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The elderly couple embracing one another in Titanic (1997) - were Isidor & Ida Straus, the founder of Macys Dept Stores and his wife. Ida gave her lifeboat seat to their maid and both chose to go down with the ship if it meant staying together and making lifeboat room for women and children. by AlanThicke99 in MovieDetails

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I did a job for a wonderful woman named Rosa. We were doing some work on her "last room" as she called it, she had terminal cancer but the most amazing outlook on life. We truly enjoyed being in her presence. When we finished our work she was thrilled with it, and declared that this is finally a room she could die in, with a wicked grin on her face. As we were about to go she stopped us at her wine rack and pulled out a bottle for myself and my 2 partners. This left her just one bottle, I protested saying it only leaves one for her. She took my hand in hers looked me in the eye and said " it's ok dear, I have enough wine to last me the rest of my life". I hugged her, thanked her and wiped the tear from my eye. Then I told her the wine would wait until I saw her Obituary, and would toast her then. She loved that. And now all of you who read my ramble know of a wonderful woman named Rosa who faced life and death on her terms and no comprise. 2 weeks later I opened the bottle and cried.

Edit...I am both amazed and humbled at all the responses here, I thank all of you for reading this from the bottom of my heart. It's incredible that people all over the world know of Rosa now. What an amazing time we live in. I wish peace for all your hearts

E2.... I'm sorry if I missed any replies here, I have to call it a night, work starts in 5 hours. Also Please stop with the awards, I really appreciate them, never had gold before, but I honestly dont even know what to do with them. 2020 is crazy, save your money please.

Adam Sandler’s love interests in Billy Madison (1995), Happy Gilmore (1996), The Waterboy (1998), Little Nicky (2000), Pixels (2015), & Hubie Halloween (2020) all have a double-V character names by Heisenbro3556 in MovieDetails

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Are you suggesting that buying stupid fucking awards is on thre same level of importance as buying food to sustain one's ability to keep living?

Equating the necessity to buy groceries with buying a cluster of pixels shaped like a fake fucking award has to be in the top 10 batshit crazy things I've ever seen posted on this site.

That's some crazy, entitled, addiction level rationalization. FFS

In The Terminator (1984), the T-800 is actually searching the phonebook with both fingers. A closeup shot shows his right finger hover down to Sarah, but in the wide shot its revealed he's already found John Conner with his left. by pieisgiood876 in MovieDetails

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Amazing how simply the whole drama could have been avoided if John Connor had used an alias. Good luck going back in time and finding the mother of Colonel McKickass you stupid machine

In Top Gun (1988), the term “bogey” is misused throughout the movie. A bogey is an unidentified aircraft. Once identified it is referred to as “friendly”, “bandit” (for non-friendly aircraft) or as “hostile” (for non-friendly aircraft that may be fired at ie. engaged). by Volt__3000 in MovieDetails

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Top Gun is one of my favorite movies of all time and I will stand by it and say it’s one of the gayest movies I’ve ever watched. Like the will they wont they tension between Iceman and Maverick says it all.

In Top Gun (1988), the term “bogey” is misused throughout the movie. A bogey is an unidentified aircraft. Once identified it is referred to as “friendly”, “bandit” (for non-friendly aircraft) or as “hostile” (for non-friendly aircraft that may be fired at ie. engaged). by Volt__3000 in MovieDetails

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OP misused the picture. the pic in the post is from Top Gun 2, while OP mentions the original top gun, which actually came out in 1986, not 1988. The picture in the OP contains an F18 and a kawasaki H2 while the original movie contained the F14 and a kawasaki gpz900r

In The Boondock Saints (1999), Agent Smecker gets almost every detail of the poker game crime scene recreation right. The one detail he has wrong ("six men with guns drawn" instead of one man with six guns) is presented blurred and out of focus instead of clear like the rest of his recreation. by TinManGrand in MovieDetails

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They should've invented a new award for the acting Dafoe is doing in this movie. 'Cause, i mean, i don't know if it could be called good, exactly? But boy oh boy, it's something. Whatever it is he's doing, he's doing the absolute shit out of it.

I mean, just look at that photo. Now close your eyes, and remember any actual, real human behaviour you've ever experienced in your life on earth. Now look at the photo again.

He should get, like, the Nicolas Cage Memorial Award For Overcommitment To A Project That Doesn't Deserve It.

(and yes, i know Nic Cage isn't dead. But also, he kind of is, in a way.)

In Groundhog Day (1993), Bill Murray's brother plays the mayor. Bill Murray asked for his brother to get a part in exchange for doing the movie by ShivDoot in MovieDetails

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I live in Woodstock, and fun fact: if you meet anyone from there, literally the first thing they’ll tell you is Groundhog Day was filmed there. We have a big Groundhog Day celebration every year, the groundhog is every local shop’s mascot, there’s a Pokémon Go gym that’s just “where Bill Murray crashed his car in Groundhog Day.”

Another fun fact: the exterior shots of Bill Murray’s hotel is actually the historic Woodstock Opera house, where shows are put on regularly. I’ve actually performed on stage there.

Sorry for the fun facts no one asked for, all the people I can talk to about Woodstock already live there.