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My god, the nip/tucking she’s done in the midsection. Where do the organs go?

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Look at her right leg lmao. A chunk is missing

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Ladies and gentlemen, the homing pigeon again.

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Pepinos! Does Aleeek live in another floor? Do they have a stairway to connect them? Is the hallway mirror an Alice in Wonderland connection to another world where Hilarious lengthens her stumpy legs?

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Looks like an addict

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All the money in the world and she dresses like total trash

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Look at her face. Says angry like crazy so baiting with more hallway shots . Too bad she has not had the time to see her kids.

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Do you think she smells like pee?🤣 I’m sorry I just get the feeling she smells like pee everyone I see her 😆 Maybe I’m just on Hilary overload 🤷🏻‍♀️

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The heck is wrong with her right leg? Thigh looks normal, I guess, but her knee looks like it shaved off.

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She looks gross.

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Her thighs are the same size as her phone???? C’mon Hillary 🤥

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They get the tiniest bit smaller every day I think! Soon she’ll just be a top heavy torso🤣

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Where are all these photos taken? Is this in their house? It looks like a cheap hotel hallway or bathroom. Gross.

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The hallway between their two adjacent apartments.

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Do we know if there are other apartments on their floor? I'm guessing there are several other penthouses that would use that elevator/elevator bank because several months ago Hilaria squeezed a RIP IG Story for their next door neighbor in between her lactation porn and soiled diaper shots. So I doubt they have the entire floor to themselves. Also, some prewars like The Ansonia and The Dakota have several elevator banks that only serve part of a floor, i.e., just a few apartments. I doubt that's the case in their building. Meaning, they put on these embarrassing spectacles in a public hallway. Why??

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Thanks! Such a terrible backdrop.

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“Look at my body. But don’t comment on my body.”

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Why post the photos if she doesn’t want people to comment?

She knows what she looks like. So why take any photos? WTF does she want?

This bitch 🙄

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Could it be a funhouse mirror? 🧐

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Photoshop getting to new heights (or lows)

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You mean you don’t have Barbie TM hips with legs that clip on the sides and feet that are permanently pointed? loser 😘

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Flashdance! It appears her bra is also animal print to co-ordinate with the spandex leggings - muy chic!

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Somebody on Twitter posted a split shot side-by-side of Hilary’s contradictions just now. On the left is the meme about never filming your kids when they’re in a meltdown or embarrassing place. On the right is yesterday’s pic of Hilary breastfeeding Eddie w the nip showing. 🙌

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Where’s Tony Cupcakes?

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We don’t talk about him anymore.

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Maybe I will ask Bengals Embrace or whatever it is called.

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I live in a fantasy world that she will be held accountable!

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I'm sorry she gets skinnier and skinnier and her face gets more hollow

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This is filtered. Not only is she not that thin, her hips aren't absurdly narrow like that. It seems like a fairly accurate photo of her face and neck, though. Only mild filters for the upper part... weird body dysmorphia filter for the bottom.

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I know it's filtered and that's the point, she makes herself look horrible, but doesn't see it

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“I’m Pigeon’s Mama with my pigeon toed stance”.

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Why? Just why?

Just Emilio’s? Not Antonio’s?

Interesting reveal.

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They don't even have that second cat anymore, and she had the nerve to post old photos of him a few days ago to pretend he's still around, and even tagged the Bengal cat place where they bought them from.

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Very. Bitch.

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Imagine for how long she was arranging that tshirt 🤦‍♀️

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Every damn time! She can't have us missing her Itty bitty pelvis!

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That birthed 5 babies. Yeah right. 😆🧫🧪🥼

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7-8lb babies!😂😂😂

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(New) flair checking in!

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Awesome flair!

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Stop! 🤣🤣🤣

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So the brief “cameo” of the white cat on the weekend really was just to show us she had him at one time? Her comment implies she only has one cat.

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I think that possibly on cat lives in NYC and one in the Hamptons.

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Could be for sure, I just thought it seemed unusual she mentioned she is the mom of Emilio, I think they both had spots.

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If that's the case, why haven't we seen poor Antonio for months? Given that we've been speculating a lot about him here, Hillary would have posted a recent photo of him to prove the "haters" wrong.

It's far more likely that the poor bastard ran away.

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Run, gato friend! Run like the wind!

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More like fly with your Angel wings. Hillary probably had Antionio Cupcake euthanized after he bit an infant for yanking a tail or poking in the eyes.

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😔 I know you’re right, but I just can’t accept it because it is sooooo horrible 😢

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Oh ya I didn’t think of it, but maybe he ran away. That would be sad, I think I would just tell my followers the sad news rather than pretending he was still around.

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But then Hillary would have to admit to being a neglectful pet owner, and she'd never do that!

So she just keeps tagging Bengals Embrace as though everything is completely normal... 😬

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He is so gone. Lame effort with the photo. Lies, lies, lies.

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Yea, def an old photo

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This is especially sloppy photoshop. What is happening with her calves/legs? Do human legs do that?? I’m so confused

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Only baby deer legs do that. Give her a few weeks and her legs will be toothpicks!

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What is even happening here? Why is she wearing one of Alec’s old sweat stained tshirts? And why is it tucked into those hideous leggings like that? Also why does she always think a visible giant push up bra is a good look? And why are her boobs like twice as wide as her hips?

It’s just so confusing to me that anyone could possibly think they look good in the outfits she chooses.

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I bet she doesn’t realize those boots just added 30#s to her toothpicks. I bet one day she is going to like back at these pictures and be rilly embarrassed. 😳

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has she got no money to buy some clothes?

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Or a mule to carry all her shit?

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No mention of the other kitty. Guess he’s been Diego Manchegoed!

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Tacky af

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Nah, you're just a style challenged Bostonian.

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Boob work?

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Oh my god she could be taking avant- grade fashion risks with her husband’s money but she wears tee shirts and leggings. IN DOWNTOWN MANHATTAN.

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Where in Manhattan do they live?

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Village. She doesn’t deserve to live there.

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This! ⬆️

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Yon are also an idiot

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It’s hot as fk here in nyc today. Definitely not boot weather, but it’s Hillary 🤷🏽‍♀️

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It’s never high heel boots with shiny workout leggings weather anywhere!

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Never ever ever.

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Wow 🤣🤣🤣🥒🥒🥒