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The Two Popes (2019) is quite an interestingly intimate and human take on Christianity that we rarely see in films that are about Christianity or have themes of Christianity in them. by sammyjamez in movies

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Fuck sorry long post but here it goes. TD;LR he was the avatar of the conserative wing of the church in a historic moment and was very responsible for the cover up of the abuses

To try and give a little more background. The Catholic church has a WIDE range of political beliefs and interests. There are Jesuits in Latin America who spoke out against far right dictatorships knowing it would have them tortured and murdered because they knew it was the only thing that could get US to end military support. This is the background Francis comes from although he was not apart of them. There are also far right reactionaries who had questionable connections to fascists movements in Europe. During the same era.

So at the dawn of this era the Catholic Church sets out to make the biggest change its ever done. Like the biggest change since the counter reformation and maybe even since the Niche Council. Vacant 2. The purpose was to bring the Church in line with the modern world and remove some of the things that were hold overs of the medieval era. The most visible was the introduction of mass in the vernacular tongue. No more latin mass except for some sepcial services. Most defendable was the change in doctrine that was blatantly antisemetic, it is no longer church canon that Jews are going to hell purely for being jewish. This second one demostrares why, after WW2, V2 had to happen. There are various other modernizing trends paving the way for the Catholic Church to be seen as something that could exist in a world with womens rights and secularism. It was controversial to say the least. Overseeing it all was the indescribably beloved Pope John Paul II. I cant exactly sum up what he meant especially because I wasnt alive them. My best guess at why he was so impactful was he represented world leadership, the type that many felt were missing from the Church during WW2. He served as a bit of a middle man in eastern Europe between the west and the USSR. He was literally sainted.

However, not everyone loved what he did. The "trad caths" as theyre nicknamed preferred a pre-V2 world where the church had unquestioning moral authority. Some even split off new sects of the church with wild latin names I cant remember. There are stories of priests tearing up rosaries and saying V2 made them heretical and all kinds of crazy shit from that era. Benedict was more or less JP's #2 and he represented the conservative wing of the church that had such concerns. His best quality is also that hes a massive nerd. He went over thousands of years of church and religious doctrine to justify V2. If V2 was on trail Benny was the defense attorny. He was also from the conservative community who mostly opposed it. This one him a lot of respect.

So remember who JP was so beloved. Well he got old. Really old. He became largely unable to function. His number two Benedict largely took over as his secretary. During this time the pedophilic abuse scandles happened. The specifics are very controversial but largely I think the results speak for themselves. Bemedict as secretary for JP directed the policy of hinding abuser priests by moving them around. It should be self evident the damage this policy had. I dont know enough about it this was a new unoffical policy or an old one but it is what it is. Also the abuse of nuns is under discussed but whenever the church does try to address the abuse issues they include this topic so they are aware it is also very much an issue even if the media isn't.

So Benedict becomes Pope. He governs extraordinaroly conseratively. The church becomes the face of the pro life movement, the anti condom movement even in the face of the aids crisis, and there is open distain for anyone even bringing up the abuses. The best comparison I can give is its treated like hate speach. He softened on the condom thing by the end for what its worth. Benedict has said that he wanted the focus of his papacy to be environmentalism, gods call to care for the earth. I can only speak antidotally but as a catholic who grew up in his tenure I heard about abortion every day but I never heard about the environment once.

Then something called vatileak happens. A former aid to Benny Boy leaks a lot of private documents. It confirms a lot of the abuse scadals but also corruption. Countless priests were being blackmailed for being gay by people outside the church and countless money was going to paying them off. This was the straw that broke the camels back. On top of this Benedict its argued could be arrested in Italy or any other country if he ever left VC for his role in the abuse cover ups. The Pope was, as he was in WW2, under seige in Vatican City.

Its hard for those who dont know to describe how hated he was even among Catholics some of whom felt the need to defend him and others who resented the association. A common insult was that he was a nazi. This was a half truth, he was in the Nazi youth which was technically required so he didn't have a choice. But still. He was a nazi.

