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I hope someone in Congress has the balls to say no to this deal, so it sends the market spiraling out of control to 4100 4000 3800s. I will definetly be a buyer there.

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I will use all powers available to me in the Senate to have amendment votes to undo this catastrophe for defense. I support raising the debt limit for 90 days to give us a chance to correct this disaster for defense.

~Lindsey Graham. However "No" does not mean default

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I want to short so badly… but I cannot short into strength. Must allow for some red before I pull the trigger.

Why does psychology work this way? Clearly stocks want to rocket. Why can’t it be easy to just close my eyes and buy more TSLA calls ;/

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I know you're being rhetorical, but the topic has actually been researched. I forget what it's officially called, so I can't link you but there is a risk taking smile. (The plot looks like the volatility smile.)

How it works is when someone has little money they are more risky. As they get more and more they get less risky, and then as they get more money they get more risky again.

When you have little money it's just a lotto ticket. When you have money to lose you can't risk it. When you have more money than you need, you might start yoloing some options on the side for shits and giggles.

/r/Fire likes to call it fuck you money: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJjKP8vYjpQ

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Huh, that’s an interesting tidbit. I haven’t seen the study, but I believe it. Thanks!

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I'd be so much richer if I could just allow myself to think like this

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If you're using options, why not? Even if you get dunked on, limited risk, right?

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Yea, but that limited risk starts at $1000 and then it’s $10k, and then it’s $25k, next thing you know you blow up

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That's... Not how limited risk starts. You buy $1000 of puts , they expire worthless, then you reevaluate your narrative.

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Moscow was attacked by drones overnight. There was some damage. Based on the scale of the attack and type of drones, it is highly likely that this was done by the Ukrainian army, however they have not taken responsibility yet. As far as I can tell this was highly unlikely to be a false flag.

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Russia will need general mobilisation and this will help to get popular support for it. People won’t be too motivated if it’s a country far away, but they’ll be riled up if they think the capital of under attack.

Either way, fuck Russia!

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I've heard this as well but so far no statement from Putin.

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SOXL up nearly 4x from 52wk low. This is like 2020 without lockdowns forcing 60% PC shipment growth and unlimited free money.

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Nvda is opening at 1 trillion.

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Is this the fastest growth in history? It was literally a $250B company in October.

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Witnessing history now

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Who’s going to be the next issac newton on this where they fomo back in at the top?

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Wow. Huge green

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NQ is not a serious index, can’t be

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Totally fine if there’s no recession and only a dip instead ;)

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This is the single greatest feat of financial and social engineering that I've ever seen in my life. Well played market dudes.

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Whaz with INTC? Going along for the ride I see.

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Up we go

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It hasn't been fun being short all night, I thought we would take a breather after Thurs... and that open

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I'm starting to believe everyone here maintaining a short position is a full blown masochist, me included. But the moment we switch long...

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That's what keeps you going because everyone has been burned like that before. But I just tapped out, reached my max loss tolerance. If we crash now, you are all welcome.

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I'm close to the breakeven mark on my /ES straddle. Realistically I should just close and put on a new straddle. But I'm on vacation and I really don't give a fuck. Diamond hands time.

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Playing QQQ is the same as playing GME way back when. I'm not good at timing squeezes either

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My timing is atrocious. I'm glad I sell theta.

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Still haven't closed a day above here since August last year. Decision time! Pipedream recession!

PS: Rewatching the Expanse finale and totally forgot what a badass Bobby Draper is. That scene towards the end where she acts as a bullet sponge to give the others time is such a goosebump moment. Miss that show!

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Get the shorts loaded up boys

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final product for those who followed


also whoever ended up getting that sound bite over their headphones I hope you learned a lesson.... lmao wish I could have seen your face but you were probably behind me lolol

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For tonight's songs I will give you three very different songs:

jurassic 5, Dave matthews: Work it out (dmb and some rap)

Sleep token: the summoning (hits like three genres of rock (more?), has some scream but in between)

Traveling wilburys: end of the line (many classic rock legends in an uplifting tune)

E: feel free to add anything

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Sleep Token makes metal so sexy lmao.

