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Tell them to first send you a video recording explaining the position and why you should work for them.

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Nice!!! XD

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And also make sure they prepare the video for you in a way that is comfortable for your viewing.

Tell them you require a video of no longer than 1 minute and 4 secs, exported with a maximum of 50,000kb/s with REC 709 Gamma 2.4 colour tags in a H.265 video codec. The video should have an uncluttered background, green screen preferable with a view of a pleasant tropic island comped in. SFX such as tropical birds and cries of distant mammals mating should be edited into the mix, but not in a such a way that it distracts from the main content. It should be ‘there’ but only if you really listen for it.

The voice soundtrack must not peak above -3db and any ‘uhs’ or ‘hmms’ must be edited out before export for easy and uninterrupted viewing.

Most importantly, the video should make you feel compelled enough to take the next step: which would be for them to produce a follow up cinematic video feature with a minimum 2 hour runtime, deep diving into the companies history, core values and future vision and strategy.

As an ‘innovative’ company, all this should be a breeze.

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Do not forget the subtitles!

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lol Thanks for the laugh!

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If they can’t bother to conduct an interview it’s not a job worth pursuing

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There are some very competitive positions where this kind of thing is followed by an interview for those that pass the initial screening.

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The interview comes next, this is just an additional screening tool.

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What's next? Submitting samples of your hand writing for personality analysis?

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You think answering questions as part of an interview process is weird? Ohhhh kaaaay.

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When I started teaching English 3 decades ago a resume showing you had a BA, were a native speaker of English and had some past experience volunteer teaching was sufficient to land an interview and a job.

Then hiring managers started requesting a cover letter say how thrilled I was to be given the chance to apply for a job at their two room ekimae eikawai.

Then the dispatch companies requested that I sign a letter promising to take a drug test if asked, even though I was in my late 30s and had 2 children. Yeah, because on the salary I was being paid I'd never have the money to do drugs.

Then came the requests for free sample lessons. Which I never did because they were bullshit as the students had paid the school for lessons.

Then came requests for grammar tests. Having TEFL Certification. Twice a mouth lessons.

Then I heard about schools holding back ⅓ of your pay until you finish your contract. Again bullshit that I'd never agree to.

Now schools are requiring teachers undergo a probationary period of up to 3 months and reduce pay by a ⅓ to ½.

Schools these days want to the original of your diploma. Videos samples of lessons, videos saying how wonderful it is to be given the chance to teach English in Japan, requirements for having lap tops, having a drivers license, having a car, taking aptitude tests.

More and ever smaller hoops to jump through.

And the kicker is, schools pay less now than the miserly salary I was getting 3 decades ago. And zero health benefits.

The yen has dropped to 1.30 USD. Run that through your head next time your applying for a one hour every other Thursday at a nursery school for 2000 yen. Averaged over the month, that's much less than minimum wage.

But sure, you can keep polishing that apple.

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It's just a waste of time by incompetent douchebags. People who know how to do their job don't do this BS.

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God, I had an interviewer ask for that once. It wasn’t quite AS bad as it was to be attached to the CV and I had a proper interview later. But I had so many problems uploading the video file that I had to send an email going “hey can I just email the video to you?”

Apparently this is illegal in the US as they can’t ask you to send in videos/ photos as it can feed into discrimination rules?

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They used to ask you for sample lesson plans and even learning materials. Then they would use those in their lessons without crediting you. Fun times.

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I had that happen once in an actual face-to-face interview. I showed up for a part-time gig to fill in a few hours on my schedule. When they saw me drag out sample lesson plans along with the black-line masters, one of the co-owners blurted out, "Can we make copies of these?" To which I replied, "After you hire me for the job you can".

Never heard back from them. Fuck giving these companies anything for free.

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To which I replied, "After you hire me for the job you can".

Even better: "Sure, after I receive my first paycheck."

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I have seen this as well in some job ads I've looked at. I honestly can't understand the value of this technique, since people who aren't actors (and don't want to be one) don't do that well in front of a camera, and the interviewers aren't going to get an accurate impression of them from a video. It does seem like a lot of nonsense, like some of those interviews where people are asked silly questions (to gauge their response) or are asked to produce some amount of work that takes way too much of their time (and should be paid). Let's just hope this trend dies out.

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We were hiring recently, and had several candidates apply through Jobs in Japan, which has a thing where candidates can upload a short video of them answering some basic questions on camera.

