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Attractive females thread

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No trannies, blacks, obese freaks or sewer mutants
Simply attractive women
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Cuckquean only no faggotry

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No traps

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This board has died a death. I'll dump some decent stuff contribute if you want but no traps or gay shit.
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Stop Cooming and get any woman you want

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here's how to stop lusting and once you understand this you can get anyone you want and Jesus loves you
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Daddy Issues / Ownership

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Post webms of women calling guys 'daddy' or related + mentioning being owned/belonging to the man. Amateur highly preferred.

Bonus points for thanking, begging, saying they're a good girl or related.
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Girls being slapped in the face

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The more they enjoy it, the more I enjoy it.
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Hello, has anyone seen a video where theres 3 guys, 1 female, but it's a guy fucking 1 guy, and the other fucks a female, i can't find any scene like this, it falls under gay, bi, i would like of the bottom guy was a femboy but i just can't find anything like this. Also i don't the gay guys fucking the female. Thanks. Also i know it's not the right board but no one else would find a video like this.
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Does anyone knows who is she?

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Buttplug ass to mouth

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Can we get a Indian with white cocks thread
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