirements for using native sharing are:

  • iOS 12.2 (iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad)
  • iPadOS 13.1
  • Chrome 76 for Android
  • macOS Safari 12.1

We’re already looking at ways to reduce the number of taps required to share content on YouPorn while maintaining easy access to the embed code for desktop users. Stay tuned.


YP App Experience should now remain in the background much longer than before on new OS versions, making it easy to swipe away to respond to that message and return right where you left off.

New Gestures on iOS

For users of iOS 12.2 or newer, YouPorn App Experience now supports new gestures including the especially important “swipe to go back.” We still provide our custom back button that’s visible in the lower left of the screen, but this should be a welcome short cut for our power users.

Backwards Compatibility

Even though we’ve worked to bring these new features with their respective platform’s OS updates, all the previous functionality continues to work on prior OS’ based on the minimum requirements at


Unlike side loading or cracked devices, App Experience 2019.2 will auto-update for all iOS and Android users using the built-in, secure methods of each platform.

We thank you for your support and cannot wait to show you the new App Experience features we’re working on for iPadOS and mobile in 2020.

YouPorn Light Design & Dark Mode

iOS 13 & iPadOS: How to Change from Light to Dark Mode Automatically Based on the Time

With the unveiling of the new Light Theme on YouPorn we’ve maintained our previous appearance (with small tweaks) as a Dark Mode for those users who prefer it.

With iOS 13 and iPadOS, Apple has built-in the ability to automatically change to Dark Mode in the evening and to Light Theme in the morning. However, they do not show this option when you’re setting up iOS 13 or iPadOS for the first time, you have to go into “Settings” to find it.

View from iOS 13.1.2 running on an iPhone Xr

Simply navigate to: Settings > Display & Brightness > Switch “Automatic” to On.

You can set exact times via “Custom Schedule”, but we’ve been very happy with the “Light until Sunset” option.

We hope you enjoy the new appearance on YouPorn and look forward to your feedback on how we can make it even better.

Note: Users on tablet devices other than iPadOS will continue to see Dark Mode regardless of their settings. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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