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I suspect it's the former by beerbellybegoneRule I - Posts must include a murder or a burn. in MurderedByWords

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I cannot stand the "few bad apples" excuse. Which comedian recently said that bad apples aren't tolerated in other essential professions, like airline pilot?

Several countries have recently banned Pakistani Airlines because some of their pilots might have forged credentials. Imagine if that level of scrutiny were applied to police? I say it's time We the People insist on it!

I suspect it's the former by beerbellybegoneRule I - Posts must include a murder or a burn. in MurderedByWords

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I think one bad apple of an officer doesn’t make up for people severely breaking the law in several ways

I suspect it's the former by beerbellybegoneRule I - Posts must include a murder or a burn. in MurderedByWords

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the reply didnt even adress the point.

Why were they even arrested for paint or call it a hate crime?

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As a Marylander, I have to point out that the state was split evenly, and that the most popular position was to stay out of the way entirely. Most of Lincoln's headaches had more to do with Baltimore specifically, which was actively pro-confederacy. After the Maryland campaign, which most pro-Union and pro-neutrality Marylanders considered a hostile invasion of the state, most came around to actively supporting the Union. Although Maryland was not included under the emancipation proclamation, the state voluntarily ended slavery mid-war by enacting a new pro-emancipation state constitution. Maryland was the only plantation economy in the nation to end slavery of its own accord.

Now, fuck that. As a Marylander, and particularly as a Marylander of color, let me just say fuck this state for even having slavery in the first place. Fuck the state for acting as though "neutrality" was actually neutral. Fuck the state for even considering not opposing the Confederacy. And fuck the state for being sufficiently tepid on this matter that a major city like Baltimore could get away with being actively pro-Confederacy. If just one person supports the Confederacy, that's one too many. Fuck that. I love my state, but that's no excuse for not calling out bullshit when you see it. Fuck civil war era "border state" Maryland.

But if you're going to fly a flag to honor your Maryland heritage, then make it the Maryland flag, which was adopted in its current form to mark the ending of slavery in the state and the adoption of the new Constitution. The checkered Calvert field represents the Union, as it was the symbol that Maryland's forces in the Army of the Potomac marched under. The cross-shaped Crossland field represents the Confederacy, as it was the symbol used by defectors from Maryland in the Army of Northern Virginia. Together, the two symbols represent Maryland's complex inheritance. But the Calvert field is always flown in the upper left hand corner near the cross botany, making it symbolically closer to God, so as to remind Marylanders that the Union cause was the righteous cause. If a Marylander wants to honor their heritage, then they're welcome to fly that flag.

But the Confederate battle flag? Fuck anyone from my state who flies that flag. Now, I'm not going to say that it's an un-Marylander thing to praise the Confederacy. Our proper flag is itself a reminder of our fractured morality. That flag exists not only as a mark of reunification, but also as a warning. Sadly, what the Confederate battle flag symbolizes is part of our history, and racism remains a problem in Maryland today, as it does throughout the United States. Stay vigilant. But our history also serves as a reminder that we have the power to decide what elements from our past we want to serve as warnings, and which should serve as inspiration. Fuck any Marylander who takes inspiration from the Confederacy.

You know which Marylander didn't honor the stars and bars? Harriet Tubman. When she fought as a spy in the civil war, it was under the Union flag. You know who else? Frederick Douglas. Hell, he didn't even honor the union flag, and all the more power to him. He was one of our State's greatest intellectuals, and we put him in chains. We should be reminded of our acts of injustice and our hypocrisy, as both Marylanders and Americans.

And here's just one last Marylander who didn't honor the Confederacy. Apocryphally, there's a story about an old woman in Frederick who ran upstairs when she saw the Confederate troops marching through town so that she could wave a union flag over her head. Whether it happened remains up for debate, but the myth was pervasive enough in Maryland that John Whittier wrote a poem about it, memorializing the old woman as saying "shoot if you must this old gray head, but spare your country's flag".

So in that spirit, let me just say this to any Marylanders who fly the Confederate flag. Screw over if you must this state's name and reputation, but spare me your traitorous flag.

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Terrorists kill 3000 in a one off attack: we're going to need to strip everyone buck naked before they can fly, go through your emails and texts, detain people indefinitely without a trial, execute American citizens on a whim, and just generally turn the US in to a police state.

These people: please keep us safe big daddy government!

