Inferences we make about you

Last updated: 10 months ago
We draw inferences about you based on your profile and interactions with our Services. We use these inferences to personalize our Services for you, such as serving you more relevant content, jobs, and ads. We do not use your profile photo to draw inferences about you.
For example, we may infer which languages you speak based on the languages of your posts and then suggest jobs requiring those languages. In some instances, we rank content more highly in your LinkedIn feed if it relates to a subject that we infer interests you. We may infer your gender and age, but we don’t use this data to suggest jobs for you. Learn more about how we infer and use this data.
You can view and adjust key interests that we have inferred about you using this setting. You can also access additional data that we may have inferred about you.
To ensure the safety and security of our platform and the data of our members, guests, and customers, LinkedIn does not disclose inferences related to safety and security.