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Content Removal Request?

Anyone can report a piece of content to be reviewed and addressed. Pornhub takes all content removal requests seriously.

Should you be the victim of :

  • revenge porn
  • blackmailing
  • intimidation because a video or photo that was posted on one of our sites that you did not authorize
  • a comment on a video or photo that reveals personally identifiable information


Should you come across content that you have reason to believe:

Please complete the form below and we will remove the content expeditiously.

For all other content removal requests related to copyright infringement, please contact or use the DMCA takedown request form on /information/dmca.

Is this issue related to copyright infringement?


Have you ever agreed to the distribution of this content?


Please be sure to include all relevant URL links to the specific pieces of content you may be reporting.

By typing your name in the field below, you guarantee that you are the person being named and represented on this form and that all provided information is accurate.

Please enter the characters below as requested to complete your submission

How to make sure a video never gets uploaded to Pornhub again:

We use MediaWise®, a third-party automated audiovisual identification system, to assist us in identifying and blocking content from being uploaded by users. Videos uploaded to Pornhub are compared against MediaWise®’s database of digital fingerprints. When a video is matched to a digital fingerprint, access to it is disabled. If you are interested in having your content digitally fingerprinted by the provider of the automated audiovisual identification system we use, please contact Vobile Customer Support at or by phone 1-408-492-1100.

For any copyright infringement issues please email or read more about DMCA takedowns.

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