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Cyclone ‘Gulab’ LIVE Updates: Cyclonic storm to make landfall in Andhra Pradesh today; Disaster response ...

Financial Express | 2021-09-26, 06:36

Cyclone Gulab landfall LIVE Updates: After the IMD sounded the warning, both Andhra Pradesh and Odisha have begun getting ready for relief and rescue operations. ...

Gene editing ‘would allow us to create hardier farm breeds’

The Observer | 2021-09-26, 06:33

Leading UK researchers, vets and farmers have urged ministers to free livestock science of unnecessary legal curbs as the country prepares, post-Brexit, to ease gene-editing rules. Such a move would allow the creation of new breeds of animals resistant to

Americans are inoculated against trust in government and science

Lewiston Sun Journal | 2021-09-26, 05:42

We just can't accept the COVID-19 vaccines like we embraced the polio vaccines in the 1950s. .

Livengood: Flip burgers or drive a Detroit bus? DDOT's labor crisis is not rocket science.

Crains Detroit Business | 2021-09-26, 05:27

Detroit Deputy Mayor Conrad Mallett Jr. is old enough to remember when bus drivers in Detroit were part of the city's middle class. Mallett's father was director of the old Detroit Department of Streets and Railways for six years

Shame and Silence: The LWS Twin Studies Revisited

Quillette | 2021-09-26, 05:00

Some colleagues refused to speak with me, several did so under conditions of anonymity and others would not answer my emails. I felt rejected and perplexed because this was not the experience I was used to. By the time I began writing Deliberately Divided in

HAGENS BERMAN Encourages Cassava Sciences (SAVA) Investors with $250K+ Losses to Contact Firm's Attorneys Now, ...

MENA FN | 2021-09-26, 04:57

(MENAFN - GlobeNewsWire - Nasdaq) SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hagens Berman urges Cassava Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ: SAVA) investors with significant losses to submit your ... ...

Forum, Sept. 26: He knew that nuclear power was a source of low-carbon electricity

Lebanon Valley News | 2021-09-26, 03:51

He knew that nuclear power was a source of

Spanish volcano eruption shuts down local airport and displaces thousands

CBS News | 2021-09-26, 03:27

The Spanish island of La Palma is still reeling from a volcanic eruption that began one week ago. Spreading ash and lava caused the local airport to shut down and roughly 6,000 people remain displaced. ...

Eco-friendly construction material “mass timber” gains traction

CBS News | 2021-09-26, 02:26

Architects and engineers are turning to an

‘A joyous event’: why the Gilgamesh Tablet’s return to Iraq strikes a blow against artefact smuggling

The Independent | 2021-09-26, 02:01

A looted 3,500-year-old cuneiform clay tablet from ancient Mesopotamia, which was seized by authorities in 2019 and officially forfeited by US retail chain Hobby Lobby in July, was due to be ceremonially

William Shatner will boldly go into space with Bezos’s Blue Origin – report

The Observer | 2021-09-26, 01:27

He was once Starfleet’s youngest captain, a fearless explorer leading the USS Enterprise on an intergalactic odyssey. Now the actor who famously portrayed Captain James Tiberius Kirk on Star Trek for four decades is reportedly set to boldly go on a real-life

Can Concord replace Rundlett Middle School without adding to the climate emergency?

Concord Monitor | 2021-09-26, 01:26

As if building a new school wasn’t

Erin O'Hara: How to prevent the daylight savings slump

NewstalkZB | 2021-09-26, 01:17

It’s time to spring into daylight savings. But it can

Mike Van de Elzen: 3 day marinated spring lamb

NewstalkZB | 2021-09-26, 01:17

3 day marinated spring lamb (serves 6-8) Prep time: 15 minutes Cooking time: 30 minutes 1 boned and rolled lamb shoulder, cut into long strips 1 cup of yogurt 2 tbsp of spice powder, I used curry powder but you can use

Ministers close to deal that could end China’s role in UK nuclear power station

The Observer | 2021-09-26, 01:12

Ministers are closing in on a deal that could kick China off a project to build a £20bn nuclear power station on the Suffolk coast and pump in tens of millions of pounds of taxpayer cash instead – a move that would heighten geopolitical tensions. The