The Summoning got me laid twice now so God bless them 😂

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Wow, Sleep Token - yes! Been with them since their debut. So you are also a man culture? 😎

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If you like them and you're in the US they will be playing at Louder than life festival, Kentucky, September along with a shit ton of other good rock bands

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My director (in management terms) turned me on to them a few months back in a rental car on the way to a conference and damn if they are incredibly talented! So i guess as of a couple months ago I can take the culture honor lol

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Nvidia GPU orders have already boosted TSMC’s 7/6nm production lines, while 5/4nm lines are now nearly full, mainly for Nvidia H100/A100 and H800/A800 GPUs, media report, saying TSMC is doing super hot runs for Nvidia; one report quotes investor saying TSMC may raise guidance at its 2nd quarter mtg.


TrendForce: Global AI server shipments will grow 38.4% to 1.2 million units and make up nearly 9% of all servers shipped in 2023, while 2022-2026 avg annual growth (CAGR) of shipments will be 22%.

Shipments of AI chips this year will rise 46%.


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Victoria Secret, VSCO at all time lows and earnings are coming up

Can’t wait to pump on the news of AI powered lingerie that’s gonna revolutionize the industry

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I just accepted a counter offer on a house. They asked me to restructure the offer to a fixed price that was lower than the highest I was willing to pay and requested more time to move out. I'll see if I get randomly blow out of the water by another offer, but this one would be sweet.

Last time, I got the lowest interest rate and paid the highest price.

This time was a steal on price. Must be a sign that interest rates have peaked.

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is it bad I let my intrusive thots win and connected to some bose noise canceling headphones and threw on some gangbang porn? (on a hour flight lol not my headphones 🤣)

I haven't had this much fun on memorial day since that one time we dropped a jdam on that asshole on Iraq....wait what were we talking about?

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I uh. Hmm.

Dare i ask?

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sorry thought I put it on there...not my bose headphones 🤣

also on a 1 hour flight lmaoooo

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Who are we to judge the serenity someone gains from crisp surround sound fapping

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lmao I didn't see anyone be super surprised so guess I wasn't quick enough

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Time to put the pipe down. The meth one!

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what?!? it was funny!

never figured out whose headphones those were anyway lol

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😳😳😳. Go on?

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sorry lmao I thought I put it in my initial post

wasn't my headphones I was connecting too lol

or about the jdam ha

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Were you thinking about letting us all know during the act or was that decision informed by post nut clarity

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sorry I thought I posted it....but it wasn't my headphones on a flight hahahahaha can you imagine connecting to your headphones and getting a gangbang in your ear

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If that's post nut clarity he needs round 2

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After every major new product announcement (iPod, iPhone, iPad, and I think AirPods and m1 too but I don't have my backtest here) Apple was much higher 30 days later.

Wwwdc is next week and they will announce the Reality ski mask.

Palmer Luckey tested it and said it's the good stuff.

Am long Aapl, OLED (they make the most expensive part of the device).

Let Apple marketing hype flow through your portfolio. They don't miss

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Wow, didn’t know they were going to use OLED! That’s awesome!

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What makes them special from other OLED companies like LG and Samsung?

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Are you referring to Universal Display, $OLED? If so, they make the organic materials that give the panels their color. Currently nobody can make a next gen blue, but next year OLED will be selling them. These materials will be used by BOE, LG, Samsung, etc. during the manufacturing of the panels.

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Ah! They provide the material. Thanks!

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Spoos wants higher, why we not buying dank, sorted from the bottom by ytd?

Candidates: CVNA, ABNB, GTLB (GOOGL probably buys this by eoy).

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Welcome back brother

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My dude. Thought you were gone with SVB. Is gensler really gonna kill US exchanges?

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Thought you were gone with SVB

I'm ded lmao

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The AI-driven failed breakout above 4200 will go down as one of the greatest bull traps in recent history. October lows are coming again sooner or later.

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CVNA half the floats are shorts.

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welcome back

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CRM looks bearish af. But probably goes +30% with an ai announcement

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now you are thinking with your noggin

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Gap and go?

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Looks like it.