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Chloe still best girl, fucking fight me if you disagree >:/

twitter here btw

and nsfw version here <3

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you'll just draw me losing

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I would draw you buffed and gorgeous chad like looking with 6 pack

but yeah, losing

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Don’t worry u / rocketrae21 I’ll be cheering you on, you can win!!!

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I will draw you not cheering at him

wtf Im srgrafo, here

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Well I guess I’ll have to join your side then grafo _| ̄|○

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wow, how quickly you changed sides

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How could you betray your brother like that?

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I think we got an imposter here guys. This wasnt an EDIT.

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Chloe still best girl, fucking fight me if you disagree >:/


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You're choosing favorites? What a horrible father figure

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You're wrong. It's Iris. Always was. Always will be.

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I had a date with her so I can confirm

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Absolutely correct opinion tbh

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Liking chloe is the equivalent of your waifu being Sakura or asuna. Sure cool. Basic as hell though.

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The smug look.

Zoe is life.

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Wow i now prefer Zoe

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Wtf how long has there been a r/Zoe?

Why has no one told me?

Please tell me I haven't already missed a Zoe in full plate Armour?

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Zoe in full plate Armour

hopefully you'll enjoy this zoe edit


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I do agree that Chloe is best girl but dang, you’re making arguments that are quite convincing for Zoe.

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I see that haircut.

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I love Zoe. Definitely best girl.

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Great feet pose :3979:

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It always feels like someone's watching me.

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Who is following you?

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Post 203 of requesting Tamamo from MGQ!

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Who's flowing you?

It's the bugs!

The bugs?

The bugs!

Got love girls with beautiful long and blond hair. Also, day 181 of asking for Amiya from arknights.

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Its been so long she feels like a new character

-Post 10 of asking for Yae Miko

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Difficult to say which girl has better but I do prefer long hair! Day 98 of asking for Alisa from God Eater, please don't forget her armlet