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My sleep schedule is a disaster atm, but I get to post for the early muropeans

here my twitter btw

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Where are you located anyways?

I’m just getting the day going here in Texas.

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so you look at Texas in the map, and start looking down

keep looking down

bit further to the right


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Southern Mexico or South America then. Cool! I was always curious, just never bothered to ask before.

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I think he's from Argentina.

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I knew it, after all these years he has led us to it.

Atlantis does exist!

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Amazing how you survive in the middle of the Gulf.

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If you are in the same timezone as I think your in. Its only like 8 or 9 am. Thats a normal time to wake up no?

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Its not even early for us its like 8pm here,post 9 of asking for yae miko

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Too early for Aussies.

But never too early for Zoe in full plate Armour

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SrGrafo stalking is not flattery!

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Cute, day 180 of asking for Amiya from arknights.

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Shawwwww ~ The hair is nice in this one, I'd go brushies. -w- Reminds me of Shaw's hair actually, yay~

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She’s so beautiful

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Super cute! 😍

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Are the eyes different? They look really good.

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Cute swimsuit.

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Cute swimsuit design on this one! Day 97 of requesting Alisa from God Eater, please don't forget her armlet

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Post 202 of requesting Tamamo from MGQ!

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Not angry is always an improvement

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They've come to judge your reasonable tastes.

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Now do honkai elysia

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Teasing those toes. <3

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So Srgrafo Harem anime when?