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China accuses U.S. of "shamelessly robbing" TikTok and warns it is "prepared to fight" by esoterix_luke in technology

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This is what people don't get. If you want mutual respect and cooperation, you cannot treat your partners as a never ending source of intellectual property while limiting and business done by your partners in your borders.

It could start with treating Chinese travellers and workers in the US being required to adhere to similar standards to what foreigners must go through in China.

If they are going to work, they need an invitation letter. When they land or find a place to stay, they have to get a temporary residence registration permit at the police station. Then they need to get a residence permit sponsored by the company. Their fingerprints should be stored in the system. Any Chinese apps or sites not currently blocked should be so they need a VPN to access content from their home country.

Make it hard AF for them to become naturalised such that even if they are married to an American, they'll still get rejected. To date there are only a few thousands naturalised citizens in China.

The US is doing the right thing by being cautious of who gets to study in the US such as if they have connections to the military in their home country. It's not fair that other countries get to take advantage of your openness but are not equally open in return. China treats all foreigners with extreme fear and isn't being honest when they want to 'cooperate'.

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China accuses U.S. of "shamelessly robbing" TikTok and warns it is "prepared to fight" by esoterix_luke in technology

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China has been stealing technology for years. They have no right to say shit.

Elon Musk says he may vote for Trump, despite saying climate crisis is existential threat by bjiwkls23 in technology

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That fucker's never going to Mars. The idea of him suiting up for that journey is laughable. He sure does like to give the impression that he would though.

Google removes 17 Android apps caught engaging in WAP billing fraud by g33xter in technology

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These comments are a dumpster fire. For those of you not reading the article

"This spyware is designed to steal SMS messages, contact lists, and device information, along with silently signing up the victim for premium wireless application protocol (WAP) services," Zscaler security researcher Viral Gandhi said this week.

The names of the 17 apps were:

All Good PDF Scanner

Mint Leaf Message-Your Private Message

Unique Keyboard - Fancy Fonts & Free Emoticons

Tangram App Lock

Direct Messenger

Private SMS

One Sentence Translator - Multifunctional Translator

Style Photo Collage

Meticulous Scanner

Desire Translate

Talent Photo Editor - Blur focus

Care Message

Part Message

Paper Doc Scanner

Blue Scanner

Hummingbird PDF Converter - Photo to PDF

All Good PDF Scanner

iPhone 12 braided USB-C may finally fix Apple cord rep by Jedistro in technology

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I wear gloves, a hazmat, and respirator to install my laser guided charging cable stabilizers in a clean room. The round the clock guard prevents any disturbance to my charging iPhone and lab technicians monitor the sensors to make sure the cable has no more than 0.0001 degrees of bend. Otherwise an alert system I have implanted in my brain will go off and I have 5 minutes to straighten the cable before a tiny explosive goes off and destroys the iPhone before it puts any additional strain on the cable.

Judge rejects TikTok creators’ request to delay ban, says they won’t suffer ‘irreparable harm’ by Sumit316 in technology

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Oh no it looks like slutty 16 year olds doing cringe ass bullshit & dancing like a moron in an 8 second video snippet will have to find another way to pay for their mansions & fleet of sports cars.

How ever will the youth continue on /s

Amazon is filled with fake reviews and it's getting harder to spot them by yaochin in technology

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Hijacking the top comment to recommend ReviewMeta. Just plug in an amazon link and it will revise the rating for you. Detects that sort of product grouping and a bunch of other fuckery. I don’t buy anything on amazon without checking it there first.

Edit: Thanks for the absurd number of awards kind, potentially non-existent strangers.

And I have been made well aware that FakeSpot also exists.

Civil Rights Groups Say If Facebook Won't Act On Election Misinformation, They Will by timzflowers in technology

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Imagine life before language as we now know it. Ancient primates communicate with hand signals, facial queues, and expressive shrieks and grunts. This allows these animals to share otherwise private thoughts and feelings — an evolutionarily viable strategy, and the defining characteristic of social creatures. However, in its early form this communication is burdened by its inability to convey (or at least its restrictive inefficiency in conveying) information about things that aren’t physically present. For example, when a tiger is sneaking up behind your best friend, a pointed finger and a fearful look conveys quite a bit. But if you knew the tiger was coming at dusk, you’d have a hard time warning your tribe.

