A Journey into the Nucleus at Dropbox with Parker Timmerman

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Please join us as we learn how Dropbox's sync engine works, and how Rust has influenced the design of the engine, made testing easier, and enabled us to scale to hundreds of millions of users in this full-length virtual talk presented by Parker Timmerman!

We're going to continue using breakout rooms feature of Zoom again to help people meet before the talk, so if you'd like to participate in that, please RSVP and join the Zoom link with us at 7:00pm.

Starting at 7:30pm:

⚛️ Parker Timmerman - "A Journey into the Nucleus"

Parker will cover a few high level topics in his talk including:
* A short overview of Futures in Rust
* How Futures have influenced the architecture of our sync engine
* How our sync engine works
* Using Rust macros as a force multiplier for testing
* Bonus if there's time: Protobufs in Rust with pb-jelly (https://github.com/dropbox/pb-jelly)


You can also tune in via https://www.twitch.tv/rusteastcoast where we'll start presenting to at 7:30PM.

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