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OP, what do you like about this look? Do you actually like the makeup? Or do you like the ultra blurred skin and digitally snatched nose?

For the makeup: - satin matte foundation - contoured nose, temples, cheekbones, jawline - rose pink blush applied on the cheekbones and diffused upwards/outwards - soft brown eyeshadow all over the lid blended up above the crease and the smudged along the lower lash line - black liquid eyeliner winged on the upper lash line slightly smudged black pencil liner on the lower lash line - full volume strip lash, black mascara on bottom lashes - brightening powder in the center of the face - soft matte liquid lip in a rose pink, matching the blush

Edit: Just a gentle reminder that no one looks like this in real life. Skin texture is real. Fine lines are real. And yes, it is normal for makeup to collect/cake/fade/smudge.

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I don't think you actually want our advice, because you aren't following it.

I think you might be experiencing some kind of body dysmorphia that is preventing you from seeing yourself accurately. You think you need face surgery because of your nose and jaw, but there is literally nothing wrong or unfeminine about your nose and jaw. You have perfectly lovely bone structure, and the only thing surgery will do is make you look like you've had surgery.

You've been told — when asked, by the way — that your lip makeup is getting in the way of the look that you say you want, but you do the lip makeup the exact same way each time anyway. So I don't think you actually want our help. But you do need someone's help, and it isn't makeup advice or a surgical consult that you need. You need to learn to see yourself as beautiful first, makeup is not ever going to substitute for that.

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Your jaw isn't masculine AT ALL. Like, AT ALL. It's both very narrow (no protruding masseters) and very short (distance from the bottom of the lip), which are HYPER feminine jaw characteristics.

Before you have surgery, I would recommend addressing any dysmorphias you have in therapy. I worry you won't be happy with the outcome of any surgeries if you can't see yourself clearly.

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To piggyback off of this OP, you can own the overdrawn red lips and still tweak them to be flattering.

I know you're overdrawing to shorten your lip-to-nose distance because it's considered more feminine to have a shorter one, but you're actively aging yourself and making yourself look less feminine by doing that.

You can overdraw and use a bold color and still look feminine without overdrawing to the degree you do, and your eyebrows need more length at the inner corners. You can rock skinny brows but they should still have shape. Higher blush placement and more glow and warmth in the face would help.

I didn't change anything about your features in that edit, just touched up the makeup.

Edit: Thanks for the award!

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Hey everyone, I just wanted to say thank you for all of the support. I’ve been having a hard time on Reddit after being target by people who think men shouldn’t wear makeup. They report all my makeup posts and only my makeup posts. It’s been crushing because it causes me to get an automatic 7 day ban and I can’t reply or answer anyone.

This has been going on for nearly 2 years and I’ve thought about quitting Reddit a lot but the comments and messages always bring me back.

Thank you so much for all your support, it’s because of you that I’ve made it so far.

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4! But I usually do skin care, do part of my hair, then makeup, finish hair, get dressed!

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Don’t want to speak out of turn or make any assumptions, so just sharing for any other white folks like me with links to paganism— an Indigenous friend shared with me that lines extending beyond the lip and into the chin is a traditional symbol with varying significance for different native tribes that is often linked to rites of passage. Article here for more specifics on the tattoos :) it seems like the lines have been in use lately for pagan aesthetics, but they are definitely something that benefit from research before being used by white people. Again, no assumptions being made here about OP or otherwise, just hoping this is received as a helpful resource for other folks casually scrolling today! It was something I was very appreciative to have shared with me, and hope it can be useful for others!

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And blending.

Whilst I appreciate commenters are trying to be positive.

To me it feels patronising and borderline mean to gas someone up when they’re missing the mark.

If you go to work or on dates with poorly applied makeup then it can seriously fuck with your life. People are mean and they’ll gossip and make fun.

OP needs tips on what she can practice so that she’s hitting the mark.

Whilst I agree that the colour choices are creative, the application isn’t doing them justice.

Coddling people doesn’t help them.

So, OP, whilst it may be hard to hear, I’d keep these looks at home until you’ve mastered blending and cleaning up your fallout.

To blend you need to take a clean brush and do tiny circles over the edges of the colours. You need to do it way more than you think. I’d say at least 10 seconds for each transition. There are some great tutorials on how to do this.

A liner or mascara also gives some definition between your eye and the makeup. If your lashes aren’t defined then they melt into your eyeshadow and you can’t see them. Which makes it look like you don’t have eyelashes, and will register as “weird” even if people can’t work out why. Our brains get used to faces looking a certain way, and features being “missing” will put you in the “uncanny valley”.

I’d also recommend a lip liner. That way you can draw your lip shape, get smooth edges, and then fill in all the colour once the shape is perfect. If you don’t want to buy a separate product, you can do this with a tiny brush.

I also want to echo what another commenter said about layering eye colours. It’s like nail polish. You want several really thin layers, instead of one really thick one. Building the colour like this makes blending easier too. It’ll also help you get the transition between your brows and your eye makeup more natural. Although this can also be mitigated by thinking about the shape of your brows

I know you like your clear brow gel, but as a fellow brown girl with sparse tails, clear brow gel isn’t made for us really. It works best for people with denser, lighter brows.

OP, I know this is a lot, but it’s all said with love. I’m not trying to discourage. But I am trying to tell you that some areas need more attention than you’re giving them.

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47 here with partially hooded eyes. You have gorgeous eyes and I think you have been getting lots of great advice. Just to reiterate what you've already heard, keep your eyes open when applying a crease color. Makes it easier to pull that color up above your crease so it is visible but keeps you from pulling it too close to the brows. Definitely darken the brows up a bit - if you are scared to use a pen/pencil, you can always do my lazy girl trick which is just using a brow gel or setter with color in it. I use the Benefit Gimme Brow tinted brow gel. I also agree with changing the placement of your blush. Wayne Goss talks about not bringing blush or bronzer color any more forward on your face than the outer corner of your eyes. I know rules are made to be broken but it does provide more lift for the face and keeps the emphasis on the eyes.

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I immediately thought of this video:


I think it might be helpful! Also, your eye colour is stunning, that's a great start!🥰🥰

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Well, they're a beautiful color, so that's a great starting place. You want to do your brows a bit, they are so fine they're lost. Then, take your shadow into the upper lid, the part that remains visible to get it to show.

Here's a good tutorial: https://youtu.be/boj0fnMxwWA