I actually found it really useful, as it allowed us to eliminate candidates who didn't have clear pronunciation (we don't require 'native speakers' but do want clear English), didn't bother doing the task, or didn't bother preparing reasonable answers.

We then invite people to a short zoom preliminary interview.

The good thing for candidates is that they only have to do it once. I can see it being annoying if you had to do a new one for each job application though.

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Another 'innovation' from the USA like tipping and non-affordable health care....

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I'll never use uber eats in Japan because they're trying to introduce tipping. F that idea.

As far as healthcare goes, I haven't seen any evidence degradation in Japanese healthcare.

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Seems some countries like to import the worst of the USA.

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I had this recently and hated it. I also don’t understand the purpose as compared to answering the questions in writing, for instance. It is unnatural, and what criteria, other than my replies (which could be in writing just as well) are applied? My nose? Hairstyle? Intonation? 😠

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Exactly! Like employers don't discriminate a lot already.

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Time to rev up Vtube Studio and answer their questions as a cute anime ghost girl. I'd say it's very innovative!

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A university job in Tokyo I went for last year asked for a video. I had to record the teaching part of the class instead of a demo, so had to do the video like there were students in the video with you. I didn't think it was a great idea, taking the already unrealistic idea of a 10 minute demo lesson and then making it a recorded video where you are literally teaching no one. It took ages to make, and in the end I was just copying from you tube videos rather than using my teaching knowledge.

And then, for what it's worth, they gave me glowing praise for the video, before flatly rejecting me after the interview. So I don't even know how much it counted for and could have spent the time better preparing elsewhere probably.

This university is not doing online classes as far as I know, and didn't mention tech proficiency as a major plus in the job description, so I guess it was just to save (their) time(?).

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That must have felt like such a waste of time on top of whatever other application materials you must have had to submit ("a CV in our format" etc.). I guess it's easier for them to watch the video at their discretion, but they could easily reject someone for not being photogenic or not having the sound right or whatever other thing has nothing to do with one's actual skills. Then there's the issue of privacy.

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I don't know if they really thought about the technical aspect of it and how it takes time to produce a video like that. When I do a demo lesson it's never perfect but I get the impression it doesn't really matter that much, as long as you can give a taster of what you're about. With the video I thought that mistakes might be less excusable as you have a lot of chances to retake.

Ive never done interview questions recorded on a video but that sounds silly. You can easily manufacture some complete BS to get through it and you can't get caught out I guess.

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Any institution that asks for a demo where you teach pretend students is not going to be a good place to work. It is just not a valid way to assess teaching ability, and the fact that they seem to think it is, is a major red flag.

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Had them in the states and Japan unfortunately

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You don't mind them?

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I’m not a fan of them, it’s hard to sound enthusiastic when it just me talking to my screen lol

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Even back in 2019 when I worked for Interac there was a 1-way video interview

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Interac has done this for a while.

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They're pretty terrible anyway from what I hear. Too bad people put up with this.

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It makes sense if they ask to record the interview as they're giving it but giving me questions before hand and telling me to record myself would be really weird.

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I once applied for a university job in Japan (Contract position. Three years and you are out...).

So, they asked for a CV written in their format. It was on an excel file, so it was an absolute pain in the arse to format everything. I had to copy and paste each individual cell in Excel from my master CV that I keep in word format. It took a fair while. They also wanted a 'face the camera' video of about four minutes. They also wanted a video of me teaching an actual class. So, I got all this together and sent it in to them.

Then they invited me to come to the uni for an 'interview day'. I had to prepare a model lesson. I also had to attend a long, boring campus tour and orientation session where they outlined the particular (and rather strange) program they had there. Then I had to give my model lesson, and provide multiple copies of my lesson plan. They also wanted outlines for the materials for a syllabus design that I would be implementing, under their guidance, if I got the job. I was there all day.

After the day there was more to-ing and fro-ing. Then they finally they mailed me..and after a little bit of sweet talk to convey that I had made it successfully through all of the stages, they asked if I would be available for a September start, instead of the April start which was the advertised position that I had applied for. I mailed back and said I couldn't start in September as this would require me to break my contract with my current employer and leave them high and dry on short notice for a teacher for all of my fall semester classes. (This also puts me 'out of synch' for the hiring cycle when the applied for job finishes in three years. Finishing in July means I would probably have to go part-time at various places in September, as few university jobs start in September). So no...it's the April job that I applied for and the April job that I will accept. (I worded this diplomatically, hinting that employers would (should) value loyalty in their employees.)

