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Literally made me smile. For many months I was being completely misinformed about the vaccine. To the point where I felt myself becoming an anti-vaccinator. Happy to say that I got my head out of my ass and went to get one. by edwduncan in MadeMeSmile

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While as scientists we don't like to ascertain things as 100% likely or "impossible" I can explain why we don't think there will be any long term consequences from COVID vaccination. Looking at all the information that we have about other vaccines there have been no reported cases of side-effects years after vaccination. The way the human body reacts to vaccinations has been studied in extreme detail, and there simply has been no recorded mechanism by which vaccinations could somehow affect cells down the line.

On the other hand, short term side-effects have been plentiful in all sorts of vaccinations, for example many years ago a concern with old polio vaccines was reactivation of attenuated viral particles. The flu vaccine used to have many allergic reaction problems due to its manufacturing process (it used eggs). The one similarity among all of these reactions, however, is that they all occurred very early in the process of vaccination (from 15 minutes for anaphylaxis to a few months for other rare side effects). While the contents of the vaccine still remain in the body. This is why the early months of the vaccine trials were so important, because that's were all the side-effects occurred. I probably rambled a bit too much, but please let me know if you have any questions I would be happy to talk more.

Guy’s last day at his work by Rxthless_ in MadeMeSmile

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AHHHH i forgot i have reddit! thanks for posting me!! haha my life is now insane because tik tok just changed my life :)