ENTERING CANNABIS: The Global Landscape - LIVE 4.20 Summit - Asia

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Gain valuable and actionable insight into the current and future Global Landscape of: business, investment, trade, regulatory, wellness, cultivation, legalization, research, consumption, and many more advancements, developments, and opportunities.

While enjoying the ability to connect and network with fellow cannapreneurs, investors, consumers, patients, physicians, and professionals, LIVE online from the comfort of your home, office, or workspace of choice.

Be sure to secure your virtual access pass for this experience - featuring - expert panels with the industry’s foremost global thought leaders.

An Exponential Deep Dive Into Global Hemp / CBD Developments & Opportunities.



- ASPIRING CANNAPRENEURS Ready to enter the legal cannabis industry, and build a brand and potentially find a co-founder, and/or investor.

- CANNAPRENEURS Ready to scale your cannabis business, expand your product/service offerings.

- SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS Ready to add a new revenue stream to your current operation, and/ or start a new elevated venture.

- PHYSICIANS & HEALTH PROFESSIONALS Ready to extend your practice/services to cannabis patients, and/or learn more about the health and wellness benefits.

- ENTERPRISES Ready to onboard qualified candidates to join your team.

- INVESTORS Ready to diversify your portfolio, invest in budding entrepreneurs, companies, and/or connect with fellow investors.

- PROFESSIONALS Ready to obtain a plant-touching or non-plant touching employment opportunity within the industry.

- CONSUMERS Ready to learn more about cannabis in an effort to make well-informed shopping decisions.


Look Forward To Hosting You Virtually!

- The DAVINE Ecosystem Success Team!


REGISTRATION - The ENTERING CANNABIS experience will be launching on the all new DAVINE virtual platform - for exponential experiences within emerging industries (including cannabis, blockchain, vr, robotics, ai, space, new tech, and more).

LOCATION: Please note, this experience will be conducted solely online, not in person. Access to the DAVINE platform requires a monthly subscription, as an "Early Access" guest, you'll gain an exclusive FREE 14 Day trial to join the EC experience. Along with a robustly discounted subscription option if you decide to continue on the platform (we'd love to have you stay and grow with us, and of course you can cancel at any time!).

REPLAYS - On demand replays are available 24/7 on the DAVINE platform, once subscribed, you’ll have access to watch whenever and wherever.

AGENDA - The experience features 12 segment blocks spread throughout one full day - 7am - 11pm EST, where you’ll have the opportunity to select and tune into your preferred regional (specific countries) segment of your choice.

RSVP - Please note, RSVPing via Meetup does not guarantee your access, a completed registration via - www.enteringcannabis.com is required to complete your registration.

ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS - If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or feedback, be sure to email our Team directly at: [masked]


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***Please note, this location-specific experience - is a single segment - apart of an all-day global summit experience featuring multiple segments /topics from various regions across the world. Starting 7 am EST / 12pm GMT, and concluding 11pm EST / 4am GMT. Feel free to join earlier to catch the full-day experience.***