So along comes Francis. The first Jeusit Pope. The Jeusits are hard to explain. Theyre fanatics like arguably the most fanatical but theyre also progressives. Theyre controversial. They were founded in the reformation by a wounded soilder who wanted to take the idea of a soilders discipline to being a priest. Their biggest deviation is how they define "good works". Unlike the classic definition of acts of spirtual devotion the Jesuits define it as acts of charity and social justice. Confronting oppression, inequality, and giving comfort to those who need it. Its been adopted more widly in the church in the last few decades. Its not to say that their record is spottless, they were some of the most fanatical evangelic colonizers due to their afformentioned fanaticism. A jesuit also played a key role in the popularity of the Protecals of the Elders of Zion which had horrific implications (see again why V2 had to happen). However, ultimately this was the reformist radical 'left' branch of the church that had spent that last half century fighting against capitalism, dictatorship, and US imperialism in Latin America while the more conserative branch was disowning them and fighting communism in Europe. Francis was not one of the leading radicals (who frankly were all dead) but he was deeply respected. I cant express how much of a surprise it was he was elected. An elder reformer coming out of the most radical and left wing branch of the Catholic church becoming Pope. Not only not from Italy but not from Europe but from Latin America where Martyrs were disowned by the church not even a century prior.

He would take the name Francis for a man who gave away all worldly posseions. He would also see that aforementioned Martyr sainted in his first year as Pope.

The two Popes is the story of this passing of the tourch from someone whose greatest work was showing that the Church's reforms were not a departure from the old ways and a new voice that had long been denied by Rome. It humanizes them both in a way that is incredibly important but also not all that historically accurate. Franics had no love he left behind and his role as a turncoat against his radical brothers is overstated and Benedict well...you can draw your own conclusions about him

The Most Confusing Timeline In A Franchise by WeatheredCinephile in movies

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Maybe you missed the part when he tells everyone that he'll be back. It's a brief moment but it ties the timeline of all films together.

What are some of your cinematic hot takes? by a_reasonable_thought in movies

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I recently watched A Serious Man about... six more times, and think I finally "got it" thematically. I always loved the film, but felt like I must be missing something, on some level. Like there was a hidden message almost.

People tend to think the theme is as simple as "life is frustrating / the motivations of a higher power are unknowable / does a higher power even exist," but if you rewatch, you'll see there is something else interwoven all throughout the screenplay. It's in almost every scene in one way or another.. it's that the main character simply doesn't bother to get to know his family, nor does he communicate about his issues to his family in the least.

  • He never asks his wife what problems she thought they had in the marriage.
  • He never bothers to care why his son is running from a bully every day.
  • He never knows anything about what his daughter is doing.
  • He never realizes his wife is cheating on him, until it's literally drilled into his head in a dream.
  • He never knows his brother is gay, and then never bothers to ask him about it after the arrest.
  • He never measures the property line to see if where the shed is being built actually goes over it.
  • He judges his neighbor for being rednecky. Yet, the neighbor and his son are very bonded, they are always playing catch together, going hunting, etc. Almost every scene shows them together, and the one that doesn't has the Dad protecting his neighborhood from a perceived threat. Meanwhile, Larry's son is on drugs and Larry never knows or cares about anything going on in his life. Take notice that nothing bad happens to the father and son neighbors in the movie.. God seems to approve of their love for each other and their parent child bond.
  • In fact, the Universe seems to love Larry's neighbors SO much, and wants to protect the shed they are planning on building to such an extent, that when Larry essentially starts to threaten its development with his lawyer, the "Property Expert" is literally smited dead right in front of him. Why? Because that father and son have a real relationship that is worth protecting, in God's eyes.
  • Larry also massively judges the Asian student for the bribe, and is furious when his Father confronts him at home and threatens him. But this is another instance of a father and son being truly bonded, and genuinely looking out for each other. Notice nothing bad happens to the Asian family in the movie, despite having created the central ethical quandary of the film?
  • The goy's teeth... if you rewatch that story, no one bothers to ask the goy if he knows about the inscription. It would probably be a quick and easy answer, not some profound mystery. But no one bothers to ask, it shows another instance of almost absurd ignorance and arrogance.

Superficially, the movie makes the main character the victim, but underneath there are more layers and a consistent and intense theme of bonded relationships being protected, although it took me about half a dozen viewings to fully comprehend that. But imo there is a God in the movie... essentially the God of chaos and destruction, even Old-Testament style punishment, BUT He only preys on people, like Larry, who aren't bonded to one another -- who are untethered from those close to them.

No one is looking out for Larry, and he isn't genuinely looking out for anyone else either. He is totally disconnected from everyone who should matter to him in his life. And it's for that, that he and his family are being punished imo, not the grade change, which I see as a red herring.