The invention of the spoken word (as opposed to inarticulate shrieks) was nothing less than magic. While before communication was restricted to the immediate physical present, suddenly two individual organisms could share thoughts about something that had existed in the past, or might exist in the future. Or even, incredibly, something which had never existed and never would. This wasn’t the invention of imagination — certain brilliant prehumans certainly engaged in creative behavior, cave paintings and carvings and such — but the invention of speech was the point where myths and legends became a public conscience. No longer did you need to preserve lore in temporary physical forms. An abstract idea could be passed from generation to generation by imprinting it in brain-meat. And certain concepts which simply couldn't be discussed in shrieks and grunts were able to made their debut. Good and evil. The cycle of birth and death. The idea of an omnipotent creator-deity that cares for us, or doesn't. Morality, and the social contracts we make with one another. Debt.

This increase in available information represents what I will call the infosphere. The infosphere is all of the information that is available to an individual. Before communication, your infosphere consisted of your own personal sensory data. With the invention of fave/hand/shrieks, the infosphere of the average primate increased slightly, and to great personal benefit. Being warned about danger, and being told where food was. Tangible good. And with the continued development of speech, over the course of many generations, the infosphere continued to expand. (Whether religion and philosophy are tangibly good for humankind's evolutionary fitness is yet to be determined.)

Now the invention of the printing press and the widespread distribution of printed media. Before the printed word, individuals were restricted to only communicating with people who were right there in front of them. But post-printing press, rather than being stuck sharing your mind with the fairly low-level and uninteresting people in your very local and insulated agrarian community, you could buy a book and read humanity’s best intellectual fare. A rapid expansion of the infosphere occurs here, and unlike the development of speech, it occurs in only a few generations — on the evolutionary timescale, almost instantly.

Now the telegraph. For the first time in history, humans could create, deliver, and consume information without needing an individual to carry it. Consider that preceeding line again — it’s an important one. With spoken word and written word, a major limiting factor existed: it still required human energy to move those thoughts and feelings from one place to the next. If someone writes a book in England, and someone in America wants to read it, an individual still needs to carry that book with them while they cross the treacherous Atlantic.

Talk about gatekeeping. How many Facebook, Twitter, Instagram posts would you travel 3500 nautical miles to circulate?

But the telegram defies the laws of space and time. No longer were messages gatekept by an individual’s labor of travel. As such, the expectation of importance plummeted. It's an apparent fact that the easier it is to communicate, the more purposeless communication people will engage in. This isn't criticism; it's only an observation about the facts of the situation. Humans are social animals, and we've evolved brains built to communicate as much as possible, about almost everything. And so again, with the telegram, a rapid expansion of the infosphere.

Perhaps a sweet spot in the history of communication. After all, telegrams weren’t free, and were very convenient. Just astonishingly convenient. I mean, fuck — imagine if all international news had a three-month delay.

Next up is radio and television, which I see as extensions of the telegram. While enormously influential, radio and television don't expand the infosphere much, since neither do anything the telegraph can’t. What radio/TV do is dramatically increase the ease of consumption, which creates a culturally significant climate of mass media entertainment, but that’s a separate discussion entirely.

And now we arrive at the internet. In typical human fashion, we combined the best parts of everything that came before to create the most perfect communication tool ever to exist. Never in human history has it been so easy to share what's in your head with other people. A subsistence farmer in Tanzania can scrape together a few cents for thirty minutes at an internet cafe, which he can spend arguing with trolls on Twitter about Black Lives Matter, climate change, and China’s alleged violent oppression of Hong Kong. A depressed soccer mom in Indiana can post nudes of herself with vegetables in her vagina, and ISIS insurgents will find it, masturbate to it, and text it to their friends. An emotionally unstable substitute teacher living in one of the wealthiest cities in the world can write manifestos condemning the internet, and then post them on the internet, and then be ridiculed by people who, from his perspective, would have otherwise never existed. Also, the DMV has a website which you can use to renew your driver's licence without having to wait in a line.

The infosphere has never been larger that it is currently, and though it grows daily, its growth is beyond the point of being relevant. The room in which we stand is so enormous and so crowded with information that the walls have disappeared entirely.

The problem that individuals have faced throughout most of human history — that of knowing too little, or having too little to occupy oneself with — has transformed. In the past, an individual's struggle was to find information, but when they found it, it was much more likely to be right, relevant, and useful, because the inefficiency of the forms discouraged nonsense. Now, with communication as excruciatingly easy and efficient as it is, with innumerable sources perpetually dumping incomprehensible amounts of information, we are faced with a different problem: not finding information, but sorting through an infinity of information to find what is right, relevant, and useful.

What is at stake? From where I'm standing, this fight is for nothing less than reality itself. Reality is not as static as you'd think. Reality is not objective, and never has been. At best, it is a shared assumption formed through communication. Hello, fellow primate. This is how I assess the situation. Oh? Is that how you see it? But, I assess it this way. Who is more persuasive? What will our conclusion be re: the reality of this situation?

