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Congrats! I used for around 10 years been sober 2. It really is amazing what we can accomplish. Keep going!

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Keep going! You are an absolute legend to yourself and everyone around you. There is so much out there for us, so dont bother looking back

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Cheers :)

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Congrats! If i may, typically progress pics of any kind read from left to right! Srsly, you look wonderful!

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You're telling me.

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Wait so right is before and left is after? :O

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Sorry, yeah, i messed up the format.

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You look fantastic! Addiction is a beast, and beating it takes a lot of courage. Congratulations on your recovery.

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Courage but mainly bloody minded commitment and stubbornness

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Wow, I didn't know reverse aging was possible.

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Funny that the more meds i took and the 'healthier' i ate the older I got

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Well girl. Thank god you are off the meds. The lady on the right looks like your mom.

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Not detract from the positivity of the post, but WOW drugs really do mess people up. You're the second post I've seen today of people overcoming and addiction and getting back on their feet, and it's like a night and day thing

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Drugs and an eating disorder. 10/10 would not recommend. I think people also dont realise how bad 'legal' things can be too

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Obviously before on the right and after on the left!

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I was going to say! Wow you look amazing now. You’ve literally de-aged by about 20 years.

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And im sure the inside of my body has de-aged too (although I still have cardiac issues sometimes). I knew a lot of people who looked at least 20 years older than they were.

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Can I ask you why you put it in that order?

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Because I was scrolling through my pics by date and clicked on the most recent first and then the older one second and i couldnt be arsed to re-scroll all the way down

Edit : basically im lazy and using a Samsung

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I relate so much to this lol

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7 years is quite a jump and I've seen some people age that much...

But holy crap, you didn't just kick addiction's butt, you drank ALL of the contents from the Fountain of Youth! Hell yeah!

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And ate alot of youth biscuits on the side

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Whha? I was completely assuming that the left was an old highschool picture or something

You look lovely, cheers!

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Haha don't feel bad but it's confusing as hell. Just straight up the wrong way. I looked at this for half a minute trying to figure out what type of a roller coaster you went through.

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Haha, that comment literally made me choke . Yeah...watch out kids drugs will really fuck you up in ways you could never, ever expect

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How old are you and what were you addicted to if I may ask?

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Age range 18-25, and it was initially prescription meds, then heavier stuff, then predominantly an eating disorder

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I was going to say, recovered from not aging?

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That makes a lot more sense.

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I was like wtf? Wrong sub reddit maybe! 😂😂😂


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You went from 60 to 16. You look great, but most importantly you look at peace. Well done.

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Honestly, that's so true. Even if I had looked worse afterwards, the mental clarity and inner peace that I have found is what I treasure above all else.

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Addicted you looks like mcauley culkin

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Ironically, i did as a child too. I've heard this before

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Holy hell! 😂

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You literally went from haggard mom to beautiful young woman

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What if...i'm actually benjamin button....

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Congrats sister! Thats really amazing, and inspiring!!

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Look how bright your eyes are now!! You’re so pretty and your skin looks flawless! Congrats on your achievement :)

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You are very beautiful, I hope you keep true to yourself to persevere that beauty. Not only on the surface but in your heart.

Btw.. you look really young, especially if one takes on consideration that you had at least 7 very painful years, probably more. I really hope the coming years, will be very enjoyable for you.

It's not about making up for anything that happend but to walk on, and loom ahead.

Go for it

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Haha! Thanks ever so much. Both are true, I guess I am young but I also have a terrible case of baby-face.

You're so right though, I think the longer we linger on the past, the more chance of going back there. When things go wrong, it's not 'going backwards' but just finding a new footing.

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Apparently you also discovered the secret of age reversing! You look so much younger. Congrats!

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Bahaha yes.... I have the secret....

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Congratulations on your recovery!! I am so happy for you!

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Goddamn, congrats!

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Way to go OP!!!! That smile is absolutely radiant and speaks volumes. Wishing you nothing but positivity on your continued journey!

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Thanks so much!

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You must be so happy to have outrun the dragon. Congratulations.

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Welcome back!

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Congratulations on your hard earned recovery. I grew up in a small town rampant with addiction and have seen too many young lives lost, so its always awesome to see those who are able to come away from all that.

Side note: You may want to get that little mole on your neck checked out. I don't know if its the lighting or photo quality but it seems its gotten darker since your old photo.

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I think its the lighting, but im actually going to the doctor's in a couple of weeks (quarantined where I am), so i'll ask. Thanks

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Love humans conquering their fears and addictions.

Godspeed sister.

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Thank you ever so much. Wishing you all the best too, stay safe

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Congrats on making it out! Your life awaits 💗

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Congrats from me, random stranger!

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congrats! you look fantastic! :)

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Awesome 💕

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You're a very beautiful person, glad to hear you recovered.

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You go girl! Keep up the excellent work! I comend your strength.

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Congratulations! Keep it up!

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Congratulations, I thought it was left the right at first

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Sorry about that!

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YES GIRL!!! Congratulations! Being sober is an amazing gift!

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Cool. But.. What addiction?

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Actually mainly prescription medication which then slipped into other stuff, and then an eating disorder. But its all a bit long winded to put into a title

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Okay. Well, it’s very nice to hear that you recovered and look very good (in comparison to the „before“ picture.) I have a remaining question: In what age range are you? Goddamn it, you look like 19 in the first picture. (That should be a compliment.)

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Not far off... won't say exact age but 18-25. Started getting ill when I was quite young

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Oof. Well, I wish you the best of luck.

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Thanks, you too. I've found that most people have shitty things to deal with, but it does get better eventually

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You look younger and more beautiful now!

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I really don’t know if it is from right to left or left to right..you look beautiful in both pics haha!!

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Right to left, sorry bit confusing

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You are still beautiful eaither ways :)

Congrats on finally getting rid of it..I am just a random peraon on the Internet but I am proud of you for doing so!!

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Happy Cake Day! 😊

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Thank you ^ ^

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Congrats mate : )

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Congratulations!! That's awesome! You look so much happier and healthier in the the after picture! I'm so proud of you! Keep it up!

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From 41 to 14 haha

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Are you ever "recovered" from addiction?

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Hmmm very true. I like to think I have the same likelihood as anyone else in the general population as turning back to anorexia and drugs. So, yeah, i need to remain vigilant but I like to think that I'm at least in strong remission

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Glad to hear it. I think it's an idea born in AA that one is forever a "recovering" addict, which I think helps send home the importance of remaining vigilant, as you say.

Congratulations on your progress, you look great. One day at a time!