A simple act of kindness can go a very long way by danstvx in MadeMeSmile

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Edit: Jesus folks, STOP MAKING ME CHOKE UP! It's making me walk around clearing my throat and hammering random things all manly like to shake it off. My dog is looking at me like "bro... wtf is wrong with you" lol. Y'all are so awesome. Thank you for all the kind words. Be excellent to each other out there!


I'm a 41 year old dude. Farmer. Redneck. Veteran. I'm the guy that would cut himself and rub dirt on it and get back to work.

Aaaand I'm sitting here all misty eyed and choked a huge sob back watching this and then reading all these people loving on this man. Like, I loudly choked lol. I don't know which hit me harder, this guy or you folks down here.

I'm tired of seeing so much ugliness everywhere. Tired of always trying to fight it against people that are just so determined to destroy others lives for being different or because some psychopath on their TV told them to. Even if you try to avoid it to catch a break, it's just so damned prevalent in this day and age because it's everywhere.

And then I see this post and man I love you guys so damned much. Talk about a much needed soul refresher.

P.S. Happy Pride month to my LGBTQ friends. I've been seeing the ugly comments thrown at you folks on the Pride posts - just know this Former Fed and veteran will always have your back, in here and in public and at the voting booth. Your rights, your lives, and your happiness is just as important as my own. Stand proud!

Random Acts of Kindness by AkshayHere in MadeMeSmile

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While it is nice that the couple did set up a charity for her, it really just diverts from the atrocity that a 72-year old lady has to work as a fucking delivery driver for Domino's.

Edit: Thank you, kind stranger!

To Have Fun and Enjoy Life, the cost is Free. by feelingood41 in MadeMeSmile

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Take a step further and delete FB, IG, Snap etc. Reddit is the only social media I use. Everything else seems like a platform to show off how amazing your life is and only showing the highlights.

The perfect afternoon by MoniMokshith in MadeMeSmile

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It must be very nice to look upon the family that you built knowing that you probably worked so hard to have this shelter and life and time for leisure and relaxation with all the crew on the weekend.

That doesn't just happen. It's alot of sweat and tears I imagine and it must be very fulfilling to look upon it at these times and just enjoy it.

Cat voiceovers by BurningBernie559 in MadeMeSmile

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Look, I would give you an award but I don't have any so just... please, take this upvote for converting me into a tea kettle when I laughed.

Absolute best waiter, sounds like the nicest guy ever. We need more of him by St0pX in MadeMeSmile

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If a golden retriever was a person

Edit: thank you for the upvotes and awards people!

P.S. was pleasantly surprised to see this person in the video is not an actor and is an actually lovely human being, as attested by various folks in the thread below

Style ♥️ by HelMort in MadeMeSmile

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“We contain the shapes of trees and the movement of rivers and stars within us”-Patrick Jasper Lee (on the beauty of autism)

Just a freestyle rapper making strangers day by iboughtarock in MadeMeSmile

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The freestyle where he literally explains how he freestyles, breaking it down bar by bar is so unbelievably mind blowing.

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