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Learning Screenwriting

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Duration: 41m Skill level: Beginner Released: 8/26/2022

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Ever been so swept up in a great story that you forgot you were watching a movie? Ever wonder how those stories get written, and want to try it for yourself? In this course, screenwriting veteran Roger S. H. Schulman walks you through the pro’s methods of getting your story ideas out of your head and onto the page. Roger begins by explaining what screenwriting actually is—and isn’t—and what it takes to do it well. Then he pinpoints the key elements that go into every good screen story. Roger shows you how to harness the power of brainstorming and how to make your audience care about your story. He covers techniques to bring your story to life with compelling characters, muscular story beats, and lively dialog. Roger steps through structuring scenes, sequences, and the outline, as well as drafting the actual screenplay. As a bonus, he dives into writing the “treatment,” and delivering a potent pitch to sell your screenplay.

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