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Poor little Edu just hanging there, like a doll...😣

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Bathroom selfies always stink

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I will never get over how ridiculous all selfies like this look (not just Hilary’s with a baby prop and Cruella Deville eyebrows) .. like who the hell wants a photo of someone staring into their phone .. at least make an attempt to look into the mirror or something..

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I have wondered that for YEARS

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😂 glad I’m not the only one

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The baby’s face is all of us.... 😳

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I would have my daughters father on his own film me for funny infant times like how she hated the bumbo and it was funny- but loved me bouncing on a ball: there was never this type of weirdly self focused photo where your baby feels like a toilet paper dragged on your shoe you didn’t realize

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I never took a selfie In the beginning because I was so focused on her! I wanted every moment of her. If I did did they were far and few between. And Much older when she could hold up her own head or talk? Not looking at her baby In this is beyond bizarre scary mentally ill

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More like he woke the nanny up at 5am. Who does she think she's fooling??

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If I ever woke up at five am with my baby girl in 2012 I wasn’t taking a single picture selfie lol you bet you bottom dollar those things are the moments you hold to your memories for life times.

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Glued to the phone. God I hate what this world has become.

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This is like a still in nurse rachet

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The baby looks so sad :(

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I can’t believe she’s back in full force. 😱I could let it go if she’d just come clean. I’m not even on Instagram I just go to see what she’s posted because I can’t get over the accent and blaming it all on the media. Why does she get to get away with it? It’s all so unjust. I wish I didn’t care, but it bothers me. I’ve lied in my lifetime and have apologized for it...why won’t she?

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I've never seen a picture of her kids smiling in one of her IG stories.

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Just take care of your plethora of kids, Hilary. That baby looks over her shit, too.

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She is looking more Vulcan than Spanish here.

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I can’t see anything except that eyebrow.

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Sharing = caring? Lol I care about you, so I will let you hear my baby.

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She hangs out in the bathroom a lot. I guess that's where the biggest mirrors are.

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Also, can a someone tell me why she looks at her phone and not the camera? That’s weird. Why?

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It’s because she’s taking a picture of herself in the mirror. She’s looking at the preview of the picture on her camera screen. If you instead look at yourself straight on in the mirror, it looks better in the photo, but you risk not having the camera positioned correctly (because you can’t see it anymore). And if you actually take the picture straight on, you’d have the camera in front of your face, blocking your face in the mirror. (Yup, I have experience with this lol. But usually just to get my sister’s opinion on an outfit, not to post on Instagram!)

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No one fucking cares Hillary!

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Sleepy...but with a perfect cat eye and highlight below and above her eyebrow. What an utter asshole

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Those angry bird brows don’t suit her face.

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Are they tattooed on? What’s going on there? Joan Crawford vibes!!

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she always likes to compare her kids to young alec. Posting side by side, just a reminder she got pregnant by a man who use to be attractive 40 years ago

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Lol good point

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I look good right now so it's time to grab the baby prop.

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Ain’t that the truth!

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Never trust anyone who uses comic sans

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It's one of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse

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FACTS! And also 🤣🤣🤣

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At least she has her robe closed this time!

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...for now...

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She spends an awful lot of time in her bathroom staring at herself- WTF

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Eyes not on the child

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She’s starting to have a real Celine Dion look about her. I like Celine Dion but unfortunately she and HB are not aging well.

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You just made me picture Hillary singing “Because You Loved Me” to herself in the mirror 🤣🤣🤣

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They are both too thin so then they look old and gaunt.

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I'm doubling down, people!

  1. That baby isn't that cute 😈

  2. That baby has choice resting "WTF?" face in every pic she posts of him 😯

  3. That baby is her human shield 🛡️

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People usually post cute pics of their baby, either smiling, laughing or just a cute pic. Her baby is just hanging there all sad looking. This pic was about her. She had to look good, doesn’t care how the baby looked.

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Something about this photo looks shopped, but it might just be a filter.

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Definitely a filter.

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sure, everyone wears make up at this time...

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The extra Botox, the tattooed eyebrows, the giant phone, the baby just slung there, dangling, like she could give a shit...

I just can't w/ u, Hilaria...

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i suppose she feels the urge to be presentable at all times...

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The eyebrows. Again, an even dumber decision than pretending to be Spanish for 10 years.

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At least she’s not wearing tiny black lace ?

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Or is she?😭

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😁 too true

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That baby looks so bored.

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She thinks she's being funny &/or cute, but she's passive agressive or just straight up aggressive.

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this is such a good point. she’s being passive aggressive with her own audience.

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Yup. If I have to suffer, the rest of you are gonna suffer too!

