Yeah! 😎 The date of resuming filming of "Very Strange Things" became known😋

We are waiting for the continuation of your favorite series! 😍

It is expected that the shooting of the fourth season of "Very Strange Things" will resume on September 17.


Filming of the science fiction series was suspended back in March due to an outbreak of coronavirus, but now the film industry is beginning to gradually return to normal. 📍 A new series of "Very Strange Things" will begin to be created in the state of Georgia. It is reported that this place will become one of the main states of the United States, who led the resumption of production of films and television programs.

🎞Despite the fact that Netflix has not yet announced the release date of the series, it can be assumed that the fourth season we will see no earlier than July or August 2021.

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👑Kristen Stewart will play Princess Diana in a new drama😥
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