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divide the thickness of the wool, in meter, by 0.035. For example 15 cm of wool is 0.15 / 0.035 = 4.3

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Thank you very much!

Edit - Looks like R Value of 7. This is an exterior garage wall, so I'll be replacing it.

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More like an r value of 13. Roughly a bit less than 4 per inch.

Depending on your energy zone, it may already be code compliant. Also, that's fairly modern product.

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Can’t you just add to what’s there? Replacing seems wasteful.

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I'll be using it somewhere else. So it won't go to waste. 😉

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Yes you can

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You would probably need to make it a 2x6 wall to get the required r value. Unless spray foam can give you what you need.

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Yeah, I'd actually prefer to make it 2x6. The foundation would allow for it as well.

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Having trouble seeing how you arrived at 7. If those were 8” studs (unlikely) it would only be 5.7.

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Kind of related but just a stream of consciousness comment: my dad bought an FHA house before I was born. Like 45 years ago. $30,000 for 3 bedroom, one bath, about a third of an acre. Nice little place. He did some sweat equity and insulated it with friggin styrofoam. I will forever be jealous of the R value of that house. It’s otherworldly. I don’t have any experience, but I wonder if the spray-in foam insulation is similar.

The pink stuff is just punishment for everyone involved.

Edit: in case you are wondering, it was sheets of styrofoam. About two inches thick and whatever length and width. He kept a bunch of the remnants and put them in our biggest windows during the winter (and really hot summers), and I’ve just always been disappointed by houses since then.

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You have to taste to fully determine its R value.

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Tastes like itching.

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Appears to be 220 calories per cup, or 920 joules.

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2 at the edges and 8 in the middle 😂

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Batt insulation for 2x4 studs come in R 12, R 13 and R 14. The R 13 & 14 are fairly rigid compared to the R 12 being really flimsy and lack some thickness. I think yours is an R12.

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I've never seen r12 or r14 in my life.

2x4 insulation is r11 (total garbage), r13 and r15 HD. R15 is dramatic better than r13.

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In Canada, R12 was fairly common about 15 years ago but due to the Code changing to higher insulation values, it's not very common anymore but Home Depot and Lowe's still sell it for basement Reno's. R14 is common in new construction here.

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Rockwool can get to R15 in that space. It's all I use now

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Yeah I usually go Rockwool, but God damn was I shocked to see it's price jump from $56 (CAD) to $90 (CAD) in the last couple years. 😭

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Dang! I bought a bunch last fall to insulate my new wood shop and I think it was about $600 for enough to do the exterior walls of a 18x14 building with 8.5" high walls.

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So can High density fiberglass. I like both products but Rockwool is more expensive.

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Best I can buy here in fiberglass is r12. But Rockwool is "less" itchy.

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It’s a common misconception but the relationship between r-value and heat loss is not linear.

For example, r2 to r5 moves you from 50% heat loss to 10% heat loss. r12 to r15 (same integer value difference) only moves you from something like 4% to 3%.

But marketing can still claim that’s 25% better!

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Sure but that wasn't being discussed in my post. R11/R13 never fully expands in a friction fit cavity. R15 fiberglass does. That's why I think r11 is garbage.

I'd be surprised if real world installs of r13 passed r10 (not talking about the entire wall assembly, just the poorly filled cavity)

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Well that is indeed a different issue and a fair point, but also wasn’t at all clear in your post.

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The disparity is even worse than that. That's why whenever they add an extra inch or up the R-value, it is starting to make no sense. We're already in the range where an additional 4-5 is only adding fractions of a percent.

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Yeah exactly

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Been a remodeling contractor for a long time. Never heard of or seen R12 or R14. At least not in the US. Standard size for 2x4 walls has always been R13, though as mentioned, nowadays, there is also R11 and R15. I'd bet that you have R13.

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And R20 for 2x6 walls

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Was an insulator and can confirm R12 was used for soundproofing.. R14 for any exterior 2x4 walls.. even did a job once where they used R7 for soundproofing a shared wall in a duplex, which was basically useless.

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R12 was the standard for 2x4 in Canada. Even though 13 and 13.5 and higher is sold now I always still math out my walls using r12 in my head for 2x4.

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It should say on it somewhere. Pull a piece out and look at the back. It's a faint number sometimes. Looks like spray painted on.

My opinion is this is an r11. If it's old enough it could be less but I am positive it is not more than r11

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I don't know the R value but just looking at it ups my itch factor to 5.

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At least three

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R you sure you don’t want another blanket?

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Oh damn. This reminded me I have to put more of the devil's cotton candy in my attic. I am itching already.

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You need a banana for scale

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Foam it green

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Doesn't appear to be R-11, which fits in your standard 2x4 studded wall. Guessing those aren't 2x4's. Maybe 2x3's. R-value would be lower than R-11 in that case, if the batt fits, which it appears it does. Guess, R-8 or so.

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R-13 was the norm in 2x4 walls back then