Next day a terse one line mail. 'We regret to inform you ...'

What a shower of shit. It was clearly a bait and switch and they were looking for someone for a September start all along. They must have thought that after making we do so much for them, I would engage in some kind of sunk costs kind of reasoning and just accept the new starting date. They guessed wrong.

Anyways, it turns out that I dodged a bullet and not getting the job was the best outcome in the long run. If you are desperate for any kind of work, you sometimes have to suck it up, but sometimes you should see the red flags during the hiring process and not give them the impression that they hold all the cards.

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Yup. I too have applied at that certain university in Hyogo. I did it twice actually.

First time, I made it through the paperwork round (which included prerecorded video responses) to the Skype Interview and failed.

Second time, I made it all the way through to the end, which included the all-day-long campus tour/sit in on a class/materials writing exercise/model lesson/interview. Not only was it all day long, but they would only do it on Tuesday through Friday, so I had to take a day off of work to go to their day-long hoop-jumping nonsense. No job offer.

The thing that I can't understand is that not only is it a waste of the applicants time, it's also a waste of theirs. The second time that I applied, they had four interviewees. That's four full days of that nonsense for one limited term position. And they do it every year.

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That is infuriating!!! What a huge waste of time!!! I'm glad things worked out for the best for you :)

Dodging a bullet, that's how I see it with employers making us jump through all these hoops because it already shows how disrespectful they are towards others - if they're already wasting so much of an applicant's time, one can only imagine how much worse things will get once they employ you. The Excel CVs are already evidence of how technologically backwards a place is, but it's Japan so I don't expect much. Video with stupid questions, though? Come on...

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Rick Roll them.

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I hate that so much. I do not even do anything. The one-way video interview is so not cool. One-way video interview is crap

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To me asking for one is a red flag.

Thanks for sharing that article! I'm glad others can see what a douchey thing this is.

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One of the inhumane aspects of technology is that it is often developed without regard for people's emotions and preferences.

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If you are a highly fluent, non-native English speaker, these video interviews massively increase your chances at getting a job as the hiring manager will actually take a look at these video interviews.....instead of taking a look at the resumes after they look at those from native English speaking countries.

It will actually save you time as you will be basically starting the interview stage from the second round. Video interviews are a way of saying "This is who I am. If you like what you see, let's talk. If not let's not waste each other's time."

Employers are sick of the copy/paste "Spray and Pray" method which so many job seekers use to apply to jobs. Resumes don't really paint a good picture of who the person is and cannot demonstrate one's speaking ability.

Worse than a video interview, taken at a time convenient for you, is to re-arrange your schedule to take an interview which both parties know is going nowhere, and the interviewer wasting your time dragging the interview on to be polite....or out of fear you are going to ding the company on Glassdoor.

While most of us hate them, video interviews are not only becoming a trend, it is becoming the norm with many employers not even considering candidates unless he/she has demonstrated his/her desire for the job by taking one.

Oh, and on JobsinJapan.com, there are some employers that take a similar video interview (we offer a "hiring manager" video interview) to add to their job description. Example here (bottom of the page): https://jobsinjapan.com/jobs/848216/childrens-english-and-programming-teacher-for-friendly-foreigner-owned-school-in-osaka/

I wish you all success with your job search.

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But it’s not an “interview” with an interlocutor… it’s a weird monologue.

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Who cares?

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Yours is the exact attitude that leads companies to ask for "tests" that last days and waste applicants' time.

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How so? I don't mind being in front of a camera. So because I don't care, I'm responsible for companies going in this direction? I think you need to evaluate why you are so adverse to the camera. If a company asks for it, all you do is not apply or continue. That choice is on you.

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I don't have a major objection to them. What's your concern?

TBH most of these 'interviews' are gonna be 'get to know you' sorta interviews where they just wanna hear a bit about you and rule-out any obvious personality flaws.

Personally I prefer this format because I tend to come off as being a bit weird/different when put in artificial social settings. Dunno why but if I'm just recording stuff then there's no 'in between questions'. Just the bog standard questions and I can keep talking without random interruptions.

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Meh, I don't care

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You should. Have more self-respect.

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I think lack of self-respect is why salaries keep getting lower and lower and why working conditions can be so bad. We should all be sticking together so things improve for all of us. Yes, we need jobs, but that doesn't mean we should accept unreasonable treatment.

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Yeah, just keep rolling over.

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American School in Japan? ASIJ?

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No. Do they do this, too?

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I had to record a video ten years ago, nothing new