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Passive aggressive for sure.

I have yet to see her be funny or cute in her 5k+ Instagram posts.

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I believe she has makeup on. The highlight on her scary brows give it away. If they weren’t so huge she might of gotten away with it

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Yep. Fresh out of the shower just before bed we all wear it makeup!

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Gotta cake on that theatre style for Gramps Alec. He needs his readers. 🤓

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Definitely. You can see the eyeliner too.

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Gah!!! Most moms would chose pictures where the baby is smiling, making a funny face, etc. Not our Hilaria. It’s clear that the most important thing to her is that she looks good. The child is secondary. I’ve seen this dynamic in so many (most?) of her photos.

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There’s a child?

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I’ve never seen joy on her babies’ faces. In her company, they are not joyful. How sad is that from such an early age! Her focus is always on herself. Children feel that. If this whole hullabaloo didn’t involve children it would be a lot more fun.

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Because they don't know who she is

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You know she’s the type to post a group photo where everyone else is mid-sneeze, eyes closed, not looking, but she looks good, and then say “omg you guys, I love this pic of ussssss!”

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You’re a comic genius!’🤣

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Why thank you!

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She’s putting herself out there, so I can observe that she is looking very haggard. The too dark hair and eyebrows aren’t helping,. Put away the phone and read a book, Señora.

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She went wayyyyyyyyyyy (muy) overboard with those B R O W S 🥸💀

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She looks like Cruella Deville

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Why no smile?

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That baby's got hell to pay. He woke her up at 5am, dammit!

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"Aww hell no, you are NOT going to shame me away from Insta when I just friggin figured out how to do the cute lil stickers crap!!!"
Is she afraid Alec will leave her for a younger woman with a hardcore sticker + sparkles aesthetic? Her next grift is to become Jojo Siwa?

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She has a secret partnership w/ Lisa Frank's new digital space

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I couldn’t recognize her with that big robe on. But, then I saw the eyebrow.

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It’s not her eyebrow, it’s her fallen hairline

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Too many browlifts/too much botox!

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The baby’s expression is resignation & “oh shit”, 5th in line & now his turn to be the prop her IG photos are organized around. Hillary looks demonic here, this lady has an agenda!

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It is kinda hilarious, watching her INCH her way to almost being naked again.

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Hahah it is. It almost feels like a threat. The internet is going to see it whether we like it or not.

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“Let me be rilly rilly clear: you WILL see my underwear selfies soon”

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PUT THE PHONE DOWN, Hillary. This poor kid probably thinks that’s what your face looks like at this point - the back of an iPhone.

And sharing is not always fucking caring.


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Exactly ughhhhhhhhhhg

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That BROW needs a sub reddit of it's own.

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That gave me a chuckle.

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I see what you did there, JillYogi!

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OMG - that's the truth! lol

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Come on, you uncultured American swine - don’t you all take a bunch of selfies when your baby or kid wakes you up in the middle of the night? This is standard parenting behavior in Esthpaña.

Edit: I just got downvoted! She’s here!

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come in to downvote & flee......what a bunch of pepino pussies!

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You think?

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I mean if someone else is downvoting me for that comment it seems pretty random. She and/or Alec, or their “people” have been here before under different new accounts.

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I got downvoted yesterday for saying her family doesn’t care about her. I think that may have struck a nerve big enough to make her eyebrow lift a few more inches.

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Understand!. It's all just so weird. But, yeah, why would someone go to the trouble to come n defend them here. They can go to their IG accounts n do that...

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Not hers - her comments are still off

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Oh right! I forgot!

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What exactly is wrong with her?? I’m not on Instagram so is this the normal thing that ‘celebrity moms’ do-just create inane posts with stupid little gifs??

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Is it just me or was she born with that permanent smirk from birth?

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Resting Smug Face

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Perma-smirk. Unfortunately my mega-arrogant brother has it, too, in every pic we take of him. Love him but don't love that.

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Smuggest-ass smirk ever!

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Oh no! She’s in a robe. She will be removing her clothing with each picture until she’s down to her bra and panties again. This is a dumb ass picture anyway.

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I will barf in my mouth when that happens

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It's an IG slow-roll strip tease!

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Oh oh....it’s almost boob time! She will have the T & A out by next week just watch. My grandson learned at 6 months to grab his moms phone out of her hand. He learned to hold items and promptly grabbed her phone and threw it across the room. Even the baby knows its wack to have a phone attached like one was born with it

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Good for your grandbaby!

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How much attention does this asshole need??? Ugh!!

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It's really sad that now a days mom always has a cell phone in her hand and the baby is just learning from his narcissist mother.