First Zagreb WooCommerce Meetup

Zagreb WooCommerce Meetup
Zagreb WooCommerce Meetup
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Welcome to the first Zagreb WooCommerce Meetup!

We'll kick off our bimonthly sessions with 2 useful lectures - Vedran from Neuralab will talk about how to prepare content for a WooCommerce webshop, and Goran from Cinnamon will talk about best UX/UI practices for your online store. Following their presentations, you'll have the chance to jump in with any questions or thoughts during the Q&A session.

18:00 - Meet&Greet
18:10 - Talk: The content experience - how to prepare content for WooCommerce webshop [Vedran Hanževački]
18:40 - Q&A session
18:50 - Talk: Seven Magnificent (7 UX / UI Rules and patterns for eCommerce) [Goran Gluhak]
19:20 - Q&A session
19:30 - outro


Talk 1: "The content experience - how to prepare content for WooCommerce webshop" by Vedran Hanževački

This lecture will certainly help you to observe web content from another perspective. Vedran will discuss the most common problems when creating and inserting content inside the CMS and what are the main features of an effective product description.

Vedran has a master's degree in graphic technology and is a fan of UX / UI design. He has been creating new user experiences for various WordPress and WooCommerce web applications at Neuralab for 3 years.

Talk 2: "Seven Magnificent (7 UX / UI Rules and patterns for eCommerce)" by Goran Gluhak

Goran will take us through 7 more or less known UX / UI rules and frequently used patterns in eCommerce solutions. Rules and patterns that you can try and apply to your existing or future eCommerce project right after the lecture.

UX / UI designer who is currently full-time collaborating with the Cinnamon agency on various and interesting projects and a lecturer on Algebra, with previous WordPress freelance experience. WordPress and WooCommerce enthusiast and Zagreb WordPress meetup co-organizer.


Feel free to discuss any WooCommerce related topics that are on your mind. Maybe it's a cool plugin you've discovered, a specific challenge you're facing or a subject matter you are enthusiastic about. Don't be bashful! This is a chance for all of us to share and learn from each other.

Until we can all meet face to face and slurp some beers, our meetings will be virtual! Once you RSVP you'll have access to the Zoom link.