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This banana painted on the floor of a grocery store. by droo46 in mildlyinteresting

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"who glued these quarters down?"
"I did Warren."
"what the hell for, man?"
"I don't feel the need to explain my art to you, Warren."

I roasted the perfect marshmallow. by atodaso in mildlyinteresting

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If it hasn't been literally on fire I'm not interested.
Edit: judging by the replies this is a divisive matter. And I am apparently simultaneously a man of culture and also don't have the ability to cook a marshmallow any other way

Found when this cone was finally removed after who knows how many months by HiggDownDiggs in mildlyinteresting

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There isn’t one from about an hour of googling, so I’ve decided to come up with my own

incultusmodernusophobia. It derives from the Latin words for “unkempt” and “modern”, meaning literally “the fear of nature reclaiming modern objects”


I ran 2 miles to dinner and this is what my heart rate was when I sat down for a bit. by jenvious in mildlyinteresting

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We've both come a long way! Let's be proud of our journey! We're totally worth it, we're all special in our own right. Thank you for the kind words hugs

The way this clinic offers help to abuse victims by TwillyS in mildlyinteresting

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Definitely “kind of”. I have a real issue with them not clarifying what the date format should be.

1/1/51 is a terrible example. A better one would be 28/3/51 or 3/28/51. At least then you know how they want it formatted. dd/mm/yy or mm/dd/yy.

Edit: I get it. ISO8601. YMD.

This plaque at the dog park commemorating a park record by TheDangerStranger in mildlyinteresting

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That’s a horrible brand of perfume and it seems like a really impractical way to apply it.

Skin graft on my arm as a result from heroin OD. Never did heroin again. by Spaghettiday09 in mildlyinteresting

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Hey I did read your comment and just wanna say you're right. As much as this worthless comment on the internet means, hope you are doing ok. Take care man.

My friend's snake is sick. The vet took an x-ray. by TheOpus in mildlyinteresting

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How did they know he was sick? Did he have the sssniffles?

At a Burger King in Afghanistan, they wrapped my burger in a subway wrapper, packed it up in a Pizza Hut bag, but kept BK ketchup products. 2013 by LauraD2423 in mildlyinteresting

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Which gave him the name "Mr_Fraunces the Stitched" in history records. Not the worst fate given that, had that name not already been established, it would have become "Mr_Fraunces the Tricked, backstabbed and possibly Bamboozled" a few years later.

A bench with peddles by lucystrongarms in mildlyinteresting

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*pedals. You peddle something if you're selling it.

My new cat is blind, and her eyes seem to glow from within. by lesmax in mildlyinteresting

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this just brought me back.

i recently lost the cat i had my entire childhood, tookie.

he went blind around age 3 and while his hearing still functioned he got around great. you never woulda known. that fucker would annihilate a cicada if you gave it to him because they flap and buzz..

his eyes looked EXACTLY like this. fully dilated 24/7. big shiny green spheres of wonder.

he had a zero bullshit philosophy when it came to people food. he didnt care if you told him "no" loudly, he would pause, and continue to try and grab food off your plate.

he was the most loving orange tabby you ever met, and i know everyone says that about their cat especially nuetered male orange tabbys, but this motherfucker was on another level.

i mean he loved people so much that he got right up in your face and straight rubbed all over you, trying to mark you with his scent. his saliva glands that cats mark things with on the corners of their mouth got stronger over the course of 20 years due to his blindness to the point where everytime he rubbed on you, you got stinky kittylovegoop on you. he was so lovey that it was annoying as fuck, and as i mentioned with the food, he was just as relentless. you could yell at him, and put him down on the other side of the room and he would come right back an infinite number of times.

he just wanted to be held and pet because he couldn't see you express the love with squinting eye contact like other cats. everything was physical for him.

his hearing eventually faded in his 20s and his qaulity of life rapidly degraded, and it got to the point where he couldnt find the litterbox anymore, and we suffered through that for far too long.

it sucks to put down a cat that had so much willpower to live despite not being able to see or hear.

one thing is for sure, is his nose never gave out. if you so much as walked into the same room as him woth a plate of food his sniffer would go up in the air and take deep intentional sniffs like a cartoon character would.

RIP Tookie, short for "Tukedies" which was the word my french canadian great grandmother supposedly used to refer to her snickerdoodle cookies, which the cat was the color pallette of.

may you steal entire chicken breasts off the counters of kitty heaven for eternity.