Costume? Check.

Bowl of your favorite treats? Check.
Decorations you had fun carving or painting? Check....
Galleries of everyone’s Halloween? We’ve got you covered!

It’s time to celebrate the spookiest holiday of the year with your fellow Flickr members! Check out the gallery linked below to see how everyone is celebrating this year, then share what this year’s Halloween looks like for you.

©Stewart Williams, Angelina Todorovic Stanic,
Paul VanDerWerf
Images used with permission or under license CC BY-NC-ND 2.0, CC BY 2.0
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Everyone has a preference when it comes to their favorite camera, and in recent years the mobile phone has emerged as a popular solution for people sharing their photography on Flickr.

So, let’s play a game!

Scroll through the last few photos on your mobile phone, pick one of your favorites, then upload it to Flickr. Comment on the gallery linked below to share it with us and to be amazed by the creative shots that your fellow Flickr members are taking with their mobile

© Christine Fradenburg, Andrew Tower, nvirdi3, Carolea8,
Images used with permission or under license CC BY-NC-ND 2.

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The Photography Lounge Episode 6 - Curtis Jones
We are so excited to announce our new podcast. The Photography Lounge will be a biweekly series, featuring inspirational conversations with some of the worlds best photographers. To kick things off, our first episode is with the amazing Brooke Shaden Photography You can subscribe to the podcast on all your favorite podcast players.
Photographer in Focus: Alex Currie