Can we talk to aliens? And should we colonise space? We ask the expert

The Observer | 2021-09-26, 01:11

For years, astrophysicists have been saying that alien life must exist, but finding out where and in what form has proved elusive. We may be edging closer: a team from the University of Cambridge has discovered a new class of habitable planets they claim will

Fraudulent ivermectin studies open up new battleground between science and misinformation

The Observer | 2021-09-26, 01:11

Dr Carlos Chaccour ran into difficulty when he and his colleagues began recruiting patients in Peru for their study to determine the effect of a daily dose of the anti-parasitic drug ivermectin on people infected with Covid-19. “We would call the patient and

How standup comedy helped me conquer anxiety, depression – and fear of public speaking

The Observer | 2021-09-26, 01:11

“Have you gone mad?” asked one friend. “You’re so brave. I could never do that. Wouldn’t meditation be wiser?” said another. For someone with a long history of depression and anxiety, plus a morbid fear of public speaking, taking up standup comedy might seem

Could whistling shed light on the origins of speech?

The Observer | 2021-09-26, 01:11

For centuries, shepherds from the small village of Aas in the French Pyrenees led their sheep and cattle up to mountain pastures for the summer months. To ease the solitude, they would communicate with each other or with the village below in a whistled form of

China set to be banned from investing in the UK’s nuclear power stations on security ...

The Daily Mail | 2021-09-26, 00:02

Chinese investment in Britain’s next generation of nuclear power stations is set to be banned on security grounds, leaving a multi-billion pound funding hole in the plans. Nuclear power is key to Government plans to ‘future-proof’ the country’s energy supplies

Pipe dream: Why safe tap water remains a privilege in India

Financial Express | 2021-09-26, 00:00

Despite govt efforts, safe tap water remains a privilege in India due to concerns over steady supply, quality checks, testing and real-time surveillance of consumer complaints, among other factors ...

Elon Musk Continues To Talk About Climate Change & What We Need To Do

Windermere Sun | 2021-09-25, 23:42

For updated global info & data on COVID-19, please click HERE. For updated global data & graphs on COVID-19, please click HERE. For COVID-19 cases and death counts in USA by state, please click HERE. For COVID-19 cases in Florida via Florida COVID

NASA's AR graphic novel is meant to recruit a new wave of astronauts

Engadget | 2021-09-25, 22:48

NASA clearly needs more astronauts if programs like Artemis are to be successful, and it thinks it has a clever sales pitch: a tech-savvy comic. The space agency has released an

China out of nuclear power plan in weeks: Ministers set to bar Communist state from ...

The Daily Mail | 2021-09-25, 22:13

China's state-owned energy firm is set to be booted out of Britain's £20billion Sizewell C nuclear power project 'within weeks', insiders say. Senior industry sources told The Mail on Sunday that Ministers are poised to formally bar any further Chinese

‘Psychedelics renaissance’: new wave of research puts hallucinogenics forward to treat mental health

The Guardian | 2021-09-25, 21:53

In what’s been described as a ‘paradigm shifter’ for psychiatry, clinical trials are exploring the therapeutic use for illegal substances It was out of desperation that Michael Raymond found himself sitting in a remote retreat in the Peruvian Andes, sipping a

Over 3,000 graduate from Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology

The Hindu | 2021-09-25, 21:28

Twenty-four gold medals were distributed at the convocation of Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology, a deemed university, here on Saturday. ...

Skill building workshop for chemical engineering graduates to be held

The Hindu | 2021-09-25, 21:28

Programme will begin on September 27 ...

5,837 govt. schoolchildren get engineering seats

The Hindu | 2021-09-25, 20:58

TNEA began counselling for candidates under the special category 10 days ago ...

Ghana institute Youth Climate Council

Ghana News Agency | 2021-09-25, 20:23

The Council among other mandates would influence policy at the regional and national level by ensuring that the youth’s concerns are inculcated in issues on environment and climate change policies. Mr Abraham Bugre, the Engagement and Partnership Office at the

Back from the brink of extinction, there's now one croc for every two and a ...

