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She’s tired from being at the neighbors

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When I lay on the couch and expose my belly to enhance controller grip, she does that.

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Sounds like op is dating the wrong woman for his lifestyle and interests

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I won by playing video games with my girl

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Swap places for me. My wife is the gamer in our house.

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Sheeesh people would kill to be in your spot

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which scene is this?

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Show: Game of Thrones

Character :Daenerys Targaryen

Location: Dragon Stone

Event:Mourning the Death of Missandei and Viserion.

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She sees you wearing headphones so you don’t disturb whatever she’s doing in the other room, and she stops and starts talking to you so you have to pause the game, take off the headphones. And as you do she walks off, you ask her to repeat it and she says it wasn’t important.

Why the fuck you say something then when you can see I’m playing video games and have headphones on?

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Maybe she should get a hobby

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She probably does: watching reality television

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Then stay out?

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Well, if only she did agree to heal then we wouldn´t need to pug a healer and already be done with it by now!

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He's avoiding her because she's a terrible person