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This team is raising endangered zebra sharks and reintroducing them to the wild in an attempt to save them from extinction.

While scientists often reintroduce rare captive animals on land—think California condors or giant pandas in China—nothing quite like this has ever been tried with sharks, which are disappearing around the world at an alarming clip. But some of the top shark scientists in the world believe this effort has a shot at working. And zebra sharks may be just the beginning. 

Read more (and use this link for a free 30 day digital subscription to National Geographic): https://on.natgeo.com/3LCz7Az

Video by Jennifer Hayes, photo by David Doubilet.

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Thats an amazing story, thankfully we have people in the world like this.

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They’re so cute

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For anyone that stumbles upon this… here’s some info:

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You’re welcome