The movie tricks you into thinking that characters are being punished for unethical behavior, when really characters are being punished for something a bit more subtle, being inauthentic. Sy Ableman is a great example of this, when he is killed in the car accident, the home wrecking he is doing is obviously unethical, but that's not the real issue. Sy's character is even less tethered to others than anyone else -- he is incredibly inauthentic, absolutely no one really knows his true nature. Think of the letters he writes to the tenure committee; even Larry's wife thinks Sy is just a wonderful guy who is writing positive letters. He wears a false face towards everyone, no one truly knows him at all, especially not the woman who is breaking up her family to marry him. And for that, he is smited. But it seems like Larry's crimes are perceived as just as bad, and he and his son will be wiped away with exactly the same ruthlessness.

I’m Bob Odenkirk and I’m gonna F*ck You Up! OKAY, LET'S TALK ABOUT THE MOVIE: NOBODY! KICK ASS ACTIONER…with Ilya Naishuller. Ask us Anything! by IlyaNaishullerIlya Naishuller in movies

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My friend I train for 2 1/2 years to do ALL MY OWN FIGHTING in the fight sequences in NOBODY! I want credit for that! Just watch the bus sequence...I wanted to do right by action fans and take things to a surprising level, and not be a dilettante.

28 Weeks Later is a fucking disgrace (rant) [Spoilers] by [deleted] in movies

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While I do agree 100% with all of your points, I still like the movie lol.

Mads Mikkelsen Joins Harrison Ford in ‘Indiana Jones 5’ by indig0sixalpha in movies

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Most obvious one is Daniel Craig (he was Short Round in Temple of Doom)

F9 - Official Trailer 2 by indig0sixalpha in movies

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I really hope in the end showdown convo between Vin and Charlize, her character she says:


F9 - Official Trailer 2 by indig0sixalpha in movies

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In this series when you write yourself into a corner you just jump your car out of that corner and keep going.

F9 - Official Trailer 2 by indig0sixalpha in movies

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I remember when this series was actually really fun and good. Fast 5, 6, and 7 are all really fun blockbusters that I always looked forward to. Fast 5 especially flipped the series into action, a wild revitalization, and Fast 7 has one of the most emotional tributes to a deceased person I’ve ever seen.

Then 8 came along, and it was disappointing. Bad. And I began to get sick of these movies. Hobbs and Shaw was really no different either, and this just looks like the same thing as well. The stunts have gotten so insane that I’m used to it, it doesn’t surprise me anymore. I’m no longer wowed by whatever they put on screen.

This just looks tiresome, and looks no different than Fast 8. I won’t be seeing it. I hope one day this series can reinvent itself again like it did in Fast Five.

'Step Brothers 2' Would Have QAnon Storyline, Says Adam McKay by wonderingsocrates in movies

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One of the worst things about modern journalism is random media sites cherry-picking quotes from other interviews and making entire articles and misleading headlines out of them.

To everyone in this comments section talking about why Step Brothers 2 is such a great idea or terrible idea, the original interview would show you that there is literally no mention of a sequel or any plans to make one.

They're talking about the economic and psychological factors that cause Americans to gravitate towards conspiracy theories like Q-Anon, at which point the interviewer asks McKay if he thinks the characters from Step Brothers would have eventually joined, and he says he thinks they would.

Dale and Brennan from “Step Brothers” would definitely be into QAnon, right? No question about it. They’d be way into it, and they’d be torturing Jenkins and Steenburgen’s characters with it, and they would eventually be having meetings at the house and somehow QAnon would drift into Jenkins’s work life and the Q Shaman would show up at Jenkins’s workplace. They also would have loved Trump. I don’t want to speak for Ferrell and Reilly, but I think you could safely assume they would agree with that.

Then they literally have a conversation about why McKay is not interested in making movies like that.

Army of the Dead | Official Trailer | Netflix by indig0sixalpha in movies

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Knowing these types of films, it probably will. Either one of the crew who makes it out alive gets bitten or somehow, they accidentally let a zombie through the barrier in the first act and once they finish the job, they walk out to find the entire country has been taken over by zombies.

Commando {1985} is so stupid its awsome by Fall_Wonderful in movies

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There was a missed one liner opportunity is this movie. When Bennett is pushed on to the electric fence he should have bounced back and yelled "Fully charged, John!"