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Roads of the Roman Empire. by Vucea in europe

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Been stuck in Rome for a few weeks now. I'm trying to leave, but all the roads have this weird design flaw...

Edit: Thanks for the gold u/firm_masterpiece.

EU lawmakers ban nuclear from green transition fund, leave loophole for gas by kinntar in europe

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The greens and their assault on nuclear condemned us to climate change.

Yes, nuclear has risks. Yes, there would have been one or more accidents, affecting select areas.

We could have worked around it, and ecosystems survive - they deal better with radiation, than with human presence; and a lot better than they will deal with climate change. Global warming will cause mass extinctions.

By this time we would have very perfect nuclear power, in huge quantities, and the electrical vehicle would be common and been in operation far longer.

Spare electrical energy could even be used to run CO2 scrubbers; or fuel synthesis, making it neutral in CO2.

So when you hear about new climate change disasters, remember our corrupt system and politicians, but don't forget those bleating brainless anti-nuclear sheep who could see no farther than their slogans.


Yes, Nuclear doesn't replace everything. But you don't need to, at first, and the more and cheaper the electricity is the more the infrastructure changes to use it. Then it becomes feasible to use other options, and suddenly the previous fossil solutions become less and less economic - and the less they are used, the worse their economic efficiency because of lessened scale effects.

Just look at how, a few years after PV went popular, they're closing coal because it simply isn't economical.

Besides, with enough energy - which nuclear can provide, as it scales a lot better than solar, then you can even use raw energy to make hydrocarbons from atmospheric CO2, which you can then burn and rinse and repeat.

Use electrolysis to produce hydrogen, combine with CO2 - spending energy, but that's what nuclear gives you - and you have a clean hydrocarbon.

You can even think of it as a form of energy storage instead of chemical batteries, while new solutions are found you can use the old ones.

Finally as the oil industry loses power, there is even less hidden money working against research in the field.


Ignorant luddite technophobes kept nuclear from catching on properly and have greatly helped bring along climate change and mass extinctions.

Since some of the more extreme versions actually hate people and think humanity may go, they may unwittingly have achieved their objective. I won't say on purpose, I doubt they'd be intelligent enough.

Cochem, Germany. by pistruiataBucharest in europe

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As a German I'll just let y'all know, if you go there and expect even one of those colors to look like on that photo, you'll be deeply disappointed.

Purple fucken trees, my ass. And that sky looks like something straight out of "The Truman Show".

Top 50 most prosperous countries by SSD-BalkanWarriorWallachia in europe

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I Heard from trusted sources that up there homosexsualism is mandatory. /s

And enforced by Police

Europe vs USA: daily confirmed Covid-19 cases by CPyPThe Netherlands in europe

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No one said which way to flatten it!

In 2010 Finland had a fertility rate of 1.87, in 2019 the fertility rate was 1.35, lower than Japan's 1.36 by MediocreLeader in europe

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Am Finnish and in the demographic that should start having kids. Not me and my fiancée nor a single other couple we know really wants to have kids. Reasons include time, money and loss of freedom to do things you want.

Latvian Police making a guy remove "FUCK THE POLICE" sticker from his car by ernja1993Rīga (Latvia) in europe

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There are definitely worse things a country can be known for 👀

Latvian Police making a guy remove "FUCK THE POLICE" sticker from his car by ernja1993Rīga (Latvia) in europe

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however you're liable to being fined for petty hooliganism if someone in a public place is offended by the swear word

What kind of backward law is that?

Female genital mutilation: Report shows 68,000 victims in Germany, increased by 44% since 2017. by Hruodland778 in europe

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That's such a bullshit argument though. If you look up FGM there are several different kinds of it, and several of them are far less damaging than male circumcision but people always focus on the absolute worst type of FGM so they can continue to downplay MGM. There are deaths caused by MGM every fucking year.

FGM isn't banned based on the degree on damage, they're all banned. It's banned based on the rights of the child. Apparently boys just have fewer rights.

And for the love of.. Whatever you believe or don't believe in, stop bringing up actual medical reasons every fucking time, I've yet to see anyone ever argue that circumcision for medical reasons should be banned. We all know that we're not talking about legit medical procedures in these debates, it doesn't have to be pointed out every single time.

If I tell you that it's wrong to cut off women's breasts for cultural or religious reason, you don't have to bring up breast cancer either.

Female genital mutilation: Report shows 68,000 victims in Germany, increased by 44% since 2017. by Hruodland778 in europe

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Strange kind of conclusion you are reaching there bud, have you read the article ?

Porto, Portugal by Rafa_mPortugal in europe

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Dude, I've lived in a bunch of cities in different countries. You're talking to me like I'm some simpleton who never even went to Porto. As a former urban planner I've discussed gentrification multiple times way before The Guardian readers in Porto and Lisbon started using the word in connection with the increase in tourism and short rentals. That's literally not what gentrification is.

"Other options like the whole fucking country" what, do you spend the night in Rostov when you want to visit Moscow to not upset the locals? Maybe a cheap BnB in Birmingham on your London getaway? I get it, when we love a city so much, we almost want it for ourselves and maybe our close group of friends. But being against "mass tourism" is being against, well, less wealthy people being able to enjoy traveling. But it's 2020 and Porto is a global city in a global country in a global continent in a global world. The times when you could rent a 2 bedroom for 300 euros are long gone and will never come back. Because those prices are from a time where young people in the region would rather go study in Braga or Aveiro rather than live in the absolute shithole that was Porto until the mid to late 2000s. A dirty, insecure, depopulating, semi-abandoned town whose only source of entertainment was going to a Porto match - even the goddamn malls were all in the suburbs.

Porto was cheap because, frankly, it sucked. It's a great town these days thanks to gentrification - because artists, entrepreneurs, restaurant and bar owners, cultural agents that were way wealthier than your average city dweller made it great. Then, the second wave of gentrification started with all the yuppies that could afford all these things moving in for their decently paid jobs, making the city more expensive. Then came the tourists, the "expats", the real estate agents. That's the third wave of gentrification. You can't blame it for destroying the city because it would never have happened without the first two. And we're all to "blame" for that. Airbnb is a just a great scapegoat for that "identity" erasure. The word you're looking for is not gentrification, it's globalization.

(Also, if you think it's that hard to find a flat in Porto, try Amsterdam, a city that has put restrictions on short rentals for years and where you can't rent not even a room in your house for more than 90 days a year. You'll abandon that idea that it's Airbnb making a city expensive in less time that it will take you to find a shit room in the suburbs.)