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Mucho regrets. I crowed when the sell off happened and then we bounced back to intraday highs

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Dont put yourself in a hole and continuously learn from your mistakes and you will never have ragrats.

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I don’t even understand the mistake I made.

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It feels like 2021 on steroids except instead of 100+% earnings growth across the market and 0% interest rates, it's negative earnings and the highest federal funds rate in nearly 20 years.

The trend is your friend.

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Which trend? The most predicted recession hell is coming trend or price trend?

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Today meme stocks were muted. Hopefully they will die down from now on.

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Harsh recession = pipe dream

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Using some of my gains today to buy UBER shares for tomorrow morning.

Made great money, but left even greater amount on the table. But been on a winning streak lately. Been feeling the market.

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Is that feeling up every single day? My 401K has had a 99% win rate this month.

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Actions starts off with DXY and Yields cratering while equities rocket. Makes sense.

Then DXY and Yields rebound and equities plummet. Makes sense.

We end with both equities and yields at or near high of the day while DXY fades a bit. Confusion.

All of that, especially the last bit, makes me think tomorrow is going to be a +/-3% day in who knows what direction.

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It's earnings season. Still plenty of more negative growth earnings stocks to offload at a hefty premium into earnings froth.

Meanwhile short term treasuries at November highs.

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3% is a lot but I agree with you that everything made sense until after Powell spoke. Then it was pure divergence. Bet tonight would be which market is right, equities or bonds? If DXY continues to rise, I'd wager bonds is the favorite.

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Where's Keen? She told us the goddess is stirring.

Agree with you. Selloff into CPI, then fucking rocket to the stratosphere by March OPEX if it doesn't surprise to the upside.

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gap and go up tomorrow and then DIS reminds us that the economy is in fact slowing down.

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Why TF are we down so much after the close? They better not reverse this tomorrow... Need flat day

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ENPH solar flare 🌝

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Now that was a fun day! Now do we chop and have boring day tomorrow..

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Closed 4170P 13.25 -> 16.25 after hours

No positions into tomorrow. Thinking we crater though

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I'm short.

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All my shorts have been positive lately. Getting nervous that it's too obvious

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Tomorrow we die

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What a freakin day, geez

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Started a position on qqq puts in the last 10 mins. Will scale into this position if and only if we get a drop over night and continue down tomorrow.

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I took a while ride today. Was up 6.7% and closed down 4.2%. A lot of positions are still long dated, so not too worried other than burning time and missing out on other opportunities. Still net delta short due to how bonds are behaving. Also believe DXY has more to rise.

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Chipotle is dead

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How long do I have until they shut down operations?

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Lol, I need to get that firesale barbacoa

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Hell of a day today.

Currently +12% YTD, again another 4% swing since last night ETH open. Had some banger scalps, trade log says 13 round trips for ~2% YOB. Closed baba puts for 10%. UVIX short puts and short calls decayed nicely. Didn't close my /6A long at the top due to baby puking in his car seat. But I did set a new high score on some beat saber songs, so that's nice.

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If Feb and Mar are like Jan. We’ll be at ATH by March. February starting well!

Bears belong in the woods.

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CNBC: Dow up 1.9% after Jerome Powell says inflation is declining

They're really phoning it in these days.

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Looking to forward to AI-only segments on CNBC. Just Bard arguing with ChatGPT

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Oh yes, ChatGPT markets in turmoil segment written in Cramer speak

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Idk why I can’t get myself going long in this rally.. losing money is no fun

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Bc you're probably smart. Long isn't a place I'm ready to go for a while. It's starting to make a top here imo

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SPY Ps gang +570usd/680cad today 😎😎😎 getting better

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Only bought Ps today and did good. lets goo

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ugh was up 600 at one point, ended red by $9.12. Yeah lets pretend today didn't happen. LOL

edit: Wait spy puts readjusted at 4:15. Green by $44 today. HAHAHA all is not lost.

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Where my Tezla bois at? ~100% YTD (25 days)

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You told all of us you'd buy tranches on the way down 😭. Goddamn, what a reversal.

E: a word.

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what about UBER?

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Glad I could help fund your guac and the fuel for rocket.