Keep Connected Podcast

Keep Connected is a podcast about the power of community hosted by David Siegel, CEO of Meetup.

Episode 63: Change Your Negative Thought Patterns

Learn how to break out of the bad news cycle and keep headlines from affecting your headspace on the Keep Connected podcast.

Episode 62: How to Grow from Traumatic Experiences

Author Amnoni Myers explains how to be proactive in your own healing and discovering your self-worth on the Keep Connected podcast.

Episode 61: Platonic Longing: Make the Friends You Want

A certified connections coach explains why it’s so difficult to make adult friendships and shares strategies for getting social on the Keep Connected podcast.

Episode 60: How to Turn Off Your Inner Critic

An author and Comedy Central veteran discusses finding internal validation and stopping negative self-talk on the Keep Connected podcast.

Episode 59: How to Make Your Own Luck

Learn from a self-described scrappy entrepreneur on how to seize opportunities and become a bolder version of yourself.

Episode 58 | Listen Up: How to Build Rapport

An expert UX researcher explains the art of listening on the Keep Connected podcast. Learn how to stay engaged and ask the right questions to build trust in conversations.

Episode 57: How to Prioritize Fulfillment

A Meetup organizer discusses the human empowerment movement and his approach to finding fulfillment on the Keep Connected podcast.

Episode 56: The Skill of Adult Friendship

Psychologist Dr. Marisa G. Franco discusses the value of platonic relationships, and why they ought to be treated with as much care and responsibility as romantic relationships.