Learning Video Lighting Preview

Learning Video Lighting

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Duration: 1h 27m Skill level: Beginner Released: 4/29/2016

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In any shooting situation, the existing lighting is rarely perfect as-is, especially for photographing people in a flattering way. Knowing how to control the available light, and add additional light, is key to ensuring your subject looks as good as possible on video. Understanding the core concepts of lighting, and how to control them will result in more beautiful and compelling images.

In this course, Mark W. Gray teaches the fundamentals of portrait lighting, including standard three-point lighting setups, how to light for specific subjects, and how to deal with the challenges of location shooting. He shows you the effect of big and small lighting changes, including angle, intensity, and color temperature. He discusses the various types of lighting equipment available, providing both professional options and affordable options. Mark also demonstrates how to go beyond the standard setup to achieve a variety of outcomes.

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