Donald Trump

James Corden jokes that Donald Trump is “guilty as sin” amid arrest claims

I like that even Trump’s going, ‘I don’t need to wait until this is over to know that I’m guilty, man. I’m guilty as sin'”

Ted Nugent urges Trump supporters to “remain peaceful” if former President is arrested

"Let the other side show their hate and their dishonesty"

Paris Hilton says she “pretended” to vote for Donald Trump in 2016

"He was furious and intimidated the shit out of me on the phone"

Bryan Cranston says Donald Trump movement is fundamentally “racist”

"When was it ever great in America for the African-American?"

Rights groups hit back at “reckless” decision to allow Donald Trump back on Facebook and Instagram

The former US president's Twitter account was also recently reinstated

Watch Borat roast Kanye West, Donald Trump and U2 at Kennedy Center Honors event

U2 were recognised for their contributions to performing arts at the annual ceremony earlier this month

Has Milo Yiannopoulos already been fired from Kanye West’s presidential campaign?

"I will continue to pray for Ye in all his endeavours"

Jack White mocks Elon Musk’s “free speech” hypocrisy after Kanye West’s Twitter ban

“So you have to CHOOSE who gets free speech and who doesn't then? What kind of crybaby liberal suspends someone's free speech?”