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Daniel Naroditsky's full google doc response to the Chessbae/Hikaru/Chessbrah/Botezlive drama by WeebsOutNaM in chess

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Just clarifying that the implication I'm making is that preserving the working relationship is unnegotiably contingent upon the changes and admission of wrongdoing that I outline/propose in the document.

I started Lichess, Ask Me Anything by ornicar2 Founder of Lichess in chess

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That's my salary before income taxes. I think it's about right.

Could I make more by selling my skills to the highest bidder? Probably.

Would I be happier? Hell no.

The way I see it, that's a lot money for a job I can do at my own rhythm from the comfort of my home. And instead of bosses or clients, I work for an awesome community.

I started Lichess, Ask Me Anything by ornicar2 Founder of Lichess in chess

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Not in a long time. I think they know that it just won't happen.

Here's what we say about it on our contact page: https://lichess.org/contact#help-buy

Response from Chess.com by danielrensch IM in chess

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This is a pretty bullshit apology from a company that has done nothing but promote and closely associate with chessbae for about 4 or 5 years now. This is PR damage limitation, how dare you only NOW after everything has become public come here to apologise. It must be one of the most hollow apologies I've ever seen because you guys have known for longer than anyone else how shitty her behaviour has been in the chess community, it never mattered at all until it started hurting chess.coms reputation. #growthegame

What a pile of shit

Strike lifted from ben's channel too... and Ben is unbanned from Hikaru's channel! by Alnoceh in chess

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Maybe chill with the reddit armchair psychology a bit? Hikaru seems he's been a hell of a jerkwad and has been that way for ages but you really can't just diagnose people with this or that mental illness over the internet from watching streams and hearing stories about them. No actual psychiatrist would do that and for good reason.

It is one thing to call someone out for say acting narcissistic, and another to just declare he has actual narcissistic personality disorder. People have been wrong such a ridiculous number of times trying to diagnose people over the internet, it causes problems and doesn't help anyone.

Since so many people requested an easier version of yesterdays puzzle: Here you go! by HariGeri69Caro-Kann ftw in chess

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I’ve been thinking about starting a very basic podcast where I give simple blindfold puzzles < 5 pieces, & < 3 moves. I would read the pieces wait enough time that you can pause and figure it out, then read the solution... and possibly any mistakes.

There are some blindfold podcasts, but I’ve found them all to be a bit too complicated for my ~1200 chess brain. I’d personally like something for my 30-40 minute commute each day.

Would anyone else be interested?

Strike lifted from ben's channel too... and Ben is unbanned from Hikaru's channel! by Alnoceh in chess

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Having to track down and physically fight every chess streamer in the world.

New video of the brawl between Eric and Hikaru with extra footage. by emetophilia in chess

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I never thought that yucking it up on the patio with Yasser Sierawan while watching Eric Hansen beat up Hikaru Nakamura would be a fantasy of mine, and yet here we are

Probably the worst time to post this but I was working on some Hikaru vector art for a few days. Hope to do some some other chess GMs and Streamers soon. by smartypantschess in chess

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By the time it’s done, he will again just be the most popular streamer eating juicers and avoiding getting fossilized on the diagonal.