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Porn addiction thread

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GIFs and webms to sink us further into deep worship of our Goddesses
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Hitomi thread

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Let's trade and edge together to Hitomi. We have a special server to goon on her.
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Piss Vandalism

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ITT: post your favorite scene from your pornstar
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Brown chicks who want to be bleached

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More like this?
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Amateur WMAF / AMWF

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homemade only
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/pol/ Thread

Hit me with those Red Pills!
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Blue Fox

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I think pit bulls are dangerous animals.
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Hello, everyone!
Welcome to an interesting twist on the "girl below" thread format we're all used to.
I know that the "RPG CHALLENGER EDITION" in the title makes this sound like a RPG game and fighting game at the same time, and to be fair this thread will have fights, just not with punches, but with fucking, I'll explain it in further detail with the rest of this introduction.
This thread was inspired by the last few 50/50 threads we've had recently on the board.
As usual, you'll masturbate to a .webm imagining yourself in it, so that's the RPG aspect, the role playing.
However, in this case, we'll have different roles, and the role you'll imagine yourself in depends on your roll.
It's preferable to post a .webm with only two people having sex, and with a clear top and bottom, doesn't have to be heterossexual, but straight porn makes it more streamlined and easy to follow, so it's best to go for it if you can, especially if you're not playing solo, though it's not an absolute rule.
When it comes to solo play I'd say that anything goes to be fair, since you'll just be minding your own bussiness, as an example I'll post a shemale myself in one of these opening posts, since I'll be solo in this case.

If you want a more traditional experience, you can play this like you'd usually do in this style of thread, in this case for those that want to play solo here are the rules:
>You must post a .webm with two people having sex, one being the top, the other being the bottom.
>If your post ends with 0-4 you're the bottom in your .webm.
>If your post ends with 5-9 you're the top in your .webm.
>You MAY masturbate to your .webm imagining yourself in the role you've got.
>You MAY reroll if you desire.

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