We see this happening already. If you took a hypothetical CNN viewer and a hypothetical FOX viewer, put them in a room together, and told them to find common ground, you would find almost none. This is largely due to the fact that all media is profit-driven. They have turn your attention into a commodity by selling ad space. Thus they are incentivized to present a reflection of reality which a demographic will agree with.

The ultimate problem is this. There is an excess of information. This is dangerous because there is now so much information that two individuals can exist in entirely different realities. This problem is only going to get worse, and will result, ultimately, in violence — the inevitable result of inextricable differences.

The solution is this. Shrink your infosphere. Be intentional in your media consumption, and consider separating yourself from the media altogether. Stop patronizing the "news." They are not arbiters of truth, and have not been for a long time; they do not have your best interest at heart. Delete your social media, especially "news" aggregation sites like Reddit; they exist only to push you towards alternate realities which do not serve you. And they do it for their own personal gain. They exploit you like cattle. They use you like all other contemptible commercial enterprises: fast food, drugs, mindless entertainment. And now reality-building.

The only "news" that should matter is the news in your immediate social circle and local community. I call this "pressing your hands against the walls of your infosphere." You should never feel lost in a sea of information. The lost ones are the ones who live in a fantasy. Ground yourself. Fix yourself in your immediate sensory experience above all else. Un-abstractilize your life.

SpaceX fires up in-space version of Starship's Raptor engine for 1st time (video) by timzflowers in technology

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It would be nice to test it in a vaccum, but that presents some technical limitations, and they can get pretty far with testing on the ground. The only real difference between a vaccum and a sea level engine is how long the engine bell is. You want it to be as long as possible to guide as much of the exhast straight backwards as opposed to out at an angle (the exhaust is just a bunch of particles being shot out initially any which way). This is what allows the vaccum nozzles to be more efficient that sea level despite having the same engine.

The problem with testing a vaccum engine on the ground is that the exhaust is pretty low pressure as it exits the nozzle due to how much its expanded. This causes it to get compressed by the atmosphere as soon as it exits the nozzle. SpaceX designed this nozzle to be just small enough that the only effect of this compression is that the exhaust looks very rough (you can see it exit the nozzle, get compressed and generate a shock diamond, and then continue on in a very messy manner).

Other vaccum engines that have longer nozzles for more efficiency would encounter flow separation, where the atmospheric pressure is so much more than the exhaust pressure that it peels it away from the walls of the nozzle leaving an air gap. This causes the flow of the exhaust to get very violet and would most likely destroy the engine.

A final note that testing the engine in atmosphere is not the only reason SpaceX went with this size nozzle. Because you have to actually fit the engines onto a rocket you cant have a stupidly large engine bell or you wouldn't be able to fit enough on. The nozzle size the went with is likely the sweet spot between efficiency, physical size, and not blowing up in atmosphere.

So TL;DR, vaccum engines like to blow up if they're really optimized and tested in the atmosphere. SpaceX decided it wasn't worth the added size and testing hassle to get a little more efficiency, so they went with a size that just barely doesn't blow up in atmosphere.

Straight, Middle-Aged Men are Being Charged More to Use Tinder Plus - A recent investigation found that age, sex and location are all factors in how much users are charged. by speckz in technology

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This is reddit, where discrimination isn't real unless it affects white men who pretend to get offended by cherry-picked posts online so they can feel like they're part of the suffering olympics.

Also, these people aren't in the dating game like that so they probably have no idea about the maga dads you're talking about, but want someone to argue with regardless.

Straight, Middle-Aged Men are Being Charged More to Use Tinder Plus - A recent investigation found that age, sex and location are all factors in how much users are charged. by speckz in technology

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Hatred? lol why are people pouring into this comment pretending to be offended?

People on the internet faking outrage for attention? I don't see the harm done in talking about a real trend describing a specific type of user.

She isn't saying all whites guy are x, nor all maga supporters are y, or that all middle aged men are z, she's literally talking about a specific type of tinder user on a website. There's no hate or discrimination, just redditor's fake outrage.

Meanwhile in another thread the same commenters talk about how liberals are snowflakes and that racism isn't real and minorities all need to just get over it.

In the sex economy you will be taxed. Everyone pays their dues in some way. If you're a creepy mentally ill grown man harassing young girls on tinder with your politically radicalized mindset, then you don't have much to offer and you gotta pay up. That's just part of the game.

Twitter is bringing its ‘read before you retweet’ prompt to all users by rbevans in technology

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This is Tom Haverford and I'm driving while ejkerkj. Sorry, just hit a fire hydrant.