Fifty years ago, crocodiles had been shot to near extinction in the Northern Territory. Now the apex predators again dominate the waterways, raising questions about their coexistence with humans. ...

Apocalypse now: Britain’s race against time to fight off multiple Black Swan events

The Daily Telegraph | 2021-09-25, 20:11

Doctor Verifies Myocarditis In Division One Athlete After Injection & TikTok Censors Him As Misinfo

The Last American Vagabond | 2021-09-25, 20:07

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show

4,000 people expected to receive AstraZeneca in Ada East

Ghana News Agency | 2021-09-25, 20:06

The designated centres are: Ada East District Hospital, Ada Health Centre, Kasseh Health Centre and Pediatokope Health Centre. Mr Bawuah said 20 health officials have been deployed to administer the jabs for

Mars images show Perseverance rover at work

Fox News | 2021-09-25, 19:58

New images from NASA show the Perseverance Mars rover hard at work as it searches the Red Planet for signs of ancient microbial life. ...

New Research Finds A Connection Between Domestic Violence And These Two Personality Disorders

Forbes | 2021-09-25, 19:37

Personality disorders are related to both the perpetration and experience of intimate partner aggression. ...

The Latest: NY governor ready to use reservists in shortage

The Mercury News | 2021-09-25, 19:19

By The Associated Press ALBANY, N.Y.New York Gov. Kathy Hochul says she is prepared to call in medically trained National Guard members and retirees to address potential staffing shortages caused by an approaching vaccine mandate for health care workers.

Teams check destruction from Northern California forest fire

Houston Chronicle | 2021-09-25, 19:12

REDDING, Calif. (AP) — Damage assessment teams went out Saturday to determine how many buildings have burned in a forest fire that has displaced thousands of residents in Northern California. Firefighters working in steep, drought-stricken terrain hope calmer

Thermodynamics 101: Socrates Debunks Climate Alarm Science

Principia Scientific | 2021-09-25, 18:23

Canadian professional space scientist and critic of the greenhouse gas theory of climate change, Joseph E Postma, posts another telling video exposing the junk science cornerstone of man-made global warming. Postma writes: You may read my blog

Why The World's Top Uranium Producer Isn’t A Nuclear Power Heavyweight

Oil Price | 2021-09-25, 18:14

Australia is a country nearly the size of the continental US with a population of

Longtime UI crop-science professor tapped as interim ACES dean

The News-Gazette | 2021-09-25, 17:56

URBANA — A 23-year University of Illinois crop sciences faculty member will fill in as interim dean for the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, pending approval by the board of trustees. Professor Germán Bollero will succeed five-year

Man hospitalised after being shot in the leg in Northern Ireland

The Irish Times | 2021-09-25, 17:47

A man is in hospital after being shot in the leg in Northern Ireland. The victim, in his 40s, was attacked in the Kilcooley estate in Bangor at

Turkey to showcase its top-notch Teknofest in other countries: Erdogan

Anadolu Agency | 2021-09-25, 17:38

Turkey will showcase its top-notch technology event Teknofest in other countries, the Turkish president said on Saturday. Addressing Turkey's largest technology and aviation event Teknofest 2021 at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport, Recep Tayyip Erdogan said

All Nuclear Powers Will Have to Join Arms Control Talks One Day, UN Disarmament Chief Says

Sputnik | 2021-09-25, 17:35

UNITED NATIONS (Sputnik) - All nuclear powers will at some point have to sit at the negotiating table for arms control talks, UN Under-Secretary-General of Disarmament Affairs Izumi Nakamitsu told Sputnik on Saturday. ...

The MicroRNA Content of Exosomes in the Context of Aging

Technology Org | 2021-09-25, 17:34

Much of the communication between cells is carried in extracellular vesicles, membrane-wrapped packages of signaling molecules. Vesicles are classified by size at present, though the nomenclature is often used confusingly and inconsistently. Exosomes are one

The social life of a vampire bat

The Hindu | 2021-09-25, 17:13

Each bat in the colony has its own network of social bonds ...

Rainy Septembers point to monsoon shifts

The Hindu | 2021-09-25, 17:13

Changing patterns of low pressure, fluctuations in moisture distribution may cause rainfall variation ...

