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The entire put chain for AAP is ITM now. Wow. $91s were 5 cents - should have been obvious with AZO missing last week. This is why I’m poor.

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Holy smokes

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Time is a circle.

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Reminder that C3. carbon capture IOT Energy AI reports today and will be hitting ATH.

(Or it’ll crash bec PTJ is back to his cb)

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Closed overnight shorts here. Really hope we go lower tomorrow though

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Only took four hours to realize I forgot....

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That reversal on AVGO was wild. Daily candle looks wrecked. Semis likely topped for a while.

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120 Hours and I'm done with the main quest of ToTK! I'm gonna feel a bit empty but satisfied 🥲

and succession is over 🥲🥲🥲

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Reminds me of the zoom bubble that had legs and an epidemic backing. I remember shorting at 200 and 300 and being burned.

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Asia is pissed wow

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What happened?

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They don't got AI out there?

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No they do, they use it to track dissidents and shit, but Xi was like "if you guys start an AI bubble I'll fuck your shit up" and they listened because he's a dictator

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but Xi was like "if you guys start an AI bubble I'll fuck your shit up" and they listened because he's a dictator

Damn, this is why dictatorship works sometimes.

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Eh. More like if you become too successful, then your success is a threat towards the sole legitimacy of the communist party.

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Yeah but then they go too far and you get covid zero

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Ya, that was a cockup lol. Classic Xi, though.

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ToS data is broken and also people are buying the absolute shit out of bonds and this is confusing to me.

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What’s so confusing to you?

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Eh never mind, having a slow evening

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Someone on WSB pointed out that on 5/24 someone bought 100k of ETRN 8c 10/20/23 options for .20 each worth 1.40 today.

And behold ETRN is part of the debt-ceiling. Congress was always going pass the debt-ceiling.


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Goddammit. I wish Id seen that post lol

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What time is the debt vote tomorrow?

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How is this not just the8 80/20 rule? 20% of the S&P has returned 80% of the returns YTD. Chop off the bottom 9% or so of the 29% and you get 80% of the returns almost exactly. FFS this is why indexes work

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Does anybody know why SPX margin is like ~4x ES margin on TDA?

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SPX is securities while ES is commodity. Different regulations for margin. Example: $25k pattern day trade rule applies to securities only. You can day trade commodities as long as you meet margin requirements.

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Isn’t it way higher everywhere. I think that is a feature of futures vs equities -much lower margin requirements.

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CBO estimates that the GOP debt-limit bill will increase those eligible for SNAP benefits.

This sounds like a good deal to me :)


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This is what happens when red states defund education. It eventually catches up to their leaders who now don't know how to do math and get a good deal.

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Turns out my CSGO inventory value for mostly cases and a few meh skins is worth another 15 AMD shares lol

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That’s… a lot

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nyse cumulative ad line with a 90 day ma, in the bottom pane. i am going to explore combining this with nhnl for nyse+nasdaq.


even alone, it is good for avoiding drawdowns, knowing when to take off leverage, you get the idea

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Damn. The Breadth bros strike again!!!!

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What does the orderflow tell us 🧐

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Seems $VRAR is being pumped for Apple AR event. Have doubts it’s a solid company. What are some companies that could benefit besides duh Apple? Maybe AR will pick up the baton from AI in pumping the market a little more.

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$HPQ | HP's CEO: Working On Building AI-Powered PC With Key Partners - CNBC

Edit: Google should be like "Hey did you guys know the Tensor chip was built for AI and that pixels use AI? Just wanted to remind you!"

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Gotta pump those laptops... HP sales decline

Lenovo needs to find a mountaintop and start shouting the buzzwords too... Lenovo sales decline

I think COVID pulled forward a lot of PC demand.

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Yeah, they’re probably referring to the AI IP blocks that are integrated into the next gen AMD and INTC chips. All HPQ would be doing is implementing the new chip into their laptop designs, as they’ve always done. 🤷

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I mean, it's no different than what amd and Intel are basically doing when they talk about AI lol.

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Well AMD and INTC are actually designing AI hardware, which is actually significantly different than what HPQ is doing lol

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Spoos close:

Jun 2021: 4200

Jun 2022: 4200

Jun 2023: 4200

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June 2024: 2400

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I think it'd be a lot easier to make money from a 2400 close in 6/24 than if it was flat yet again. Easier on my sanity too.

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Deeper we still have unfilled gaps from GFC.

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Wow, that’s definitely something.

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Flat for 2 years 🤡

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Rotation game is on.

Dank index like CVNA, W were up >15% today. Garbage index like SHOP next.

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need more dank garbage recommendations plz

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Where is TOST on your dank/garbage list?

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This is a list of AI tools that currently exist. How many have you tried?

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Just buy NVDA stock and you'll make enough money that you won't need tools to work any longer!

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I need these tools so i can eventually afford nvda shares.

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The shares are going to go up way faster than the tools make us money lolol.

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SMH like getting priced out of gear as the league progresses.

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Dude relaaaax, you’ve commented 29 times today about AI lol

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I'm just mad that the productivity revolution is completely useless for me so far. Pretty much everything I've tried to do with it it made up some bullshit, and I can't use it for coding because I work in a proprietary system.

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100%. I mostly use it to meme.

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same lol, robots are going to kill us all because of my chatgpt chat history

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South Korea and Japan apparently sent out emergency alerts that the NK satellite might be a ballistic missile and that it might land in Okinawa.

Edit: The Alert Message that was sent to Phones in the South Korean Capital of Seoul were labeled as a “Wartime Alert” with Residents across the City stating they have never seen anything like this before.

Edit 3:

Asked a colleague just now: "There's like 25 million people in the Seoul area -- where will we evacuate to?"

Her answer: "The office."

Edit 4: South Korea's Interior Ministry Says Previous Warning By Seoul City Was An Error

Edit 5: The Japanese Government has just Cancelled the Shelter-in-Place and “Evacuation Order” for the Island of Okinawa after it was determined the Missile/Satellite did not still present as Risk to the Region.

This was silly.