135,000 dead in an ongoing pandemic: maybe wear a mask outside?


If he were here he'd consume these morons with fireballs from his eyes and bolts of lightning from his arse by beerbellybegoneRule I - Posts must include a murder or a burn. in MurderedByWords

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This is without a doubt the most American thing I've ever seen.

Narcisistic people who feel the need to not only dress up ridiculously in a pantomime-like way to make a point, but also just for an excuse make a post on social media.

Denial of something so obvious the mind boggles why even if it were a fake pandemic whatever that means, you wouldn't wear a mask just in case. Actively putting yourself in harm's way because you view politics as a football game.

Actively putting others in harm's way because you've been bought up in a culture of pure selfishness.

Harking back to your "scottish roots" because your mum's aunt's dog's best friend owned a pair of bagpipes.

Actually owning tartan for this very reason.

Showing that the only thing you actually know about Scotland you gleamed from a Hollywood movie that isn't even accurate at all, but that doesn't matter because substance isn't important, its only the idea of what something means to you that is.

Stirring up some nostalgic and wonky ideas of tyranny when if for a moment you thought about what it actually meant rather than blindly flag-waving you'd hold your head in shame.

I know this comes off as super anti-american, it's not. There is probably an image for every country. But yeah this image nails some of the worst things about the USA right now

You really should have thought of that before you became PEASANTS by sushi-potato in MurderedByWords

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Not really murderedbywords because the correlation doesnt fit. Feudal serfs didnt have a choice. However modern day people DO have a choice in where they grab their coffee from in the morning. You dont HAVE to go to Starbucks

You really should have thought of that before you became PEASANTS by sushi-potato in MurderedByWords

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Peasants didn’t choose to slave away on a feudal lords land out of convenience, that reply is equating fancy coffee and consumer electronics to necessities for life

You really should have thought of that before you became PEASANTS by sushi-potato in MurderedByWords

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The problem is that there’s no ethical way to get that rich in the first place. I understand that people at the top of companies deserve a cut of the profits, but let’s be realistic: it’s the people on the factory line, in the kitchen, out on the road, etc. who are responsible for the actual making and selling of product, and they deserve a larger cut than they’re getting. CEOs and owners and shareholders might have influence and decision-making power, but it’s the little guy who takes home minimum wage for backbreaking work who keeps the company running and the product on shelves. Not to mention tax breaks and federal assistance given to companies that are already successful while small businesses can struggle to make ends meet. But hey, if you can become a millionaire/billionaire without all that sweet sweet exploitation, be my guest.

You really should have thought of that before you became PEASANTS by sushi-potato in MurderedByWords

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Bingo. No one on the left except the actual uber hardcore communist/socialist (which are less than 0.000001% of the politic) has a problem with getting rich. What we have a problem with is using your money to corrupt our politics and evade paying your taxes while keeping everyone else poor.

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Its exactly because of our history that our country learned from its mistakes and could become what we are now. It is the reason why we are concerned with the course the US has taken. It is partially on the path we took in the 1930s.

One would assume that education and 71 years would prevent that.

On thing the US could do as we have is to learn from your own past instead of trying to shut a country up that has nothing to do with its former self.

Maybe concentrate on how you treat your own citizens. You know the ones being put into private prisons to make money off of them. Or the indigenous you almost terminated and still treat like shit till this day. How your cops are so badly trained that the shoot kids with toy guns.

Maybe learn from your mistakes to understand what sort of transformation Germany has undergone.

At least we don't run our country on hate rhetorics and stupidity via twitter.

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It's Kanye, but some of my plaques, they still say Kayne

And then there's Kanye... by beerbellybegoneRule I - Posts must include a murder or a burn. in MurderedByWords

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Can i run for president? Ill turn 18 in few months dont drink nor smoke and have good grades

I also live in europe and have never been in america

And then there's Kanye... by beerbellybegoneRule I - Posts must include a murder or a burn. in MurderedByWords

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In Idiocracy the president listens to an expert. Totally science fiction fantasy bullshit!!!1111 Destroys the whole immersion!

Conservatives saying shit without thinking again by moosedownjacket in MurderedByWords

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Jacobson v. Massachusetts, 197 U.S. 11 (1905) was a United States Supreme Court case upholding, against a constitutional challenge, the authority of states to enforce compulsory vaccination laws for the general public. It’s still good law today.