Indigenous memory technology moves from lab to fab

The Hindu | 2021-09-25, 17:13

The collaborative research can fix faulty chips, cut wastage ...

Foundation review: Isaac Asimov TV adaptation is imaginative reworking

New Scientist | 2021-09-25, 17:08

Apple TV's adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series stays true to the big ideas, but sensibly nixes the 1940s sexism ...

Pink River Dolphins: Bolivian Scientists, Fishermen Team up to Unravel Mysteries

The Epoch Times | 2021-09-25, 17:07

LA PAZ—Fishermen who once angled for rare pink river dolphins are working with researchers in Bolivia's Amazon jungle in a high-tech bid to

A virtual reality 'empathy machine' to stop domestic abusers from reoffending to begin trials, report says

Business Insider | 2021-09-25, 16:55

A stock image shows a man using a virtual reality headset. Getty Images France will trial "empathy machines," which use virtual reality technology, from October, per rfi. 30 male volunteers - all convicted of domestic violence - will take part in the

Amateur divers find an 'incredible' treasure trove of gold coins from the Roman Empire while ...

Business Insider | 2021-09-25, 16:55

Amateur freedivers found a large collection of gold Roman coins off the coast of Spain. The University of Alicante Amateur freedivers in Spain have discovered one of the largest collections of gold Roman coins found in Europe. The collection of 53 coins date

Fear & Ignorance – Not the Virus & Unvaxxed – Are the Real Enemies in ...

The Liberty Beacon | 2021-09-25, 16:51

Fear and Ignorance — Not the Virus and Unvaxxed — Are the Real Enemies in This Pandemic Defenders of vaccination insist that indisputable, objective medical facts have determined the approach to the pandemic. Their dogmatic arguments are based on the false

Biden Promised to Follow the Science. But Sometimes, He Gets Ahead of the Experts.

Yahoo Daily News | 2021-09-25, 16:41

President Joe Biden speaks about the COVID-19 response and vaccinations, at the White House in Washington on Friday, Sept. 24, 2021. (Sarahbeth Maney/The New York Times) WASHINGTON — As he announced Friday that booster shots would be available to some

All Nuclear Powers Will Have to Join Arms Control Talks One Day - UN Disarmament Chief

Urdu Point | 2021-09-25, 16:39

All nuclear powers will at some point have to sit at the negotiating table for arms control talks, UN Under-Secretary-General of Disarmament Affairs Izumi Nakamitsu told Sputnik on Saturday UNITED NATIONS (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 25th September, 2021) All

Machine learning uncovers 'genes of importance' in agriculture and medicine

Science Daily | 2021-09-25, 16:31

Machine learning can pinpoint 'genes of

In the race to reduce car emissions, don't forget longevity

Science Daily | 2021-09-25, 16:31

The debate on green vehicles often focuses on fuel efficiency and

New technique speeds measurement of ultrafast pulses

Science Daily | 2021-09-25, 16:31

Researchers have developed a time-domain single-pixel imaging technique to speed the measurement of ultrafast pulses in infrared and far infrared wavelengths. <!-- more --> ...

Xi Jinping calls on world to OPEN UP to science & tech partnerships with China

Russia Today | 2021-09-25, 16:22

Chinese President Xi Jinping has called on countries worldwide to pursue openness in global scientific and technological cooperation, promising that China, too, would commit to the common goal of “human peace and development.” Xi delivered the remarks as he

Ghana Engineer Company 9 rehabilitates dike at Kabara in Timbuktu, Mali

Ghana Web | 2021-09-25, 16:18

The Ghana Engineer Company 9 (GHANENGCOY 9) of the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) has rehabilitated an old dike at Kabara in Timbuktu, as part of its corporate social responsibility towards farmers in the

More beaches in India are getting Blue Flag certified; Here's why

International Business Times | 2021-09-25, 16:00

On September 21, two Indian beaches, Puducherry's Eden beach (Chinna Veerampattinam) and Tamil Nadu's Kovalam (also known as Covelong) beach near Chennai made their way to the list of Blue Flag certified beaches in the world, a global initiative by Foundation

