Virtual NYC Elixir: Fun with Phoenix LiveView

NYC Elixir Meetup
NYC Elixir Meetup
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NYC Elixir is back with our second virtual meetup. We'll convene this October to watch Andy Glassman give a demo of the latest in Phoenix LiveView. Afterwards, we'll convene for a social hour for folks to catch up.

See you all soon!


### Fun with Phoenix LiveView

Phoenix LiveView takes the best of Single Page Apps and Server Side Rendered technologies to provide small and fast real time applications. State is managed on the server, and only DOM diffs are sent to the client. The end result is a simplified stack where you only need to write in one language, Elixir.

In this talk, I'll show off a fun LiveView demo that allows multiple users to color squares on a shared canvas in real time. We'll take a look at the .leex templates, and LiveView controllers that the app implements.

### About Andy

Hi, I'm Andrew Glassman. I enjoy learning new technologies, and sharing what I've learned. I'm currently an Engineer at, which is a SaaS platform in the Video Production space. I've also worked in Logistics at FedEx, and EdTech at Watermark Insights. I'm based out of Milwaukee, WI and enjoy the outdoors.