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Cum On Food/Drinks

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Or just in cumming in glass
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Why is /gif/ spammed with "n-word" (holy shit 4chan is pozzed) threads constantly?
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Big BIIIIIIG fatties
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YLYL Ultimate Epic Funny xD edition

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You know the drill:
1. Post the funny
2. Dont shit up the thread
3. Dont reply to people shitting up the thread
4. Kill all niggers and kikes
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BMWF complete 4Chan edition
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Romance/Cuddle Thread

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Post straight white couples loving each other/being passionate
Short hair/tomboys are a huge plus in my book
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no fake "just the tip in" stuff, I need full penetrations, only white and latina (no niggers), no gay, vaginal preferred
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BBC worship splitscreen

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Gifs and webms small dick losers can rub themselves to
No hate pls
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post sph webms

bonus for sph + cuckold
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