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WELL, hope you enjoy your stay

I know its early

go back to bed

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Laughs in Europe

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Nah it normal time in Aus.

Actually it's time for Zoe in full plate Armour

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I follow for cat Chloe!

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On a serious note, I started following because of the memes, and because you draw well

The butt, feet and other bits are a bonus if anything

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Seconded here. I follow cause the reply guy started an art challenge now I'm here for it

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The duality of Boobality and Feetality. Or maybe it's something else.

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What a cheeky drawing.

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I follow for Grafo doodles

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That's 100% the real reason I follow this sub.

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Butt so cute!

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I follow for good art

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Why am I here? Armpits Thighs and butt, clearly.

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I follow because I like it all. Just sitting in the stands with a foam finger yelling WOO every now and then.

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I've liked watching your art journey. Also boobs.

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I'm here for the story.

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That's a nice head turn, always that style of poses interesting. Also, day 177 of asking for Amiya from arknights.

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That's a nice head turn, always that style of poses interesting.

Here, have some more.

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I follow for the glue brush. Grafo where is the glue brush?

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I don't even follow, but I'm terminally online and I know the algorithm knows me and will show me your posts anyway, so I don't need to press that button.

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Came here for cute art style.

Stayed for boo- I mean but- I mean fee-

You know what I'm just here for the pepperoni cheeks

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Good and cute art is why I follow. Boobs and butts are just a nice bonus

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Me? I'm just waiting for you to draw more Vtubers. Henya when?

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... Glue brush

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Because I genuelly like your art style and Claire is one of the best Chloe worse girls even if she is the least drawed of them all

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Waiting for boys to kiss.

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Eventual abs

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I found it by chance, followed for the cool art, stayed for everything. I like everything here.

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Grafo showing us all that there is more to life than boobies...

Like butts!

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This very string of comments is why I'm here.

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Honestly I followed for rimworld comics.

But now I'm here for anime-

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Joined for horny, stayed because it's pretty harmless and it's cool to see someone grow their skills,

and still horny.

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... wait, this is the wrong subreddit

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For the plot. I love those mini-stories

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Honestly? I follow because I think the tiny Sr Grafos are adorable af.

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Imma be real with you chief, I lurk here because I like midriffs. Not sure why, I just do.

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I'm here for buttholes. Sorry everyone.

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🧐🍑,post 6 of asking for yae miko

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Grafo: Why do you follow?
Everyone: FEET!
Grafo: **draws Chloe without feet visible**


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Dat bootaaay!

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I was just here to see you get better as an artist.

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I’m here because neat Portuguese man draws nice women and memes

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Thought he was Argentinian

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I follow for chloe since day 1

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I follow for feet

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I like art

And anime women

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Weirdly I do not "follow" the sub, I simply come here everyday kinda like an addict but cute.

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Oh, I’m also here for when you include starfishes. Those are good times. Spread them cheeks!

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I'm on my knees

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Well, day 1 of asking for Pikmin Chloe, I guess

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Because I like your style. Day 94 of requesting Alisa from God Eater, please don't forget her armlet

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Hmm. Is it just me, or are her legs too short? Shoulder to elbow seems longer than hip to knee, and that just doesn't seem right.

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Why does it feel like Chloe is always wearing a wig? >_>

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Wes, she's doing it to me again.

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Need some Thicc thighs grafo

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Hehe. I only follow cuz Grafo makes the best meme formats

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Post 199 of requesting Tamamo from MGQ!

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The cute facial expressions?
Also Willow's >:) expression is fun.

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Honestly, I follow because I loved your RimWorld comic and got excited seeing you develop as an artist real-time with a new style. The cute outfits and titillation are a huge plus tho, 932 Zoe is my favorite 🥰

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Cause Chloe's cute and Grafos comic bits are fun.

No I will not elaborate further

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Bunch of days late but it's cool to see that new "angle" on the face!