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What that is referenced to is The Sand Creek Massacre which took place Nov 29, 1864. Captain Silas Soule refused to take part in the massacre and held his company back. He was the only one to shed light on the horrific event which eventually led to an military investigation in the middle of the Civil War.

You can read his letter in this link.


Murder by truth. by Ranchking91 in MurderedByWords

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I am native american and was stolen from my tribe when I was a child in 1962. I was sold to a white family (I later found out for $100.00 which the DHSS provided a blank birth certificate - as I was on the tribal roll and back then there were only certain areas off the reservation that the native americans could go and purchase items in a white man town or city as there would be signs indicating no indians or injuns as they would sometimes list.) as such birth certificates were not common to native americans born on the reservation which is why the roll exists. Now what many people many not know is children continued to be stolen from all the various tribes and each child was taken several states away before being sold (or as the white man called it adopted). I was physically and mentally abused by the people who purchased me and when I was sent to an “Indian School” well the dear nuns and priest were no better!! First thing that happened to me was my hair was cut after being tied down, I did not speak any english so of course the nuns had a solution for that also..... you see they made their own lye soap ( yes lye which is what accelerates the decomposition of a body by murders), lye soap was also sold on the market it was called Lava Soap. But the nuns apparently liked soap stronger hence the making of their own. Every time any of us spoke in our native tongues and were heard by the nuns we would have our mouths washed out with their home made lye soap. We would get beat on a regular basis especially if we drew or made anything that had to do with our culture. The beatings increased after finally learning english as we were punished for not accepting the white man’s religion. The one thing I remember most about my time at an indian school was the nuns would strike my left hand each and every time I was caught writing with it until one day the mother superior had enough of my defiance and took my hand and struck it a ruler until it broke the ruler, she would then become more angry and grab another and continued until she managed to break my left hand. Her reason for this?? Because I was writing with “The Devil’s Hand” in other words I was left handed and through their fear and ignorance they assumed anyone writing with their left hand was using the “Devil’s Hand”! The stealing of children from various tribes continued until close to 1980.

Another little piece of history that the white man failed to leave out...... Well let me first ask you a question....... Does ANYONE know why there are no more full blood native americans being born. I sadly believe that my generation was the last to have full blooded native americans born.

Now here is the reason..... The white man, I can only assume out of fear of our race but more than likely hatred and prejudice! Came up with a solution to finally wipe out all of the various native american tribes..... albeit slowly but successfully. You see the white man came up with a simple plan of the native american women being seen by white doctors for “health purposes”. What they did was and is a crime! Without notifying a single woman they saw NOR OBTAIN CONSENT sterilized the various tribes native american women. Thus slowly killing off our people. Each generation the native american people become less, our languages are already dying that tribes actually offer free lessons to anyone who is willing to learn. Our history will be lost. My grandfather had told me stories as a child that I still remember to this day. I kept those memories alive by constantly repeating them and telling them to other children at the indian school as the other children also told me their stories which is their history. I have in turn, passed them to my son along with my knowledge of how to craft beadwork and leatherwork. Along with making a bow and arrows.

One more little current history you may not be aware of..... Did you know that many native americans have difficulty exercising their right to VOTE!! Yes that is what I said! You see, apparently there are still many who live in states in which large numbers of native americans reside on reservations believe that “Indians” have their own tribal laws and tribal council and leaders. As such, “Indians” should just stick to their reservations and vote for their tribal elections and should NOT meddle in the voting of the white man’s affairs!!!! If you need proof, just check out what happens in North & South Dakota as but two examples!!

Murder by truth. by Ranchking91 in MurderedByWords

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It seems like people pointing out that the natives did in fact do a lot of the things op claimed they didn't do is garnering a lot of downvotes.

Native people did some terrible things to each other long before white people showed up. The things that happened when white people showed up certainly increased the scale of the carnage but in very few ways increased the scope.

Read about the Kiowa, Apache, or especially the Comanche. Particularly the comanche were tricky and deceptive, but within their culture very honorable people. But their culture also surrounded the idea of ultra violent warfare, after initially surrounding prowess in the hunt. People are terrible to each other and we don't need very good reasons.

None of this justifies the horrible way the natives of any land were treated, i dont think we do ourselves justice when we try to write in good guys or bad guys with real history. We all need to do better, historically the people who try to do better are remembered best, but live the least.