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Twitter is bringing its ‘read before you retweet’ prompt to all users by rbevans in technology

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This is Joan Callamezzo reporting live on the dangers of unnecessary reddit comments with my own unnecessary comment.

Edit:halfway thru writing this i was i realized how unnecessary it was and was going to just not, but i did, and now i have my first gold:,) this is a proud moment for me, just wanna thank my loyal supporters, my family , and of course God.thanks reddit, im complete

Twitter is bringing its ‘read before you retweet’ prompt to all users by rbevans in technology

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This is Perd Hapley here to tell you in this Reddit reply that this is a Reddit reply.

The Windows XP source code was allegedly leaked online by x101y in technology

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While Windows XP was released almost 20 years ago, if any code is still used in modern versions of Windows, this leak could be a potential security risk.

If exploitable bugs are found in the Windows XP source code, and the code is still used in Windows 10, threat actors could exploit the bug in the modern version of the operating system.

Shit I hope no one leaks Linux or the Mach microkernel or anything.

Tesla sues Trump Administration to end tariffs on the ‘brain’ of its vehicles by CodePerfect in technology

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No no no, they are totally the same and the US is as bad or worse than China. This is Reddit, remember?

Elon Musk says cheaper, more powerful electric vehicle batteries are 3 years off by x101y in technology

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Don't use his own words. Use other people's words. Here you go..

He does do technical work. He is intimately involved in the design process, though I doubt that includes making 3D CAD designs of individual parts, programming flight software, or anything like that.

- Reliability Analysis Engineer at SpaceX

Elon is both the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer of SpaceX, so of course he does more than just ‘some very technical work’. He is integrally involved in the actual design and engineering of the rocket, and at least touches every other aspect of the business (but I would say the former takes up much more of his mental real estate). Elon is an engineer at heart, and that’s where and how he works best.

- Former Head of Quality Assurance at SpaceX

Sourced from here . I have gone though LinkedIn and other details online and don't think these people are lying about their positions. Other anecdotes can be found on places like hackernews but without profiles can't be verified.

Also excerpts from Tom Mueller , Former CTO of Propulsion at SpaceX and main guy behind the Merlin engines, speaking here and here to a very small group of students , where the stream was later removed , but the community saved the transcript.

We’ll have, you know, a group of people sitting in a room, making a key decision. And everybody in that room will say, you know, basically, “We need to turn left,” and Elon will say “No, we’re gonna turn right.” You know, to put it in a metaphor. And that’s how he thinks. He’s like, “You guys are taking the easy way out; we need to take the hard way.”

And, uh, I’ve seen that hurt us before, I’ve seen that fail, but I’ve also seen— where nobody thought it would work— it was the right decision. It was the harder way to do it, but in the end, it was the right thing.


And now we have the lowest-cost, most reliable engines in the world. And it was basically because of that decision, to go to do that. So that’s one of the examples of Elon just really pushing— he always says we need to push to the limits of physics.

"Tom doubted Falcon-9 could be reusable."

"Elon was the right guy and the best mentor."

Kevin Watson , who designed the avionics for SpaceX

Elon is brilliant. He’s involved in just about everything. He understands everything. If he asks you a question, you learn very quickly not to go give him a gut reaction.

He wants answers that get down to the fundamental laws of physics. One thing he understands really well is the physics of the rockets. He understands that like nobody else. The stuff I have seen him do in his head is crazy.

He can get in discussions about flying a satellite and whether we can make the right orbit and deliver Dragon at the same time and solve all these equations in real time. It’s amazing to watch the amount of knowledge he has accumulated over the years.

Shell reportedly to slash oil and gas production costs to focus more on renewables by Wagamaga in technology

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I've been saying this forever:

The instant it becomes more profitable to use renewable resources is the instant that "big energy" starts rushing to use it. Its just how capitalism works.

Look at plastic water bottles, you know, the thin ones with rounded bottoms. They use something like 30% less plastic than the older bottles, so its better for the environment, but, that also means it costs less to produce, increasing profits.

If you really want to have a positive impact, screaming at energy companies and the government to "just do better" isn't going to work. Become a materials engineer, become a chemical engineer, become an electrical engineer, come up with new an innovative ideas to make green energy more efficient and cheaper than gas and oil.

Solar panels are something like 26% efficient today, they were 15% efficient 30 years ago, that is a snails pace for efficiency. Be the first person to develop a solar cell that's 50% efficient. Be the first person to solve energy storage problems by developing better batteries.

Once the technology is there, energy companies will be throwing themselves at it.