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Cold Calling Mastery

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Duration: 1h 26m Skill level: Beginner Released: 2/19/2020

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Cold calling is a powerful way to generate sales and leads. However, picking up the phone to sell to a stranger can be daunting. Using this course, you can learn how to do cold calling the right way. Sales professional and prospecting coach Miles Croft offers practical tips and tricks to identify what is truly important to your lead, stay motivated and track your targets, structure a call, overcome rejection or objections, and get the most out of technology. The lessons are tailored to be practical, easy, and fun, so youโ€™ll be ready to get started right away testing out your new skills. No more fear of picking up the phone, or wondering why leads arenโ€™t buying. After this course, you will look forward to calling new customersโ€”and get the satisfaction of hearing a โ€œyes.โ€

This course was created by Miles Croft. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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