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Robert Whittaker admits Israel Adesanya's trash talk played a role in their fight: "I think it was one more thing that piled on top. One more thing we threw on top of a pile of an already huge clutter mess of what was going on in my head." by NotImpressedWithYourHEY DANA GIMME DA FAKIN BOI in MMA

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I believe he's a nice guy, but he's not infallible like some of these clowns are claiming. Honestly, Whittaker fans are the most obnoxious fans in MMA. I still remember them trying to downplay Gastelum leading up to the Whittaker vs Izzy fight, only for their boy to get embarrassed in his own home country lol.

Dana suggests he has spoken to Nurmagomedov and he believes the Lightweight GOAT will return for a shot at a 30-0 record. by bhowax2wheelsBruce Lee Shit in MMA

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Tony the type of guy to call up Mrs. Nurmegomedov to see if Khabib can come out and play.

Dana suggests he has spoken to Nurmagomedov and he believes the Lightweight GOAT will return for a shot at a 30-0 record. by bhowax2wheelsBruce Lee Shit in MMA

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Gotcha bud, copy/pasted.... “Tito always says I’m using my mouth to get my opportunities,” Sonnen said at the event in Hollywood. “The only person that I know that made money using their mouth is his ex-wife.”

Ortiz was visibly angered by the line. For minutes after it was made, Ortiz stared at Sonnen from across the dais while shaking.

“Just to correct you, there was never no marriage,” Ortiz said. “You’re a f*cking punk, dude. That’s what you call class, right here, compared to no class.”

Tony Ferguson: "If you're going to pay Conor more than me, I understand that. But don't pay anybody fucking more than me in this division, especially a new guy [Chandler]." by NotImpressedWithYourHEY DANA GIMME DA FAKIN BOI in MMA

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Chandler is one of the faces for Bellator, picking him up would hurt Bellator. Its a similar tactic that they did for both Pride and Strikeforce. See Dana's leaked textmessages about the whole Strikeforce deal for reference

Robert Whittaker won’t campaign for title shot because it’ll happen inevitably | ESPN MMA by 2e7en_Team Nurmagomedov in MMA

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Gosh dang, could Rob get any cooler?

He is the epitome of world class, all around. Great ambassador for the sport, especially in Australia, great sportsmanship, literal killer instinct, incredibly well rounded, very competent fight IQ, upstanding father and husband, plus, a legit gamer nerd!

On top of all that, he has always shown humility and an eagerness to grow and learn all that he can in MMA. I hope that Rob sticks around for at least another handful of years to come, in whatever capacity that will be to the sport as a whole.

Khabib Nurmagomedov's dominance was straightforward. His legacy is anything but - Karim Zidan by kokolimaUnited Kingdom in MMA

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I would argue that as an investigative journalist it's his job to shine a light on the more negative or controversial aspects of the sport. Or do we just pretend they don't exist? They exist, it doesn't stop me from enjoying MMA. But I want to know about them.

A Retired Khabib finally gets his post fight nutrition (burger double cheese) by dietmanyeathatsme in MMA

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I ran a marathon a few years back. Sundays were my long run days, they were agonizing but it was also the day I treated myself to anything I wanted, loads of all you can eat buffets and things like that.

Leading up to the marathon all I could think of was the epic meal I would have afterwards. All you can eat Brazilian BBQ? Chinese? Steakhouse? Maybe all three?

The thought of this post marathon epic celebration meal was all I could think of going into race day. I spent weeks trying to decide what I wanted. I would have mental eating training sessions like I was Goku coming out of a tournament.

Hours later I finished my race but I was so tired and pumped at the same time I had absolutely no appetite. I might even go as far as to say I have never had less of an appetite in my life.

On my way home at 10pm, I still hadn't eaten since the morning and I didn't particularly want to. I got 2 10 piece nuggets from Burger King and forced them down my throat, got drunk, jerked off my oddly limp dick and went to sleep.

I think it's safe to say it was the greatest disappointment and most humiliating defeat I've ever experienced in my life.

Edit: Thanks for the award and the "beautiful champ" responses, it feels really good to be held right up there with athletes like Rousey.

Rory MacDonald's dominating performance against Nate Diaz by HessuCSTeam COVID-19 in MMA

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This might read like a bad Chael Sonnen story but it's 100% true...

I ran in to RDA at a pet/feed store called Southern Agriculture in Tulsa Oklahoma before his fight with Benson Henderson. RDA was looking for heated blankets and space heaters. The poor high school kid working the register looks at RDA with his cauliflower ear and UFC shirt and proceeds to ask "Like, for a horse?" ... RDA in somewhat broken english responds with something along the lines of "For cutting weighch.. am Fighter" and this poor HS kid starts in on how his wrestling coach says that's the wrong way to make weight blah blah blah.. then tells him he doesn't think they have anything to help.

RDA proceeds to silently stare at this poor kid for what felt like a minute and a half until the kid apologized.

I finish standing around waiting on what I was waiting on to be brought up front and then catch up to RDA in the parking lot. I direct him to a few close places to get what he needed and snap an awkward pic.

End of my crappy RDA story.

Edit: Here's the pic for you weirdos

The look of despair on Khabib's opponents when they get taken down by metanoia09I got anklepicked by Tony Ferguson, AMA in MMA

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Another good one from an earlier bout: https://imgur.com/a/L3jag2g

[SPOILER] Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Justin Gaethje by InooWhey in MMA

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Khabib said in Russian: “If you still have your parents, spend more time with them.”

Dana got a little excited at the press conference by dsriiScotland in MMA

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Dana looks like a racist caricature for a race that doesn't exist

Prelim fighter kicks opponent during post fight celebration by RottenPickle in MMA

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Step on Struve.

Badum dum tsch.

Main event fighter points at his knee and then his opponent head, and them makes both things meet. by LeftTurnRightAway in MMA

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Jack Slack is an oddity, makes a great prediction/analysis once a year then comes to various comment threads and personally assaults people who disagree with him yet they bring up great points which he can't counter. Too much reliance on clout he gets to get his comments upvoted yet even that fails thanks to Reddit not being a complete hive mind.

UFC 254 Fighter Salaries & Incentive Pay by futbulie in MMA

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Havent heard that one before. Did you come up with it yourself?