AMA Presiding Member supports Henry Quartey’s Operation clean your frontage

Ghana News Agency | 2021-09-25, 15:56

He said the policy would also stimulate the conscience of residents of the region and beyond on sanitation, waste management, cleanliness, discipline and crime and solutions. Mr Adjei, who is currently attending a workshop, at Birmingham Hall 5, the NEC, North

Horner: "Verstappen could have finished the season without engine change"

GP Blog | 2021-09-25, 15:42

"If Max had not lost his power unit at Silverstone, he could have come through the season without a grid penalty for replacing the engine," Horner said in conversation with Sky Sports. Read

Florida to Allow Parents to Decide if Asymptomatic Children Quarantine After Coronavirus Exposure

Breitbart | 2021-09-25, 15:40

Florida's Surgeon General has signed new protocols that allow for parents to choose whether or not to quarantine their child if the child is asymptomatic after exposure to the virus. ...

Report: Researchers Working on Antiviral Coronavirus Pills

Breitbart | 2021-09-25, 15:40

Scientists are working on antiviral pills to treat the Chinese coronavirus, a prospect that could come to fruition “within the next several months.” ...

Scientists have discovered a new way to detect aliens

Swords Today | 2021-09-25, 15:26

Space Photo: Experts have suggested creating a super device that can be noticed on other planets. Anders Sandberg, a scientist at the Oxford Institute for the Humanities, believes that life exists on Earth-like planets. This was stated in a message

Donald Trump said that he did 'pretty much the opposite' of what Dr. Fauci advised ...

Business Insider | 2021-09-25, 14:49

Former president Donald Trump and Dr. Anthony Fauci, in April 2020. Drew Angerer/Getty Images Former President Donald Trump said he did "the opposite" of Dr. Anthony Fauci's advice during the pandemic. Trump said he decided against firing Fauci because he

EMS to showcase the latest FAULHABER motors at leading design engineering show

Process and Control Today | 2021-09-25, 14:34

EMS to showcase the latest FAULHABER motors at leading design engineering show 09/09/2021 Electro Mechanical Systems Ltd FAULHABER distributor, Electro Mechanical Systems (EMS), is exhibiting at the Engineering Design Show, taking place at Coventry Building

Webtec Continues to Support The Young Engineers of the Future

Process and Control Today | 2021-09-25, 14:34

Webtec Continues to Support The Young Engineers of the Future 08/02/2021 Webtec Hydraulics This Year’s Recipient of the Roy Cuthbert Scholarship Announced The Roy Cuthbert Scholarship has been awarded to Thomas Chaplin. The award, which was named after

RS Components reveals the winners of its STEM Extraordinary Engineering Challenge

Process and Control Today | 2021-09-25, 14:34

RS Components reveals the winners of its STEM Extraordinary Engineering Challenge 16/07/2020 RS Components Ltd Cleaning the oceans, elderly care, and mental wellbeing are all addressed by the winning designs RS Components (RS), a trading brand of

ION Science Cub 11.7 eV nominated for Technical Innovation Award

Process and Control Today | 2021-09-25, 14:34

ION Science Cub 11.7 eV nominated for Technical Innovation Award 24/08/2021 Ion Science Ltd Although specialists in gas detection and analysis, ION Science have recently picked up a new readout of recognition when it comes to their market-leading Cub 11.7 eV


Process and Control Today | 2021-09-25, 14:34

AGM TO PRESENT ON BREAKTHROUGH NANOTECHNOLOGY FOR WATER-BASED EPOXY COATINGS AT CORROSION 2021 19/03/2021 Applied Graphene Materials UK Limited Applied Graphene Materials (LSE:AGM), the producer of speciality graphene nanoplatelet dispersions, announces that

Rotamec becomes one-stop-shop for engineering supplies by joining Troy group

Process and Control Today | 2021-09-25, 14:33

Rotamec becomes one-stop-shop for engineering supplies by joining Troy group 03/08/2021 Rotamec Ltd Motor repair and provider, Rotamec, has expanded its portfolio of parts and consumables for the engineering sector after joining the Troy group of industrial

Turck Banner - Condition Monitoring as simple as a check engine light

Process and Control Today | 2021-09-25, 14:33

Turck Banner - Condition Monitoring as simple as a check engine light 09/09/2021 Turck Banner Ltd What is condition monitoring and why do I need it? Condition monitoring uses sensors to monitor equipment and give an early warning of failure. This dramatically

