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I love your style! The makeup looks great and your hair is so cool! :)

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yes! it really is stunning!

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Product list:

  • Face:
  • Australian gold Botanical Tinted Face Sunscreen SPF 50 in medium to tan
  • Tarte shape tape ultra creamy in 34s medium sand
  • Set with Lucy minerals foundation in medium olive mixed with DIY setting powder
  • e.l.f. Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder in Antigua Makeup forever blush in (?? the label rubbed off)


  • Urban decay primer potion
  • Hard candy eye def shadow marker in Bubbly
  • Lime crime Plushies palette in sweet blends shade rosebud
  • Lime crime Venus immortalis palette in Unveil and Unseen
  • Morphe James Charles Palette (I'm sorry it was 2019 and I didn't know😭) in shade Boutique
  • Lime crime Lid Lite in Airy
  • Nyx epic ink eyeliner in brown
  • Nyx lift & snatch brow pen in 06 ash brown
  • Covergirl clump crusher mascara


  • Lime crime ghost veil lip primer
  • Lime crime Velvetine in Luna

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I have the James Charles Palette too, my sister gave it to me and i really like the colors

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Yeah it's great for gigs/traveling, since it can cover most colour stories!

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Damn girl! If I wasn't gay already, this would've done it! I mean, beautiful makeup look! Haha :)

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I’m NOT gay and holy shit!

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I thought this was an AI picture when I scrolled past. So pretty!

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You kinda look like Starfire

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Thank you! Fun coincidence: I cosplayed her a couple years ago!


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oh wow! a good choice indeed 💕, y'all look like ur having fun!

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How do you do the inner corner eyeliner?!?!?!

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Copy pasting from a previous comment:

After priming, I use the Hard candy eye def shadow marker in Bubbly where I want to put down the shimmer. I blend it out with my pinky finger, and use that as a sticky base. Then I use a small makeup "pencil brush" or sometimes a small liner brush to apply and blend shimmery shadow on top of it. Then I go in with my eyeliner pen and extend a tiny line from my inner corner towards my nose, then fill it in to meet my upper lashline.

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So pretty! I love it. How do you like that lipstick? It reminds me of my old favorite lipstick, but it was quite literally from the Dollar General and was so dry.

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Lime crime Velvetines are SO hit or miss depending on the shade. This one I'd give a B+. It's slightly patchy, but otherwise wears well! I think I had a similar shade from ColourPop back in the day that was a bit better and significantly cheaper.

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The makeup makes your eyes pop. Looks fantastic!!!

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What do u use for the inner corners? 👀

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Urban decay primer potion, then Hard Candy eye def shadow marker in Bubbly, then Lime Crime Lid Lite in Airy (discontinued, boooo) and NYX Epic Ink liner

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Ty 🤟

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I like how you match your lipstick with your hair color! How did you do the blending for the outer corner eye makeup?

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I see you have a lot of things listed for eyes, which specifically is the silver inner eye part?

And any chance you have a makeup tutorial on YouTube?! This is goals

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The inner eye shimmer is Lime crime Lid Lite in Airy on top of Hard candy eye def shadow marker in Bubbly. Unfortunately the lime crime shade is discontinued, but any super sparkly champagne shade on top of a sticky base will do this!

I don't have any video tutorials, but you folks are making me feel like I should record some!

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I love how I immediately went "wait, isn't that lilaregenbogen?", even though it has been years since I saw your posts lol

Glad to still see you living your best, multicolored life! 🌈 Spectacular look för this photoshoot! ✨️

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polishes 11 year badge It's an honour to be remembered ✨

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respectfully shows 10 year badge the pleasure has been all mine 🫡😌 I guess your username got imprinted in my head, since I did a double take several times reading it as "lilaregnbåge" back then. Along with the bold neon hair and looks, ofc 😂

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Lip color is so pretty

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Your makeup is gorgeous! You honestly look like an alt Vanessa Hudgens

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Vanessa Hudgens was my first thought!

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Wow, awesome look

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LOVE this look 🤩💕

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So good. The hair compliments super well.

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This is amazing

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Love everything about this 🖤♡

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You’re a bombshell🔥I love your looks and your hair, especially with your style! You’re literally so cute ❤️

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Your eyeshadow is blended out so nicely and your eyeliner is crisp! Also your photoshoot came out EPIC!!!!

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I love your eye shape!!

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You have so many beautiful striking features! Your eyebrow piercing looks so good on you, it's making me miss mine and want it back!!!

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Vanessa Hudgens?!? You should audition to be the 4th twin in her Xmas movies lol

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Wow! I love it, SO stunning!

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That lipstick color on you! I absolutely adore it.

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Oh wow I love this!!

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Absolutely stunning! My god!

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Omg your eyeshadow blending is SO GOOD. Also love the lip color!!

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Love it!

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Wow, WHAT a LOOK!!

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OMG IM OBSESSED WITH YOUR HAIR! Did u get it done professionally? How long did it last? Looks amazing!! ✨✨

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Thank you! I do it myself. I'm not professionally trained, it I've been doing it for 15 years now. In this photo, it had probably been 1.5 months or so since I last dyed it. It starts brighter/more neon, and fades to nice pastels!

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I love, love, love this! I love how you made your makeup match your hair color, you look stunning!

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you look great!! and you’re eyes are beautiful 😍

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your** lol

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Love it! Though I wouldn't recommend lime crime to anyone. They had a credit card breech in like 2014, I had people charging my card in the UK (I'm in the US) and they handled the whole situation horribly with everyone affected. Then the more I learned about Doe (the owner), the worse it got lol...haven't bought from them since. Sucks cuz their products look fun

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You look gorgeous!!

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I love a pop of pastel with black, goth outfits.

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Your eyes look amazing!! The purple compliments them so well

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Very cool!

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Beautiful 😍

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You are beautiful! Love the makeup

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I like that you call this dramatic as I’d casually just go out like this. Looks great

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Oh me too, it's just dramatic relative to my last post hahah

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Love that eye makeup

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Turned out great!!

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The eye look is SO CUTE, I love it.

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Very nice, I really like it. Very colorful and cute, along with the black it makes you look edgy.

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So beautiful! You remind me of Andrea Russett!

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You’re like a rave unicorn! So beautiful!

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Absolutely sensational

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That lip color looks amazing on you!

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Your eyes are very pretty!

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The precision and blend! The color combos! This is a smash hit for me.

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Goals!!! Hair AND makeup 😍

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I am obsessed with this look!

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Ethereal and gorgeous!!

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Your rainbow hair suits you. 💜

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Incredibly pretty and badass!

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Babes, this is stunning!!

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RIP your inbox. But seriously WOW in the makeup and the shoot!

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Wow... I'm in love with this look! The eye makeup is gorgeous, especially with your eye color!

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I’m obsessed with ALL of this 🥹🙌💞 You are SO STUNNING and beyond cool! 🥰💓

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You are stunning in a mauve lip, with your green eyes!