TV News

‘The White Lotus’ season three setting revealed

Locations within the country are reportedly still being scouted

Alan Ruck weighs in on ‘Succession’ co-star Jeremy Strong’s method acting

"My personal feeling is that he doesn’t fully trust his talent"

Yoo Ah-in issues public apology amid police investigation into drug allegations

"I hurt myself and my career as an actor, and I feel great regret and shame"

‘The Rings Of Power’ producers criticised by animal rights group after horse dies on set

“If they can’t avoid exploiting animals for their art, they should find a new medium”

50 Cent deletes Instagram post about exposing the TV industry

He has had great success in the TV industry as the co-creator and an executive producer of 'Power'

How to get tickets to the Ricky Gervais ‘Armageddon’ tour this week

The comedian will perform across the UK, Europe, Canada and the US until the end of 2023

‘The Simpsons’ fans say it predicted Michelangelo statue outrage

A US school principal was forced to resign after parents protested over pupils being shown the statue

‘Scrubs’ creator says reunion movie is “inevitable”

The original series came to an end in 2010

University cancels talk after speaker tweets support for Ricky Gervais trans joke

Royal Holloway Students' Union said the event was cancelled to "safeguard our transgender community"