FCI FLT93 FlexSwitch Provides Reliable Flow or Leak Detection In Nuclear Power Plants

Process and Control Today | 2021-09-25, 14:33

FCI FLT93 FlexSwitch Provides Reliable Flow or Leak Detection In Nuclear Power Plants 08/09/2021 Fluid Components International (FCI) Ideal for Reactor Core Coolant, Level Interface Detection & Temperature, Pump Protection, Flood Alarm, Condensate Pot

Maintaining your industrial engine

Process and Control Today | 2021-09-25, 14:33

Maintaining your industrial engine 01/09/2021 DiPerk Power Solutions According to a 2020 survey by YesAuto, 44 per cent of UK drivers admit not understanding basic vehicle maintenance, with three in ten not even knowing how to pump up their tyres. When it

RS Components to host online event calling for greater diversity in UK engineering roles

Process and Control Today | 2021-09-25, 14:33

RS Components to host online event calling for greater diversity in UK engineering roles 27/07/2020 RS Components Ltd 'REflect', in collaboration with the IET, will show how organisations that tap into the talents of diverse ethnic groups can help address the

Ibstock help inspire the next generation at Science Summer School

Process and Control Today | 2021-09-25, 14:33

Ibstock help inspire the next generation at Science Summer School 13/07/2021 Ibstock plc Hundreds of school children from secondary schools across the North West have been given the opportunity to learn more about developing a career in Science, Technology,

Corps of Engineers finish dredging as river levels lower

Delta Democrat-Times | 2021-09-25, 14:32

The Army Corps of Engineers just wrapped up the dredging of the mouth of Lake Ferguson and timing could not have been better. The Mississippi River hit its lowest point of the year this week, and without the dredging, operations at the port would have been at

How Canada’s Liberal Party Became an Appendage of the Great Reset

Principia Scientific | 2021-09-25, 14:28

Today, the Canadian political landscape is being remoulded by a nest of technocratic ideologues who aim to lead the nation into a post-nation state Great Reset. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was among the earliest public figures who celebrated this

Kennedy’s U.S.-Russia Joint Space Vision Must Be Revived

Principia Scientific | 2021-09-25, 14:28

September 20th marked the anniversary of the last speech John F Kennedy delivered to the United Nations’ General Assembly. This event bears more relevance upon our present crisis than most people could possibly imagine. This is true not only because it is wise

Can We Harness Himalayan Hydropower? Yes, But It's Risky

Interesting Engineering | 2021-09-25, 14:16

According to the International Hydropower Association (iha), around 60 percent of all renewable electricity is and the sector produces about 16 percent of total electricity generation from all sources including nuclear and fossil fuels. That's an impressive

Diet rich in dairy may be linked to lower risk of heart disease: report

Fox News | 2021-09-25, 14:09

A diet rich in dairy fat may be linked to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, researchers say. ...

Native Himalayan fish species facing onslaught of exotic brown trout species, finds WII study

Financial Express | 2021-09-25, 14:03

The study which has been published in the Journal of Applied Ecology noted that the Himalayan snow trout prefer to inhabit the downstream or the mainstream of the river segment for healthy chances of its survival. ...

Insulin prices have tripled over the past decade. Diabetics like me are now being forced ...

Business Insider | 2021-09-25, 13:54

Jay Reed and Getty The price of insulin has increased drastically over the past 20 years. Diabetics often ration their insulin, with deadly results, because of the skyrocketing price. Biden has proposed a measure that would let Medicare negotiate lower prices

Cattle with pneumonia removed from the Balmoral Show

The Irish Times | 2021-09-25, 13:40

Cattle have been removed from the Balmoral Show after exhibiting signs of pneumonia. The illness was blamed on the extremely mild autumn weather which has led to cattle

A new formula may help black patients’ access to kidney care

Ars Technica | 2021-09-25, 13:39

(credit: Getty Images) For decades, doctors and hospitals saw kidney patients differently based on their race. A standard equation for estimating kidney

Mask-wearing on UK public transport sees big drop

Principia Scientific | 2021-09-25, 13:33

Only 20 percent of rail passengers are still wearing masks at train stations in England now that it is no longer compulsory, according to Network Rail. That compares with 80 percent before restrictions were lifted on 19 July. On buses and Tubes, Transport for

Care home workers can be exempt from being vaxxed for 12 weeks

Principia Scientific | 2021-09-25, 13:33

Amid concerns vaccine rules will worsen staff shortages and discriminate against some, carers can now declare themselves exempt for a limited period of time Care home workers are able to temporarily self-certify if they believe themselves to be medically

TMC chief suspends 4 civic engineers for bad roads, potholes in Thane

Hindustan Times | 2021-09-25, 13:25

Four civic engineers with the Thane Municipal Corporation have been held responsible for bad roads and potholes in the city and suspended by the civic commissioner, Dr. Vipin Sharma PUBLISHED ON SEP 25, 2021 04:46 PM IST Four civic engineers with the Thane

4 Thane civic engineers suspended for potholed roads

Hindustan Times | 2021-09-25, 13:25

The decision was taken following a survey of city roads by guardian minister Eknath Shinde on Friday. UPDATED ON SEP 25, 2021 05:15 PM IST Four civic engineers with the Thane Municipal Corporation have been held responsible for bad

2,000-year-old artifacts unveiled for ‘Pompeii: The Exhibition’ at Carnegie Science Center

WPXI | 2021-09-25, 13:25

PITTSBURGH — Aphrodite has arrived in Pittsburgh, according to our news partners at Trib Live. The 2,000-year-old life-sized marble statue of the

What Does It Mean to ‘Trust the Science’

The Liberty Beacon | 2021-09-25, 13:14

Story at-a-glance We’re told to “trust the science” and “follow the science.” But what science are we supposed to follow? There’s plenty of scientific evidence refuting everything we’re told to accept as “fact,” including the claim that masks work, that

Iron Banter: This Week In Destiny 2 - Science-ing The Trials Of Osiris And Uncovering ...

Gamespot | 2021-09-25, 13:09

Just about every week brings something new to Destiny 2, whether it's story beats, new activities, or interesting new combinations of elements that let players

Movable Bridges Around the World That You Cannot Unsee

Interesting Engineering | 2021-09-25, 13:04

London's Tower Bridge is not the only one worth seeing! ...

The Green-Energy Crunch Comes To The UK—And It’s Not Pretty

Principia Scientific | 2021-09-25, 12:39

Anybody who looks with a critical eye at the madcap push toward increasing amounts of intermittent renewable electricity generation in the U.S. and Europe quickly realizes that eventually, this has to hit a wall. But when will the crunch come? Theoretically,

CDC Says Its Investigating Salmonella Outbreak in 25 States

Principia Scientific | 2021-09-25, 12:39

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating a salmonella outbreak in about 25 states that hasn’t yet been linked to any food source or product. So far, 127 people have become sickened and 18 hospitalized in the outbreak of the Salmonella

Deserted Factories Show China’s Electric Car Boom Went Bust

Principia Scientific | 2021-09-25, 12:39

Visitors to Byton Ltd.’s website are greeted with color-saturated images of shiny electric cars gliding along manicured streets. Those paying a visit to the automaker’s factory in Nanjing, eastern China may be less impressed. (Pictured: deserted EV factories

Biden promised to follow the science, but sometimes he gets ahead of the experts

The Seattle Times | 2021-09-25, 12:30

The president’s remarks came the same day that CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky came under fire for allowing boosters for a broader group of people than her agency’s own immunization panel recommended. ...

How Massive Humvees Are Airdropped From the Sky

Interesting Engineering | 2021-09-25, 12:10

Humvee stands for High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle. ...

J&J recipients are feeling neglected as booster campaigns begin, but second shots are likely coming soon

Business Insider | 2021-09-25, 12:06

Dr. Anthony Fauci testifies during a Senate committee hearing on COVID-19, September 23, 2020. GRAEME JENNINGS/POOL/AFP via Getty Images Two shots of the J&J vaccine offer 94% protection from COVID-19, the company announced this week. As many Pfizer recipients

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